EQ like the tone, Logitech G633S "Tuning" Guide, each game is a new experience

A few days ago, a Logitech G633S gaming headset was evaluated. When it mentioned the experience of eating chicken and LOL, some netizens asked privately, "Is G633S suitable for playing console games?" For an excellent game headset, thisOf course it is not worth mentioning. This time, the Daily Daily will use the popular console games such as Devil May Cry 5 to share with you whether the G633S is suitable for the host game!

1. The beginning of the out of the box

After opening the box, the Gaming Daily felt that G633S was really very different from before. In terms of sound quality, the strong immersion and presence of DTS2.0 really made the ears hear pregnancy, especially for some masterpieces of console games.EssenceIn addition, the balancer in the G-Hub feels that it is too professional. Xiaobai will be confused, and the game Daily will share several settings.

2. Tarming starts

1. Devil May Cry 5

The soundtracks of Devil May Cry 5 are mostly heavy metal rock, so you need to display the powerful side of your headphones. The 1K-4K intermediate frequency of the human voice is properly raised in a balancer, and then the low frequency volume is reduced.High -frequency 8K and high -frequency 16K make the texture of heavy metals more intuitive.After all, rock music needs not to be deafening low frequencies, but every time Bass can feel that texture, the mid -frequency solves the problem of the two ends of the headset.

Turn off the subwoofer gun in the DTS settings, so that the sound of the headset is tuned very healthy. In fact, the low frequency of the G633S is excessive, but the quality of the low frequency does not need to worry about it. The dive and elasticity are good.The G633S after the tuning has already had a monitoring fan in terms of hearing. From the sense of hearing, it is judged that the curve after the tuning tends to be straight and straight for most music.

2. Neil: Mechanical Age

After the test of Devil May Cry 5, we found that G633S was a headset that was exaggerated and unable to be exaggerated.If you have not been tuned, Neil: Japanese NEWAGE music such as mechanical era is hard to say.

Therefore, the training of the game Daily is: keep the low-frequency base sound pressure of 250-500Hz, reduce the sound pressure of 32-125Hz (part of the low-frequency overtone, the culprit of the bass bombardment).Increase the medium frequency, let the sound no longer hiding 1K-4K (human sound base sound) behind the musical instrument, and reduce the sound pressure of 8-10K to solve the tooth sound problem, increase the high frequency of 16K, let the high-frequency overtone’s texture texture texture texture textureAnd air inspiration.

In DTS settings, because works like Neil need to listen to music quietly, the atmosphere is just right, so the plan given here is to turn off the DTS sound effect.The embarrassing hearing in the fake air.

3. Battlefield 5

In the test of Battlefield 5, the Gaming Daily felt that such an FPS game, which mainly played online, still needs to make adjustments in the sense of functionality and atmosphere.First open the surround mode of the DTS2.0, set it to the game, and use the default FPS on the selection of the balancer to get a shocking sense of presence.Although it will be very bombardous, isn’t it the kind of stimulus that the fire is shocked?

Third, personal experience

Although the G633S will look average under the default tuning by the official, the pair of G-PRO50mm units it is equipped with a strong quality. After the training of the Daily Daily, the G633S can be used to be comparable to the portable HIFI.The strength of the headset.In terms of games, the new DTS HEADPHONEX2.0 sound effects can also make the sound disadvantage of the sound. The folding and turning off the microphone setting can easily switch the microphone.Peripheral synchronization.

The G633S can be said to be very helpful to the game, and the experience of wearing and audiovisual is equally excellent. Its powerful customization has a calm temperament suitable for various scenarios.

In April of this year, Logitech G had four newly upgraded headphones. At this point, Logitech G’s game headset product line has covered all products from entry, mid -to -middle to flagship.Therefore, if you want a higher -end choice, you can consider buying G933S equipped with a professional 2.4 GHz wireless function. In actual use, the game Daily can still perform voice exchange smoothly even if he goes to the toilet.Sexual and portable determine that G933S is an artifact to take the Internet cafe with Internet cafes.

Fourth, use summary

1.DTS 2.0 is really powerful

G633S is equipped with DTS 7.1 surround sound: X 2.0, and 50mmpro-G high-power driving unit. The sound effect of the whole machine is more prominent.Very puzzled -every game that has been playing for a long time is like a new game!

2. Excellent use experience and ergonomic design

From wearing to every time the microphone lifts down, it has not felt uncomfortable in the long -term use of the gaming Daily. The appropriate ear pressure combined with humanized functions makes this low -key luxury game headset like the big sister next door.Just approachable.

3. Powerful custom equalizer

Hong Kong Zhen, there are not many supporting software for the game, so the virtual balancer in the software cooperates with the virtual sound effects, and less do it well.The balancer in Logitech G-HUB is very good in distortion control, and has been able to achieve the preservation of the physical tone.

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