Even after the pregnant mother is pregnant, even if you love beauty, these two things cannot be used, which will endanger the safety of the fetus.

In fact, pregnancy itself is a particularly happy thing for pregnant mothers. Although it is tortured during the pregnancy, the happiness brought by the fetus in the belly is different, but for the pregnant mother who loves beauty, although pregnancy, although pregnancy is pregnant, But when you go out, you must be beautiful.Even if you are pregnant, it is a beautiful beautiful pregnant woman. Lily is like this. Even if Lili is pregnant, she does not forget her maintenance. The most afraid of is a series of changes that appear after pregnancy.You must also spray perfume when you are, and your own experience will increase during your pregnancy. If you see your friends again when you go out, how embarrassing is it?The strong perfume, because of this incident, was also said by her mother -in -law several times. Spray perfumes. After all, perfume contains chemical components, so if this is long, it will not only affect the intellectual development of the fetus, but also affect Lily itself.He is healthy, but Lily did not take her mother -in -law’s words. Not long ago, one night, Lily felt unbearable abdominal pain. After going to the hospital for examination, the doctor said that this happened due to the long -term stimulation of perfume.In fact, even if you love beauty, pregnant mothers should pay attention to use these two products as little as possible, otherwise they will threaten the safety of baby.

1. Perfume

After pregnancy, it is best for pregnant mothers not to use perfume. Although after pregnancy, the pregnant mother will cause sweat secretion to increase the secretion of sweat, and there will be unpleasant odors.After all, the chemical composition will affect the intellectual development of the fetal treasure, and some inferior perfume can also cause a strong pregnancy reaction of pregnant mothers. Therefore, pregnant mothers must pay attention to avoid the use of perfume at this point, even for the safety considerations of the baby.Essence

2. Incident

Frame glasses are ugly, and many women will choose more beautiful contact lenses, and they need to be worn even after pregnancy.However, contact lenses are not suitable for wearing during pregnancy, because after pregnancy, the level of hormone in the body has increased, causing mild edema in the corneal tissue to increase the thickness of the cornea.At this time, if you wear contact lenses, it will further hinder the contact between the eyeball and the air, and it will be easy to cause itching and weakened vision of the eyes for a long time.

Therefore, it is not suitable for wearing contact lenses during pregnancy, it is best to choose frame glasses.Pregnant mothers can occasionally wear contact lenses on important occasions, but wearing time should not exceed 8 hours.Usually do the cleaning and care of contact lenses. If the eyes are uncomfortable, remove the contact lenses immediately, and you should go to a doctor if necessary.

Some beautiful pregnant mothers will wear contact lenses during pregnancy. Of course, there are some pregnant mothers because of their work needs, but long -term wearing contact lenses will cause uncomfortable mothers. Although the frame glasses are ugly, this is also necessary because after pregnancyThe level of hormones in pregnant mothers will rise to a certain amount, and it is easy to cause mild edema in the cornea tissue. If wearing invisible at this time, the pregnant mother will feel itching, and some serious ones will have eyes.The symptoms of inflammation, of course, if there is a last resort, pregnant mothers need to wear contact lenses for more than 8 hours, otherwise the consequences will be serious.

In fact, there is nothing wrong with pregnant mothers who love beauty, but pregnant mothers must know that for the health of the baby, and which items can be used to use and which are not available, otherwise the safety of the fetus will not be committed.

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