Exchange during pregnancy: What kind of health care and exercise does pregnant mothers need in the middle of pregnancy?

As a expectant mother during pregnancy, each period has every period of maintenance.Generally speaking, pregnant mothers in the early stages of pregnancy have paid more attention to the treatment of early pregnancy due to a series of physical changes such as early pregnancy reactions and other physical changes. They think that in the middle of the pregnancy, no matter what, it can be great. In fact, this concept is wrong.

Let’s take a look at which period of pregnancy can be called the second trimester. What is the difference between pregnant mothers in the middle of pregnancy?

In the middle of pregnancy, the expectant mother was 4-7 months pregnant, which means that it can be regarded as the second trimester since 4 months of pregnancy.This stage can be said to be the most comfortable period of expectant mothers during the whole pregnancy, because of the difficulty of early pregnancy and the abdomen of pregnancy that has not yet arrived.

Although this is the case, some precautions in the second trimester still have to follow.So, how to health in the second trimester?

Pregnant mothers are inseparable from exercise throughout pregnancy, because proper exercise can help expectant mothers prevent various discomfort and help the moon.Especially the prospective mothers in the second trimester must make good use of this time to exercise appropriately.Share as follows:

1. Walking is a kind of exercise that is very suitable for expectant mothers. If you go out every morning and evening, you can exercise fresh air that both exercise and breathe outdoors.The moderate fatigue generated by walking can help expectant mothers sleep and eliminate some irritable mood.

2. The posture of expectant mothers is related to the health of the fetus. Generally speaking, the prospective mothers are not suitable for long -term lying or right side, let alone sleep on their stomachs. The best posture is to sleep on the left side.If you are not used to sleeping on the left for a long time, you can drop a pillow on your hips to tilt the pelvis to the left when you lie flat.

3. expectant mothers should be based on aerobic movements. In addition to walking, the movement suitable for expectant mothers is also good.

It is worth reminding that the constitution of each pregnant mother is different, and the exercise intensity and exercise time should be suitable for you.Pregnant mothers cannot be too fast when exercising. If dizziness, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, etc. during exercise, stop exercise immediately.If abdominal pain or vaginal bleeding, you should go to the hospital for examination in time.

In addition to exercise, nutrition, sleep, and mood during pregnancy are important. I hope that pregnant mothers have good sleep, good appetite, and healthy greeting the baby.

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