Expectant mother: Is it unbearable to be unable to pull out tooth pain during pregnancy?Dental doctor answered like this

Guide: Xiaohong has been pregnant for more than 2 months, and has been growing up with wisdom, so that her face is swollen, her mouth can’t be opened, and her eating is so painful!What about Changzhi Ya during pregnancy?Can it be pulled out?

What is Zhiya?

The so -called wisdom tooth, commonly known as smart teeth, is the third grinding teeth that are grouped after the wisdom development.Generally, the third mandibular teeth are mostly folded, and the third grinding teeth of the upper jaw can also be called wisdom teeth.In terms of wisdom teeth growth, there are great differences in individuals. Generally, there should be 4 teeth with symmetrical symmetry up, bottom, left and right, and less than 4 or even no, and very few people will be more than 4.The age difference is also very different. Some people sprung up before the age of 20, and some people are 40 or 50 years old. They are not long or long. This is normal.

What happened to Chang Zhiya during pregnancy?

Many women during pregnancy will have long wisdom teeth, which become local gingivitis, and painful manifestations have occurred.Because the level of female and progesterone during pregnancy will increase, hormones in the body will change tremendous changes, local blood vessels are expanded and congested, and then grow wisdom.Even if our wisdom teeth do not hurt in normal times, at this time, pregnant women will be more sensitive to inflammation. Often, after pregnancy, wisdom teeth may come out at this time.

Can the long wisdom teeth be pulled out during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, if the problem of pregnant women’s teeth is not very serious, doctors are not recommended for treatment. At this time, the medication is not good.It is not advocated that the pregnant mothers with wisdom teeth are removed, but they should be mainly conservative treatment.Using hemp medicine and disinfection potions will adversely affect the fetus.Especially in the first three months, it cannot be handled and is easy to have a miscarriage.

During the long wisdom teeth, the symptoms of pain have symptoms. It is best to go to the hospital for a examination. If the symptoms are relatively mild, you can help you rinse the position of the long wisdom teeth, and then help you to reduce inflammation.Consider treatment after production.

Reminder: expectant mothers usually need to pay attention to oral hygiene, especially during the growth of wisdom teeth, especially pay attention to oral hygiene. If this process, you must rinse your mouth in time after dinner. You can rinse your mouth with fresh saline.Brushing your teeth is more meticulous, toothbrushes should be changed often, reducing the chance of infection.

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