Expectant mothers must know: changes and protection of breastfeeding during pregnancy

Breasts are not only an important symbol of women’s beauty, but also the source of the life of newborn babies.From October to the postpartum breastfeeding to weaning, the breasts are undergoing different changes.So what changes will the breasts occur at different stages? How can you take care of your breasts at each stage?

First, breasts during pregnancy become beautiful and adding sorrow.

1. Cup upgrade, more and more women!

It didn’t take long for Xiao You to be pregnant, and began to feel the swelling of breasts.Xiaoyou quickly asked the doctor’s suggestion nervously. It turned out that from about 8 weeks of pregnancy, women’s breasts would begin to grow, and they would continue to increase throughout pregnancy.For Xiaoyou, who is usually just a B cover, the most surprising place after pregnancy is that the cup cover has been upgraded, and her husband has also marked that she is getting more and more women!

2. Pay attention to breast care during pregnancy.

Breast massage during pregnancy.After 6 months of pregnancy, the prospective mummy can massage the breast appropriately to hold the breasts by hand, massage from the bottom of the breast from the bottom of the breast, and knead the nipples to increase the toughness.

In addition, when choosing a corset, consider relaxing the size appropriately.With the increase of the breast and the bulge of the abdomen, your corset size may increase by 1-2 sizes. If you decide to buy a breastfeeding bra before childbirth, you must remember this "generous" principle.

Second, breastfeeding breasts: large and small, the alternation of filling and emptying.

1. The cause of prolactin is swollen quickly.

Within 2-3 days after the prospective mummy is given, in order to ensure that the newborn has enough milk, the pregnant mommy’s body increases, and the secretion of mammary gland’s lobular secretion increases, alternating milk, and the breasts are swollen and solid.

At this stage, due to postpartum milk is prone to stasis, it causes mammary glands or even acute mastitis.Before breastfeeding, rub or apply the breasts to help clear the milk path.Making babies with uncomfortable breasts when breastfeeding can promote the improvement of breast disease.

2. The cause of feeding, regular changes.

Many husbands will tease the mother’s breasts after delivery is: "When the milk is swollen, it is an E cup, and the B cup is when the milk is retired."This also confirms the changes in postpartum mothers’ breasts. With the establishment of regular breastfeeding, the breasts will be regularly filled, emptied, and then discharged. The breasts will show corresponding size changes with the rules of feeding.

At this time, expectant moms should pay attention to the clean and sanitary work of the breast. Once the nipples are infected, it will make the baby hungry!

Third, breasts after weaning: Breast narrowing is the nightmare of many mothers.

1. After weaning, the breasts are instantly narrowed?

Under normal circumstances, if the prospective mummy does not breastfeed after giving birth, it must face the problem of feeding, and the size of the breast will inevitably change.If you lose weight completely after giving birth, it will return to the weight before pregnancy. Theoretically, the breasts will return to the original size and will not become larger or smaller.Of course, there are also a small part of the new mommy that cannot accept the nightmare of postpartum breast aging and drooping.

2. Restore a strong breast in two moves.

Countermeasure 1: Choose the right bra.

Women after childbirth must wear appropriate bras every day to provide good support for breasts, which is the key to preventing breast sagging.The right bra refers to the current breast condition that is suitable for new moms. If it is too tight, it will compress the breast and affect the normal development of the breast.

Countermeasure 2: Reasonable weight loss.

In the postpartum slimming stage, if you lose weight quickly, it may cause excessive expansion of the chest to reduce the skin quickly, causing skin relaxation, and the breast sagging is inevitable.In short, slowly, planned postpartum slimming, and moderate exercise for your breast massage, it will not make the breasts like a roller coaster, which is high and low.

◆ The benefits of breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is good for maternal and infants, and as long as it is diligent in exercise and bodybuilding, breastfeeding will not affect the health and beauty of the breast.

Benefits for mothers

▲ Can be enhanced into the relationship between mother and child.It is conducive to cultivating children’s good character and promoting the intelligent development of children.

▲ Breastfeeding can promote uterine contraction and promote the discharge and hemostasis.

▲ It can reduce the chance of mastitis and breast cancer.

▲ Can inhibit ovulation and delay menstruation.

▲ Convenient feeding, cheap and good quality.

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