Experience sharing: A polyssis sisters are pregnant successfully, you are preparing for pregnancy, come and receive this good luck

Share the story of a successful pregnancy of a multi -cyst sisters. This is a fan who wants to share his successful experience with the sisters who are preparing for pregnancy. I hope everyone can learn from it and conceive the child early!

Xiaomei (pseudonym) is a patient with a polycystic ovary syndrome. Basically, it is irregular from the beginning of menstruation, and at the same time, there are very few quantities.At first Xiaomei didn’t care, but when she was nurturing age, she found that she was always unable to conceive her child.Later, I went to the hospital for examination to discover that it was a polycystic problem.At this time, she was very worried that she chose to take Chinese medicine, but after half a year, I took a lot of Chinese medicine and couldn’t be pregnant, but she was 145 pounds.Later, I learned that many people around were pregnant, and she began to choose to promote the arrangement, hoping to pass it once.

However, every time I promotes the row, I think that I can succeed next month. Instead, I hope that the greater the disappointment, the more painful, and the pain twice, all end in failure.I was thinking about going to the hospital again in the new year, but who knows the epidemic, Xiaomei can only choose to sit at home and wait.Later, Xiaomei checked the information, and accidentally saw some pregnancy preparation videos, especially through the conditioning of exercise and diet. Many people successfully conceived.

Later, Xiaomei decided to start losing weight and eat reasonably, and no longer eat at will.From mid -February, Xiaomei insisted on running rope every day, getting up early and getting up early, and even staying up late.Unexpectedly, Xiaomei herself lost her weight from 145 pounds to 110 pounds, which was reached by diet by diet.

Xiaomei is very good for her diet.First: None of the greasy foods and sugar -containing foods, such as fried chicken pieces, barbecue, milk tea, cakes, etc.Second: Cold foods are even more unable to eat. Ice cream, frozen cola, ice black tea, etc., do not drink anymore. Cold food will have adverse factors to the uterus.Third: Eat high -protein food, mainly chicken and pork, with fresh vegetables and fruits, eat better breakfast, eat less at noon, and need to eat less at night.This is the saddest level of weight loss. Many people really can’t control their mouths. They eat all day long.Fourth: This is the focus. After the menstruation is over, drink a large bowl of soy milk every day, and cook the hot soy milk with a soy milk machine.This is a knowledge point. Soymilk can raise follicles and raise the follicles. The egg quality is better.You must drink before ovulation, and you don’t need to drink after ovulation.

Do not take the same room as a task during pregnancy, it is best to enjoy it.At the same time, be sure to go to the hospital to check whether there are other problems, otherwise it will delay time.Finally, we must also grasp the timing of the same room. Be sure to do it once and after ovulation before ovulation, so as to grasp the timing of ovulation.Xiaomei sincerely recommends that you must use ovulation test strips or ovulation detection sticks, and use props to better know ovulation time.

That’s it. After more than two months of hard work, Xiaomei was measured on May 16th. Two red bars were measured. Going to the hospital for examination was also a sign of pregnancy.She was very happy. After more than a year of infertility, she finally had it now. This is the unremitting result.Xiaomei thinks that if some of the sisters of the cysts are obese, they must lose weight first. Maybe there will be different surprises after losing weight.Of course, other factors are also important.

I hope that this sharing can help some sisters. At the same time, if anyone wants to share the story of preparing for pregnancy or pregnancy or mother -to -child parenting story, you can find my sister from the rivers and lakes to share your experience with you so that more people do not fall into the pitIntersection

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