Expert: Infection of influenza viruses should be taken as soon as possible to shorten the course of the disease

Recently, many people have been plagued by flu. Professor Zhou Xin, an expert in the Department of Respiratory and Critical Medicine of the First People’s Hospital of Shanghai, emphasized in an interview on the 22nd that the most effective way to prevent influenza is to vaccinate the vaccine and infected the influenza virus.To shorten the course.

Influenza generally refers to an influenza cold. It is an acute respiratory disease caused by type A, B, and C, which is caused by types of influenza viruses, and belongs to class C infectious diseases.Influenza is more common in winter and spring, and clinical manifestations are mainly symptoms of systemic poisoning symptoms such as high fever, fatigue, headache, cough, and whole body muscle soreness, and the respiratory symptoms are mild.

According to the National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the level of influenza activity began to rise in early February 2023, and the rise in the rise after the end of February, and it has entered a peak period in mid -March.Zhou Xin introduced that the current popularity is A current.Compared with the B flow, the flow of A flow to the human body is more harmful, and the impact on the elderly and children is greater than adults.The expert bluntly said that in the clinic, it was not only the elderly, but also children who died of pneumonia and respiratory failure caused by influenza virus. Therefore, they must not be lucky.

Professor Zhou Xin believes that in the past three years, under the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia, people have increased awareness of prevention and control, reducing the agglomeration, the number of influenza patients has decreased significantly, and the human body’s antibody level is low.EssenceThis is the reason why many people infected with A. This time.The expert emphasized the importance of vaccination vaccine in an interview.He said: "The vaccine can produce antibodies, and the flu virus is different. The vaccine should be hit every year."

In addition to vaccination, is there any other way to prevent flu?Professor Zhou Xin said that the elderly and children can take drug prevention properly in families with influenza -like cases.For influenza -like cases, Professor Zhou Xin explained that there are clinical features such as fever and muscle soreness and other influenza.

Regarding treatment, Zhou Xin pointed out that infection of influenza virus should be used as soon as possible, which can shorten the course of disease.He said that if in the same area, the same influenza virus subtype is generally infected, it will not be infected again.

Both Suda and Dafi are antiviral drugs for the treatment of influenza. Professor Zhou Xin introduced that these two drugs have different target targets and have flu. You only need to take one of them.(Reporter Chen Jing)

Source: China News Network

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