Experts teach you to do 5 kinds of breast tightness and constipation problems during pregnancy.

Many people have chest tightness and constipation during pregnancy. They think that normal physiological phenomena do not care about it, but they do not know that stress will make these symptoms more serious.Experts teach you 5 kinds of decompression movements to effectively improve chest tightness and constipation.

Pregnant breathing is not smooth in the middle and the worst before giving birth

During pregnancy, more or less feel of chest tightness and uncomfortable breathing. This symptom is mainly related to the changes in hormones and the greater uterus.Starting from the second trimester of pregnancy, you will feel obvious and breathless.It is gradually adapted to the breathing form during pregnancy in the second trimester, and it will not be so breathless, but when the baby’s head starts to enter the birth canal (about 31-34 weeks), it will start to feel difficulty in breathing.

Tight shoulder and neck can also make breathing and defecation difficulty

In addition to the increase in lutein concentration, the greater uterus will affect breathing, but also makes the stomach unable to sterilize smoothly, causing people to react constipation such as bloating and backache in the middle and late pregnancy.In addition to physiological factors, many people become trembling after pregnancy. This dares not to do it.Naturally, it will be affected.

Improve chest tightness breathing exercise (1)

Step 1. Sitting, raising your head upright, opening your feet with width as your shoulders, putting clavicle or sternum in one hand, and putting the lower edge ribs of the chest with one hand. When you breathe, imagine the body’s core swelling outwards, while bringing the ribs down with your hands.

Step 2. Continue to breathe, swap the position in both hands, imagine the clavicle and sternum expansion when breathing, and bring the ribs down with your hands.

Practice frequency: 10 minutes of practice, practice once in the morning and evening.

Tips. Avoid excessive force or shrugging when breathing, you can also practice with standing positions.

Improve chest tightness breathing exercise (2)

Step. Stand, open your feet with the same width as your shoulders, bend your knees slightly, flat walls on your back, and your palms head to the sides to open on both sides to open the ‘ㄩ type’. Imagine the clavicle expansion out, and the back waist expands.

Practice frequency: 5 breaths, 10 times a day.

Tips. Be sure to stick the wall on the back. Do not protrude or shrink in the chin.

Improve chest tightness breathing exercise (3)

Step. Sitting, open your feet naturally, lean on the back of the chair, so that the head to the tail bone is straight, and the palms of your hands are placed down the sternum. Imagine the sternum expanded out and the back waist expands out.

Practice frequency: 5 breaths, 10 times a day.

Tips. You can use a pillow or pillow to support the neck when he is leaning, and try to make the back on the line as soon as possible.

Improve constipation massage (1)

Step 1. Sitting, the abdomen of both fingers on the inside of the groin on the right, gently massage along the lift.

Step 2. Massage along the lift to the lower edge of the right chest, and then gently massage from the lower edge of the chest.

Step 3. Massage along the horizontal colon to the lower edge of the left chest, and then gently massage from the lower edge of the left chest and gently massage to the inside of the groin on the left.

Massage frequency: 7 times once, 3 times a day.

Tips. Don’t be too heavy in massage. Gently brush over with your fingers. You should be suspended when you touch the fetal movement.

Benefits: Stimulate large intestine peristalsis and relax the fascia.

Improve constipation massage method (2)

Step. Sitting, the left hand of the palm of the left hand is arched into the shape of the stomach. Imagine that the palm is a small suction cup.

Massage frequency: 1 minute of one minute, 6 times in 1 hour.

Tips. Before massage, use your fingertips to touch the rib and sternum sword back and forth under the left chest, first find the position of the stomach, and then put your palm above the stomach.When massage, the palm must be arched to avoid downward pressure.

Benefits: Stimulate stomach peristalsis, induces intestinal and cecum reflection, and help the large intestine peristalsis.

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