Fan Bingbing’s private chat record was exposed. For the first time, she talked about pregnancy. Friends said she was in the reflection.

Recently, after Fan Bingbing and Li Chen broke up, Fan Bingbing continued to become a hot search on the entire network. Many netizens have paid close attention to Fan Bingbing’s schedule. For example, I have encountered Fan Bingbing recently, and even rumored Fan Bingbing’s pregnancy.I guess all the possibilities.

In the early morning of July 2nd, Fan Bingbing’s friend Bu Kewen posted a personal chat record with Fan Bingbing on his social networking site.In the dialogue, the two people also talked about Fan Bingbing’s pregnancy rumors and breakups, which also attracted the onlookers of netizens.

Bu Kewen asked Fan Bingbing?Fan Bingbing laughed back to the point where he was fat?It is also explained that it is a few pounds.Bu Kewen also said that taking advantage of himself to lose weight, otherwise he would be slaughtered.Fan Bingbing also said at a very atmospheric saying that I was beautiful.

It can be seen that Fan Bingbing is actually super optimistic and helpless about his pregnancy rumors. It really is strong in his heart, and has no irritability and scolding. It really is a high emotional quotient.A lot of it, so even chatting with friends is dripping.

In the case of persuading Fan Bingbing to lose weight, in the end, Bu Kewen also brought out a killer to introduce the restaurant to Fan Bingbing, and Fan Bingbing immediately turned a soft persimmon, saying that he was reflected, and he wanted to lose weight.Student.However, Fan Bingbing was officially explained that Fan Bingbing was not pregnant, but he was fat, and he was indeed single!

Fan Bingbing’s private chat records were exposed. During the conversation, talked about pregnancy and breakup, claiming to reflect.Every time Fan Bingbing was trapped in public opinion, a friend stood up to speak for her. This time, it was actually that Bu Kewen made a rumor for Fan Bingbing. It seems that Fan Bingbing’s good relationship in the entertainment industry is really not covered.

Fan Bingbing’s private chat record was exposed. For the first time, she talked about pregnancy. Friends said she was in a reflection.Finally, I also hope that Fan Bingbing is really reflected. Hurry up and swim to find out and find your true love!

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