Fart a little bit, don’t really take it seriously

People say, "What is a big deal?"Don’t underestimate it, "fart" is not a small thing!

Some people often do not pay attention to their own health because they are busy with daily work. They will be found to the door after a long time, so everyone must pay more attention to the abnormalities of the body and do not let go of any small details.Everyone ignored.

What are the causes of farting?

Farting can be said to be a normal physiological phenomenon of the human body. The human body eats a lot of food every day. These foods will produce a gas when entering the body.In addition, farting can not only excrete the exhaust gas generated in the body, but also clean the intestines, but it is worth noting that some people have a smell of farting, so pay more attention. It is likely that it is a signal issued by itself.

Except for the relationship of diet, the stinky fart may be a warning of some diseases.For example, indigestion or constipation; if there are many fart merging and defecation habits change, abdominal pain and other phenomena, and affect daily life, it is best to find a doctor for diagnosis and treatment. This may be a warning of gastrointestinal tumors.

What are the reasons for the increase in fart?

1. Swallow a lot of gas

For example, constantly chewing gum, constantly speaking when eating, and when smoking, the air may also enter the gastrointestinal tract as these actions, then these increased gas will cause bloating, hiccups, or fart increase.

2. There are too many foods producing foods

Some foods are not easy to digest and absorb or are gas -producing foods, such as beer, carbonate soda, cola, Sprite, etc., which are easy to produce gas.

There are also foods rich in dietary fiber, such as vegetables and fruits, soybeans, lentils, peas, etc. These foods contain more dietary fiber and cannot be digested. After the cellulose enters the intestine, especially after the large intestine, it will be after the large intestine.The bacterial yeast in the large intestine produces gases such as carbon dioxide, hydrogen and hydrogen sulfide.

In fact, few people think that farts will be unfavorable to health.Many people often do not let go in order to keep their faces.In particular, some humble gentlemen and ladies, in order to be decent, would rather flush their face and never let go of that "breath."As a result, although the gas that endured did not break the door, there was no odor, but there would be a large intestine, exchanging the gas of the blood from the intestinal mucosa, and flowing with the blood.

The toxic gases cannot be released in the simplest way. They can only find another way to detoxify. This not only increases the burden on the body, but also it is likely to cause chronic poisoning of the body, causing abdominal bloating, intestinal groaning, mental weakness, indigestion, dizzinessDizziness, even diseases such as peritonitis, intestinal obstruction.

Author: Li Xiang

Source: Xuanwu Pusuo

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