Fast pregnancy book 丨 Preparing for pregnancy or early pregnancy CT, what kind of feeling is taking X -rays?

I have received a lot of problems, and they are difficult to classify, so I plan to break one by one!

The reason why I want to give you popular science is ②:

① Friends who prepare for pregnancy are worried about taking X -rays or taking CT for 3 months before continuing to prepare for pregnancy.

② Some friends found that they were pregnant after doing these two inspections, and worried that they would affect the fetus.

Can I take X -rays in the early pregnancy and early pregnancy?

For these friends who may be pregnant and have possible pregnancy, you don’t need to worry too much about X -rays.If you stomach your feet or asthma in early pregnancy or the recurrence of asthma, you need to give the legs.

It is recommended that you protect your abdomen to avoid directly illuminating the fetus.

For example: We take intercontinental airlines. For example, flying from Beijing to the United States generally takes more than ten hours. It belongs to a high altitude. There are many X -rays in the cosmic rays.Zhang’s X -ray, many people went to the United States with children, and their children fell to the ground healthy.

Can I take CT in the early pregnancy or early pregnancy?

CT is slightly larger than X -ray, so according to relevant literature and reports, during pregnancy and pregnancy, CT is still as exempt as possible.

Can I take X -rays in the middle and late pregnancy?

Generally speaking, 6 months of pregnancy are when the fetus has a long bone. Because I worry that X -rays will affect the fetal bone and bone marrow, it is recommended that you try not to contact X -ray after 6 months of pregnancy.

If you really need to take X -ray films at this time, you can also consult the advice of the attending doctor, and it is good to stop.

Mrs. Curie has been insisting on doing radiation research during pregnancy. Her daughter is very healthy and won the Nobel Prize, so if she just did it once or twice, there is not much need to worry about it.

Can I do radiation therapy during pregnancy?

If there is tumor that needs to be treated, the intensity of this rays is still relatively large.If you find that you are pregnant at this time, it is recommended that you do the amniotic fluid inspection, and the specific situation needs to be checked.

How long can I prepare for pregnancy after radiation treatment?

Previously, I had a patient with breast cancer when preparing for pregnancy. Radiotherapy was required. It is recommended to wait for half a year before preparing pregnancy to avoid eggs, genes, and chromosomes in the process of radiotherapy.

Of course, the above are relatively conceptual issues. If you have more detailed personal conditions, you need help, you can search for the personal prestige signal "Shawkea-Anne" to add consultation.

I wish everyone a good pregnancy as soon as possible!

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