Father -in -law lived in the daughter -in -law’s family (8): The daughter -in -law of the associate professor of the evaluation of the associate professor was pregnant unexpectedly

Yao Xing, who was so busy in the company, received WeChat from Lu Lu:

"I’m pregnant, it has been more than two months. The doctor said that this is the last period of the operation."

"Go to Donghuang Hospital at 9 am tomorrow, don’t be late."

After reading this passage, Yao Xing looked like a sip of salt, his throat was stunned, and he couldn’t speak. He didn’t discuss this tone.

Yao Xing has a temper, "Isn’t it a associate professor! No one is in the eyes?"

He closed the door of the office and called Lu Lu:

"Lu Lu, I take the child at night, let’s talk."

"I know what you want to talk about, and I don’t have to discuss this. I don’t want to let my parents know about this. And I am really busy. There is a paper tonight.Bye."

Yao Xing was ten minutes, standing in place, his wife was like dung as dung, but his reputation was very soft.This is her values.

A small life is not as important as her papers in her eyes.

Associate professor title, in her eyes, is more important than their two -year -old son Nunu.

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Lu Lu’s son Nunu went to kindergarten.

The father -in -law of the father -in -law Yao was taken over by Lao He’s newly married daughter -in -law.

Lao Yao and his wife concentrated on picking up the grandson Nunu on the kindergarten.

Lu Lu moved back to her mother’s house for more than two months. For the evaluation of the title of the associate professor, she was determined to fight.The papers published by her abroad in SSCI need to be instructed by Professor Lu, who is in invention patent, and she is also blank.And she needs her father’s connections.

Lu Lu devoted himself to data collection and found information. In the analysis of the arguments, he saw that Nunu was less.

Yao Xing has always been unhappy in her career. She had climbed Lu Lu’s family high, and now she shows strong women and men.He did not agree with Lu Lu to sprint the associate professor’s title now, and he had a hidden danger that was not fast.But Lu Lu insisted that he would not be able to force it, and the blocking would only be counterproductive.


Yao Xing came to the agreed location.Yao Xing saw his wife’s car at a glance.

This hospital is not far from the kindergarten in Nu Nu. Although there are videos with my son every day, there are differences between meeting and videos.Each time the screen, Nunu held her dad’s mobile phone and refused to let go. Every time she came down, she pressed the red key first.

Lu Lu first met the teacher of Nunu -Teacher Li.

Teacher Li looked at her for five seconds.

"Mother Nunu knows that you are a professor and busy. But you can’t throw your child to your grandparents, so you can let it go! Nu Nu always throw things up, and you will collide with other children intentionally or unintentionally.Grandpa said. Grandpa said, it doesn’t matter, the little boy is more naughty. "

"Also, he saw the children wearing a flash of shots, so he went up and stepped up. It is not useful to tell him to do this."

Lu Lu remembered, and promised Nunu to buy him a new pair of flashing shoes.

She actually forgot.

Lu Lu saw his son Ninu, and he was assembled and combined toys.Looking up and seeing his mother, he was not intimate in the video, and mechanically mechanically put the building blocks in his hand to the little girl next to the seat …

Lu Lu knows that this is called behavioral deviation in psychology, and emotional children are venting dissatisfaction.

Tears overflowed deep in her eyes.She saw the husband in front of the car.

She just wants to quarrel.

"This is the child you brought? There is already a behavioral deviation, do you know? Call your parents and mother, it is always good, you can rest assured! Can I rest assured?"

Yao Xing thought: It was all the associate professor’s titles.This is a typical anxiety.Knowing that your conditions are not enough, you also want to have a special rating.Alas, forget it, don’t hold her.

Yao Xing opened the door to his wife. Yao Xing’s words were confrontation in Lulu.

"I will take Nunu away tomorrow. I have already looked good about the nanny."

Yao Xing heard: You are prepared!The little life bred in the stomach will kill!Your house will not return!The son is going to take it away again!What are you living?

No, this home will be scattered.

"You get out of the car, let’s find a place to talk about it." Yao Xing opened the door of the cab and told his wife.

"No time, hurry up to the hospital! You go to your own car!" Lu Lu closed his door and pressed the lock key.

Yao Xin’s fire rushed to his head, and he knocked on the glass window."Tu Tu, Tu Tung …"

Lu Lu launched the car, "Suddenly" … "Bang", her car wiped Yao Xing, and her head hit the steering wheel.

Yao Xing’s legs were shouting and shouting the name of his wife.Then call the 110 alarm call and 120’s first aid call.

Yao Xing smashed the window glass with bricks, and the glass fell softly. He opened the door.He wanted to run to the hospital with his wife, but he couldn’t.If the brain trauma is strictly prohibited, he calls loudly, hissing is exhausted, he dial the 120 phone over and over again …


Lu Lu’s parents’ house is a two -story building, with the aroma of books in the air.

Lao Yao met Professor Lu in the study.

Both walls on both sides of the study are bookshelves, and the walls of the windows are covered with large and small frames on the wall.Most of the frames are the collective photos of Professor Lu and his wife Professor Liu to participate in various academic conferences. There are also photos with top experts and well -known scholars at home and abroad.A graduation photo of a well -known foreign university with yellow foreign countries was hung in the middle.

Lao Yao watched that the sense of inferiority and sense of honor rose alternately.He is proud of such a family and inferior to his high climbing.

Professor Lu’s condition has been stable.Looks spirit.

He already knew the reason for the matter.He decided that the family sat together to discuss.

After the greeting, Professor Lu said: "Lu Lu, the police said, fortunately your car did not let go.

After Lu Lu was injured and unconscious, she heard her husband shouting and slamming the crazy look of her body, and she could realize it.

Fortunately, it was just a brain shock. After two days of observation of the hospital, he was discharged.

The doctor once said to her: "The child in your stomach is really big, rest assured, the child is fine."

At that moment, her tears flowed.Then she understood why she was upset?Why do you yell at your husband?She is also reluctant, helpless!

Professor Lu said: "Lulu, you think about it. Your decision with Yao Xing is to determine the life and death of the child. Be careful."

After listening to the phrase "decide to die and death", Lao Yao "wow …" crying.

A nearly 60 old man cried with a snot and tears in front of his daughter -in -law.Everyone lowered his head.

The mother handed on the paper towel.

Lao Yao’s emotions slowly calmed down.He said a secret that buried in his heart for 35 years.

"Yao Xing should have a sister." Everyone was shocked.

"At that time, the hospital was just a gender identification. When his mother was pregnant for more than five months, I trusted someone to find a relationship. I became a B -ultrasound and was a girl."

Lao Yao burst into tears again: "It’s all my men and women! I made a decision to kill the child. The fuck did not agree, and I would say it.. After the operation, I still couldn’t help but glance at her. Her facial features have been full of limbs, but it’s just a small. I remember that at that glance, I can’t forget it until I die. "

Lao Yao looked at the air: "I often have nightmares, dreaming of my daughter growing up, and came to me. She asked my dad, why don’t you want me? Why are you so cruel?"

"I look at it in the dream, I can’t see her face, I just see her long hair …" Lao Yao crying raised his face, his snot and tears dripped …

Yao Xing cried.

Lu Lu cried.

Professor Liu Lu’s mother also cried.

The corners of Professor Lu overflowed with tears.

Yao Xing handed his father a cup of tea, and the tea was floating in the fragrance of jasmine.

After Professor Lu comforted his family, he said to his daughter, "Lu Lu, you have a good career. But you are a wife and mother first, and this identity will accompany you in your life. If this identity changes, it is the misfortune of life.. Secondly, the status of the work, the work identity can be a lecturer, a professor, a director, or a principal. As long as you have the ability. "

"You are still young. Two years later, your hard indicators are perfect, and the associate professor’s title is also complete."

Lu Lu listened in and she nodded.

"You are afraid that your dad will be old, and the relationship is broken. This child, dad is okay. Besides, as long as you have true learning, do not engage in academic fraud, have the conditions to evaluate associate professors, and no one will embarrass you."

"Lu Lu, you and Yao Xing decide!"

Lu Lu instead of being moved by his father, it is better to say that the father -in -law’s words made her feel the same.

She couldn’t stand it. In the future, a pair of eyes stared at him in the sky. Although those eyes did not open, it was her flesh, her blood!

Lao Yao saw Lu Lu agreed to leave the child.Holding Professor Lu’s hand excitedly: "Whether this child is a boy or a girl, let him and Lu Lu."

The sudden problem made everyone else.

Lao Yao said, I have long thought about it.No matter the boy and girl, call him Lu Niannian!

Yao Nunu!

Lu Niannian!

A pair of brothers (brothers and sisters).

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My little Zhu’s parents are short:

Admire Lu Lu’s dedication to marrying the cold door;

Admire Lu Lu’s pursuit of career;

Lao Yao’s life, he has his persistence, his selfishness, and more hope for life.He is a portrayal of tens of millions of ordinary people.

May Lu Lu give birth to a small life, healthy and safe.

May all children, healthy and happy every day.

Xiaozhu who eats meat.September 10, 21st

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