Faye Wong: When Xiao San was caught in bed, she was suspected of drinking and smoking cigarettes during pregnancy.

Wang Xizhi said: Mrs.’s phase, piercing one life, or taking all the embraces, Wuyan within one room;The life of a person is like a flash.Such as the green autumn of the grass, the west of the west is rising to the west.But how much Coco likes the words of big fish and begonia: "We are short in our lives, and we will eventually lose it, so we may wish to love a person, climb a mountain, and chase a dream.There is no answer. "

Faye Wong

Psychological research proves that a person’s childhood experience, especially native families, plays a decisive role in personal character, behavior, and psychology, and will have a long -term and profound impact, and even determine the happiness of life.

Faye Wong’s childhood

Faye Wong, born in Beijing in 1969, has been very artistic cells since childhood.In elementary school, he served as a member of the class.Outstanding artistic talents won the opportunity to solo at CCTV’s Six One Night Club for her.

Faye Wong’s female voice solo

Speaking of Faye Wong’s family, Faye Wong’s father, Wang Youlin, is a coal engineer. His mother Xia Guiying is the female treble of the Coal Mine Literary Troupe.Faye Wong had been named "Xia Lin" with his mother’s surname before the age of fifteen, and was renamed "Faye Wong" after fifteen years old.But Faye Wong’s childhood experience is really different from his peers.

Faye Wong Youth

Because parents are busy working long for a long time, Faye Wong has always been a picture of a neighbor’s aunt, and Faye Wong was able to return to her parents at the age of 6.But soon after, her parents left her again, which made Faye Weden’s more lonely and lonely when fostering, lacking the care of her parents, the warmth of the family, and this kind of education of Faye Wong’s native family.Parents have resentment.Lonely and giving away life under the fence allowed Faye Wong to develop a rebellious and wild character.

Faye Wong

Faye Wong’s mother’s thoughts were extremely traditional, and they were incompatible between the two.Faye Wong was born with a good voice. Singing was her only happiness, but her mother did not agree with her to take this way, hoping that she was a key university and brought iron rice bowls.But Faye Wong has his own ideas and persistence, and the communication with his mother is very unhappy every time.

Coco believes that people are the products of the environment. The native families daily, they can swallow a good child.Some of the very strong and painful experiences that everyone experienced will often make him a major decision that affects his life unknowingly.

Faye Wong and Dou Wei met were through the Black Panther Band. Faye Wong was in love with Luan Shu. When he accompanied Luan Shu to the band to rehearse, he saw Dou Wei.In this way, I fell in love at first sight, so I broke up with Luan Shu in love and pursued Dou Wei. Unfortunately, Dou Wei already had a girlfriend, but Faye Wong, who had fallen in love with Dou Wei, and twice, and persistently confessed to Dou Wei.

Faye Wong

But Dou Wei did not break up with his girlfriend at that time.After one -night stand, Dou Wei cut all the connections with the Black Panther Band.At that time, the singers were usually commonplace to sleep. Dou Wei actually only regarded Faye Wong as a cannon friend, and the dog’s blood triangular love began.

Black Panther Band

In 1992, on the day of the end of the concert of Dreaming Band, Faye Wong also flew back to Beijing and came to the performance site.When the concert was over, Jiang Xin couldn’t find Dou Wei.She called Faye Wong’s hotel to inquire and found Faye Wong’s room number. Regardless of the security of the security guard, she went straight to the hotel and saw the wet two people who had just finished taking a shower.Everything is self -evident. This is the first time that Faye Wong and Jiang Xin have confronted each other. This rape shocked the entire hotel. The incident was strenuous. The three were later brought to the Ministry of Security.

Faye Wong and Dou Wei

At that time, Dou Wei still loved Jiang Xin deeply, and Faye Wong left Beijing to study in the United States.Later, Faye Wong won countless awards in the music awards ceremony of various TV stations with a "Woman who was easily injured".As a result, it has entered the ranks of the first -tier female singers in Hong Kong.

Faye Wong

At that time, Faye Wong was asked about love in an interview. Faye Wong said frankly: "This is difficult to make it clear, it mainly depends on whether there is a feeling. Maybe I am in the elevator and fell in love with a water pipe worker." The reporter asked her againTo describe her ideal type, she said mysterious and happy happiness: "There is no special requirement, but I must speak Mandarin. I like the kind of single eyelids, that is the very ordinary northerner."There is no doubt that Dou Wei is such a man.

Faye Wong award

Later, Faye Wong was determined to take Dou Wei.There are two other albums, and the songs inside are sang to Dou Wei.Jiang Xin became more and more angry, and Dou Wei was also excited.In the end, Jiang Xin quit, and Faye Wong ended.Later, Faye Wong flew back to Beijing from time to time and had a private meeting with Dou Wei in the courtyard courtyard.One year after the two announced their marriage, Faye Wong gave birth to the daughter of the two, named Dou Jingtong.

Dou Wei was a little arrogant at the time. Compared with Faye Wong’s investment and persistence, he got a love of no effort, so he was unscrupulous. He was derailed during the marriage, and later they divorced.Faye Wong was hit hard and has been sluggish for a long time.

Faye Wong Dou’s only family of three

Later, the relationship between Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse began in 1999. Nicholas Tse concert publicly showed Faye Wong. Sister Nicholas Tse once broke the news that Nicholas Tse’s idol was Faye Wong. When he saw Faye Wong on TV, he was not allowed to change the platform.When asked what type of girlfriend chose, Nicholas Tse said, choose Faye Wong, don’t want Zhou Huimin, like short hair, like Faye Wong’s clothes.

Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse

In 2000, the news of the two of them exploded in the entertainment industry. Faye Wong walked in front of him with a finger hooking Nicholas Tse, holding hands to show affection, Nicholas Tse shyly like a little girl.Does anyone ask Nicholas Tse like Faye Wong?Nicholas Tse replied: I don’t like it, it’s love.This relationship persisted for two years, and then reunited again in 2003, and they broke up again a few months later.

Faye Wong, Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung Triangle Love

In Faye Wong, in the new album "The Love", I wrote down the lyrics: Our love is like a war, and we have sacrificed without bleeding.After that, Nicholas Tse announced that he would take a break and married Cecilia Cheung.


The appearance of Li Yapeng allowed Faye Wong’s dark life to see a trace of light.At that time, Li Yapeng met Faye Wong through Na Ying’s introduction. As soon as he saw Faye Wong, he was deeply attracted to her, but at that time, Faye Wong had Nicholas Tse, Zhou Xun beside him, and the two of them were impossible.But Li Yapeng was waiting, waiting for a suitable time.Finally, Nicholas Tse and Faye Wong broke up. Li Yapeng began to pursue violently, and resolutely abandoned Zhou Xun to pursue his goddess.

Faye Wong and Carina Lau took a photo

Li Yapeng made up his mind: To marry a woman I want to marry, I want to live with her.In 2005, Li Yapeng married Faye Wong.

Faye Wong and Li Yapeng

But I did not expect that, shortly after getting married, Faye Wong was pregnant with Li Yan.

Faye Wong smoke

But as if Faye Wong did not pay attention to his health during pregnancy, some people photographed her smoking in the bar and jumped. She was drunk and was unstable.I have to say that Faye Wong’s irresponsible behavior has led to Li Yanbutu’s lips to a certain extent.

Bar drink

At 5 months, it was found that there was a problem with the child’s lips. Li Yapeng’s initial idea was to not want this child, but Faye Wong didn’t want to give up, and later Li Yapeng compromised.

Faye Wong’s pregnancy period

In 2006, Faye Wong gave birth to her daughter Li Yan. When Li Yan was only three months, she moved an operation once. Although the operation was successful, some signs of cleft lip and palate were still a bit obvious.Li Yapeng said: "When I was born, I actually thought about hiding her in the United States for a lifetime, at least to protect her."

Li Yapeng and daughter

Later, Li Yapeng and Faye Wong founded the Yanran Fund in the name of their children, and they wanted to help more people.

Faye Wong Li Yapeng Foundation Foundation

One is a home -type man with ground gas, and the other is a casual woman who does not eat the fireworks on earth.In an interview, the three views of the two were obviously not a world of people. In this seemingly bland marriage, there is an unsightning contradiction.Until 2013, Faye Wong and Li Yapeng went through the divorce procedures.

Faye Wong and Li Yapeng

After that, Faye Wong wrote on Weibo: "In this life, the husband and wife are here. I am okay, you also take care of it." Li Yapeng also wrote on Weibo: "What I need is a family, and you are destined to be a legendaryI hope you are happy now, my high school girl. "Li Yapeng and Faye Wong have long been relieved in the past, because of the daughter’s relationship, the two often gathered together.

Faye Wong and two daughters

Twelve years later, Nicholas Tse and Faye Wong reunited again, and the reporter photographed their dating at home.Two people chatted in bed. Faye Wong stared at her feet and coquettish on the bed. When Nicholas Tse was on the window sill, Faye Wong took the initiative to run over and kissed Nicholas Tse gently, and immediately smiled and ran away.

Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse

That year, Faye Wong’s birthday, Nicholas Tse sang "Let us go down": Let us go down, let us go down, from heaven to hell, I will accompany you.However, the combination of the two cannot be recognized by everyone. After all, Cecilia Cheung gave birth to two sons for Nicholas Tse. Faye Wong also had two daughters. The two adults did not care about the consequences to abandon their own happiness to pursue their own happiness.Later, he scolded, but Nicholas Tse and Faye Wong lived low -key and sweetly.

Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse

Nicholas Tse was asked in the recent state, and it was also full of happiness, saying, "I’m fine."This happiness is from the heart. It is impossible to find the satisfaction and comfort of your beloved person.

Little S interview Nicholas Tse

Faye Wong was also in good condition. She often smiled and welcomed people, and the whole person also looked very comfortable and sunny.Coco believes that no one’s life will always be perfect, but at any time, you have to look forward, and hope will be invincible.

People who praise and regard it as a kind of success are actually just a kind of life.Everyone is different, and the important thing is to find the difference between the most suitable for them.The world is too noisy, you need to listen to yourself even more.It’s so short in my life. Anyway, I only come once in this person, and I have to do what I want to do. The person I want to love, no matter what I wait in front, I won’t hesitate.Love to say loudly, today is 520. What do you want to say to the person you love, welcome to leave a message in the comment area.

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