Female college students are trying to sleep, and hundreds of thousands of monthly income, but this money is not easy

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In recent years, with the continuous development of my country’s economy, more and more people go out and play, hotels and homestays have sprung up after the rain.

For this reason, a lot of money -making occupations have been derived. For example, a very profitable occupation in China, some people can earn more than 100,000 yuan in this month. The work is particularly simple, mainly "lying down".

This profession is the "test person" that people envy. Not only are hotels and homestays free of charge, they can also play everywhere.

But it seems that the enviable career is really like we imagine, can it easily enter hundreds of thousands a month?What sad and bitterness is revealed behind this?

The test sleepman is also known as the hotel critic. People who are engaged in the industry of the test sleepman will receive invitations from different institutions such as hotels, homestays and other agencies around the world.detail.

Finally, through your own feelings, in the form of text plus pictures, he evaluates the hotel fairly and objectively, and then published in your own social media to advertise the hotel and provide a reference value for tourists everywhere.

The word "tester" was passed from abroad. The earliest appeared on the website of Qunar.com, and some people posted the recruitment information of the hotel test personnel on it.

According to the above, what they want to do is to obey their arrangements, go to various places to experience their hotels, and then record it in the form of graphic according to their true feelings.

At that time, once the recruitment information was released, it immediately attracted the scrambling of everyone to register. This kind of eating and falling asleep made money. How could it not attract everyone’s competition.

However, this occupation requires particularly high personnel. Not only must it have high insight, it can find the shortcomings of the hotel for the hotel to correct, so that the hotel can better attract tourists to stay.

At the same time, the testing staff must also have a strong writing ability to describe their feelings and paintings, and this job will have to be a certain photo technology. When published an article, it should be equipped with exquisite hotel pictures.

An experienced test sleepman is very important for an A hotel. He can find some small problems that hotel staff have not found, and often these small problems will affect the housing experience of tourists.

Don’t look at this test sleepist, it sounds very simple, but it is not.

Wen Xiuxiu was born in a knowledgeable family. Her parents are all teachers. Since she was a child, she was influenced by her parents, so that she had a deep accomplishment in writing.

In junior high school, she had her own blog, and she was writing something and sharing her daily life.

After graduating from college, she originally wanted to find a magazine company to edit it, but there was no suitable family to find it. When she was confused about the future, she received a call from a Shenzhen tourism company.

They expressed their intention to Wen Xiuxiu on the phone, saying that they saw a travel travel notes released on the blog and felt that she wrote very well, so she hoped that she could work in their company and be a test person.

As a contemporary college student, she also knew this profession. At that time, she was interested in engaging in the industry when she was in school, but at that time, she was still a student, and in the end, she couldn’t do it.

Now that Wen Xiuxiu has not found a job, this is their invitation. It happened to be delivered in the snow, so Wen Xiuxiu felt that they went to their company to see it.

Because Wen Xiuxiu grows very well, coupled with a lot of fans on the blog, this interview is a walk through the field for her.

After Wen Xiuxiu signed the contract, after a week of training, she officially went to work.

The hotel she tried to sleep for the first time was at a new star hotel in Hubei Province. After she completed the test sleep, she wrote a manuscript to the company.Official website.

At this time, Wen Xiuxiu was still complacent about her ability, but she didn’t know. What would she be waiting for her next?

When Wen Xiuxiu returned to the hotel to wash, she was ready to sleep, and she received a call from the company leader, saying that there were some problems with the manuscript she wrote. The hotel manager had to check her with her.

At that time, Wen Xiuxiu didn’t think so much. After all, her manuscript was completely linked to her salary, so she waited for the hotel manager to come to her.

But what made her unexpected was that the manager did not mention the manuscript after finding it. Instead, she invited her to drink tea outside. At this time, Wen Xiuxiu noticed that it was wrong, so he declined his proposal.

The manager didn’t seem to care about this, but smiled softly. He took out a stack of 100 yuan notes from the bag he took, and let Wen Xiuxiu say that if he went to drink tea with him, the money was Wen Xiuxiu.

The manager saw Wen Xiuxiu indifferent, so he took out a few stacks of 100 yuan bills from the bag. Wen Xiuxiu took him up and saw this scene.The manager couldn’t help a smile from the corner of his mouth.

However, before he was happy, he saw Wen Xiuxiu picked up his own thing and turned away, leaving the manager in the Zizi seat.

Originally, Wen Xiuxiu felt that she must have been in soup, but the company’s owner said that this was the company’s test. Congratulations to her withdrawal of the company’s test.

After two years of working in the company, like her last test, she did not know how many times she had experienced. Fortunately, she was held in the test, but this also made her start to get tired of this job.

When she worked in the first year, she also returned to various big cities to try to sleep, but later, the company arranged her to some remote counties and homestays to try to sleep, which made her feel unsafe.

In addition, some hotel facilities are not good, but for the company’s requirements, she must arrange the hotel very well, only shooting them to attract popularity, which makes her feel that she is a liar, soI chose to resign.

At that time, Wen Xiuxiu learned that she was going to resign, and she expressed puzzles that her ability was so strong. Now the monthly salary is hundreds of thousands of monthly salary.Understand why she left the job?

In fact, Wen Xiuxiu knew, "I often walk by the river, how can there be no wet shoes." For example, a female colleague who has been three years earlier than her, in order to treat her mother, chose to compromise. Finally, there was too much abortion.Can’t get pregnant.

In the past, the test sleepman would do a detailed inspection of the room after joining the hotel without letting go of any details.

At the same time, they will take pictures of some good and bad details, comment on them, and let hotels and guests who are ready to live in a reference.

Often this job is all forced by themselves, because this will make them pay attention to every detail. Each time you try to sleep, you have to squat countless times. After checking the entire room, your legs are trembling.

It was a very happy thing to sleep and travel, but this set of sets is not only too tired to be as tired as that.

In this way, the whole set of inspections have been in the middle of the night. At this time, they have to write out what they checked out and suggestions. They can do it for two or three hours after they finish it.

The reason why they are so strict are completely related to the evaluation of their manuscripts. If they are perfunctory, the rating gives is relatively low, and the corresponding salary will be reduced accordingly.

Don’t say that the monthly salary has exceeded 10,000, and it is good to reach the salary level of normal people, and because the industry needs to stay up late, this will allow some women to avoid it.

However, due to the development of the times, due to the rise of various video software, the industry may not be so meticulous. From some full -time test sleepers to the whole people, they are both testimony.

A small part of the testing staff has evolved into a self -media occupation. Through negotiation with the hotel, he can write and publish a soft text of the test sleep evaluation, help them promote it, and collect compensation from them.

However, some of them were derived from them. They did things that strongly bought and sold them. In the name of trying to sleep, they did not pay houses for merchants.

Such a thing happened in 2019. There was a cattle. She stayed at a inn on January 3 and wanted to use professional reviews for free accommodation, but was rejected by the store.

I thought this was over, but I did not expect that the woman came over at 2 am on the 4th, but this time she did not ask for free to stay, but she went to the online order.Only let her stay.

Unexpectedly, when the woman was checking out the next day, I took out various problems found in the room to see the manager. At this time, the manager had realized what she was going to do.

So in order not to give him a bad review of his store, she canceled her order.

Later, when the manager and his peers communicated, he found that not only did he meet this woman, but other shops also encountered this situation. They could only choose to bear this tone. After all, there were some flaws in their hotels and inn.

There are also some people who use the profession of sleeping workers to go to various hotels to engage in wine, sleeping, and other occupations, which makes many people misunderstand this industry.

Often some women engaged in this industry are viewed by people with colorful eyes, which also causes many people to not choose to engage in this industry.

Three and sixty lines, each industry is not easy. Although some industries look bright on the surface, the efforts behind them are far from what we do.

Like those big bosses, we only see the side of their scenery, but the efforts we have paid behind are what we don’t know.

So at any time, don’t evaluate a career wantonly. They are the same as us. They make money through their own efforts.There are prejudices.

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