Female high school students swimming in a swimming accident, and parents claimed 300,000, ashamed after finding the truth


A news of "Female High School Student Swimming Pregnancy"

It caused heated discussion on the Internet

It also causes a lot of panic

Swimming pregnancy

This statement has been pushed to the cusp again

If you think about it, shivering

The children of the inexplicable people who do not know

I am like water

Haha, it is actually impossible to get pregnant in the swimming pool

Finally confirmed

The child is a girl’s boyfriend in school


Let the strength analysis of fun girls



Sperm must have super adaptive ability

Survive in a water containing disinfection ingredients and bacteria

You must know the national regulations

The limit of disinfection water contains at 0.3-0.5 mg/l

Want to maintain good vitality

First ask the swimming pool disinfection administrator to answer

first round

Sperm: defeat



These sperm must be able to ignore the existence of the swimsuit


Find "Entrance"

Think about the light surviving under such harsh conditions

I’m exhausted

Do you want to wear a swimsuit?Intersection

Second level

Sperm: defeat


at last

This innocent woman

I have to ovulate in 72 hours

Cervical mucus thin

Only then can sperm enter the uterus

In terms of probability,

It’s impossible

Third level

Sperm: defeat

Presumably through the three -game losing streak of sperm

Everyone also knows

Since this is the case

The little girl also has a wave of popular science by the way

Even if you are in a normal environment

Also difficult to get pregnant

First of all, the conditions required for pregnancy are very harsh

The most basic is

Healthy sperm and eggs


Keep a temperature of about 37 ° to survive

If it is temperature

Or there are abnormal acid and alkali degrees

It will cause sperm vitality to decrease

Loss of fertilization


After the sperm enters the vagina

Some will be killed by the acidic environment in the vagina

Another part is because of "ability"

And the "door" of the cervix is blocked outside

A successful sperm

Also "trek"

In this journey tens of thousands of times higher than your own body

Another batch of sperm was swallowed by white blood cells

There are only 200 on the survival

Next, it depends on who swims fast

after all

Combine with eggs to complete fertilization

only one

The process is so difficult

Can’t help feeling the greatness of life

I think I was also a swimming champion at the beginning

How can I swim so slow now?


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