Female smoking is more harmful, or 5 gynecological diseases

Smoking is harmful but not beneficial, especially for women.From a physiological characteristics, women smoke are more harmful to women’s bodies compared with men, and women are more sensitive to tobacco.The harm of long -term smoking to women is still quite great, or it may lead to the emergence of five diseases. Let’s follow the editor to find out!

Women’s smoking is harmful or caused by 5 gynecological diseases!

1. Menstrual disorders

Harmful substances such as nicotine contained in cigarettes have a certain effect on female estrogen secretion, which will cause imbalance of estrogen secretion, induces menstrual disorders, delayed menstruation or advance in advance, less menstruation, etc.In addition, a survey shows that the possibility of dysmenorrhea often smoking is three times that of women who do not smoke!

2. Premature ovarian failure

Harmic substances in tobacco, such as nicotine, polygon aromatic hydrocarbons, are toxins that study the most widely changing ovarian function.These harmful substances reduce the secretion level of female estrogen, lead to premature aging of women’s ovaries, which will affect ovarian function and make women look older than actual age.

3. Affect fertility

The harmful substances contained in cigarettes also adversely affect the cilia motion function of the tubal, which reduces the possibility of pregnancy.If smoking women are pregnant, it may also affect the health of the baby, and there is a possibility of severe fetal malformations.

4. Breast disease

Although smoking does not cause breast disease, Canadian research has found that smoking women have higher risk of breast cancer.The risk of breast cancer with 1 pack of cigarettes per day for 9 consecutive years is 59%higher than breast cancer.

5. Uterine disease

Medical evidence shows that smoking women are more likely to suffer from cancer, and the probability of cervical cancer is as high as 80%!The maximum risk of a long -term contact with second -hand smoke suffering from cervical cancer is 7.2 times!In addition, if women smoke during pregnancy, they may also cause reduction of ectopic pregnancy or milk secretion.

These 3 kinds of food should be touched less

1. Spicy foods such as pepper

In hot pot restaurants, we will find that women account for the majority.Many female friends prefer spicy foods. Whenever they get paid or do some happy things, they usually use delicious food to reward themselves, and hot pot has become the best choice.In addition, most women think that hot pot should be hot enough to "taste".When cooking, there are often many pepper. For women with cervical diseases, this will make their condition more serious, so it is best not to eat more spicy foods.

2. Sweet foods such as candy

Sweets are the most comfortable.When you are in a bad mood, eating a piece of candy can solve the problem.A small piece of candy, eating in the mouth, the sweetness spread immediately, giving a feeling of happiness and happiness.However, it is not friendly to women with cervical diseases because it can make it difficult for cervicitis to recover repeatedly.

3. Lamb and other hair products

Winter is the season for eating lamb, and mutton can warm the body and stomach.Boiling mutton and grilled mutton is also the favorite of many women. Lamb is hot. It doesn’t matter if you eat a few pieces, but if you eat it when you have a disease in the cervix, inflammation will always "trouble" women, and even cause the disease to change the disease.It is more serious.

Women who smoke, if you don’t want your cervix to continue to be affected, you must remember less smoking or not smoking.In addition, they also eat as little as possible, and pay attention to keeping clean.

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