Fertilized eggs will feel in bed. If you have these 6 symptoms, congratulations you are pregnant

Friends know that the most important feature after pregnancy is that when the aunt should not come, many friends want to know if they are pregnant earlier.What do you feel when your aunt hasn’t arrived yet?A few days after fertilization, what do you feel or symptoms when you get the fertilized egg in bed? Will the symptoms of bed disappear?This is a lot of questions recently.

If you are more sensitive, you will feel it one week after fertilization, so that we are realized that we are pregnant.The fertilized eggs occur in 6-7 days after fertilization, and the bed is completed within 11-12 days.So if you feel it, it will be one week after fertilization.

Some pregnant mothers feel when we are in bed, and some pregnant mothers do not feel.Some symptoms will disappear after bed, and some symptoms will be retained.Let’s take a look at the symptoms of bed together?Which symptoms will disappear and which symptoms will continue.


When you start to bed, your belly will feel spasm, and a position of pain for a while is like a cramp.The pain is very similar to the aunt and can bear it.But it is not as painful as coming to auntie, but the pain of "嗖" is discontinued.

This is because the uterus has increased, and the pain caused by the round ligament of the uterus. This phenomenon will disappear 11 days and 12 days after fertilization.


When I start to bed, I feel dizzy and nauseous. If there is no symptoms of motion sickness, motion sickness will be felt.Seeing greasy food and smelling the smell of oil, it will be uncomfortable. Suddenly I want to vomit.I always think that it seems that I have a cold or have stomach problems, but I am actually pregnant.

The symptoms of motion sickness will disappear in 11 and 12 days.Other symptoms will continue the entire early pregnancy.

Chest pain

When I started to bed, the chest began to pain.It is because after pregnancy, the level of progesterone rises, the breast gland grows, and more blood flows to the breast, so it feels like chest pain.

This symptom will continue the entire pregnancy, and it can improve after adapting in the second trimester.

Bed bleeding

Some mothers also have symptoms of bed bleeding, flowing out of light brown liquid, which is slightly sticky, but the amount is very small.

This phenomenon will disappear 11 days and 12 days after fertilization.It will appear more than 40 days of pregnancy, which may be caused by residual menstrual blood or low progesterone.

Frequent urine

After pregnancy, the uterus increases, and the bladder is stimulated. When there is urination, you cannot hold it as before, and it will flow out.Some mothers mistakenly think that drinking too much water or urinary tract infection.This symptom will appear in the early and third trimester.

Feel tired

After pregnancy, progesterone increases rapidly, and progesterone has hypnotic effects, so it will make the mother feel tired.Some will disappear one month in the early pregnancy, while others continue the entire early pregnancy.

In summary, through these simple symptoms, you can predict whether you are pregnant.There are also some symptoms when fertilized eggs, but each pregnant mother will be different.Other pregnant mothers have no symptoms, so they can only be tested with early pregnancy test strips.There are also these symptoms, but not pregnant, it may be that you are thinking about pregnancy!

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