Fetal malformations most often occur in the early pregnancy. Pregnant mothers do these 7 points and go through early pregnancy

Guide: Fetal malformations occur most often in the early pregnancy. How should pregnant mothers spend three months before pregnancy?

Recently, I saw such a video: a pregnant woman likes to eat barbecue very much. Basically, she will go to the roadside stalls to eat barbecue supper every night. During the checkup, the doctor also warned her that some things could not be eaten.But she didn’t feel it, she didn’t listen to it, and she didn’t eat it.

At 6 months of pregnancy, the doctor found that the baby was not normal through B -ultrasound, and it was recommended that she go to do amniotic fluid puncture.She was fortunate that she didn’t do it, so she always insisted on the due date.

But when the baby was born at 38 weeks, the medical staff was scared.The baby’s head has severe malformations, and there are also deformities in the ribs.The doctor finally concluded that it was caused by eating too much barbecue during pregnancy.

The grilling things are often ripe, and the roadside stalls are not hygienic, which can easily cause bacterial infections. Eat this baked thing for a long time. Pregnant mothers are vulnerable to infection, which affects the baby’s healthy development.

3 months in the early pregnancy is a critical period for organizational differentiation and organ development. If you do not pay attention to protect yourself, fetal malformations are prone to occur.

3-7 weeks of pregnancy is a critical period for the development of the nervous system. It is prone to small head deformities, brainless children, spine bales, etc.Week 8 of pregnancy is the critical period of limb development. It is prone to abnormal deformedness, shortening deformed, and disturbance of limbs.9-12 weeks of pregnancy are the critical period of facial development. It is prone to cleft lip and palate, facial malformations, etc.

In the early pregnancy, the placenta was not formed in the early stages of the embryo, and the placenta was not formed, and it was easy to cause abortion, so pay attention to all aspects in the early pregnancy.

1. Supplement folic acid:

At present, the conventional practice of the world is to supplement folic acid during pregnancy. Folic acid deficiency will increase the risk of fetal tube deformity in the fetus.Therefore, you must pay attention to supplementing folic acid in the early pregnancy. 400ug should be supplemented every day. At the same time, you should eat more green leafy vegetables and fruits to absorb a sufficient amount of folic acid from the food.

2. Keep emotional stability:

6 to 10 weeks of pregnancy is a critical period for the development of the Ministry of Hubei. If the expectant mothers are too disturbed, it may have a bad impact on embryo development. Therefore, pregnant mothers should keep their mood comfortable, and the prospective father also pays attention to soothe the mother’s emotions.

3. Pay attention to diet:

In the early pregnancy, there are not many demand for protein and fat, so there is no need to supplement too much nutrition and supplement too much nutrients. It is just to grow fat on the mother, which is not good for the fetus.

Pay attention to a light diet and eat less foods containing additives such as artificial pigments, flavors, nitrite and other additives.Eat less fried and smoked food to ensure the health of the fetus.Don’t drink, coffee, strong tea.

Pay attention to adding foods containing starch to prevent the body from accumulating ketone bodies because of consuming too much protein and fat, causing poisoning.

4. Pay attention to the rules of schedule:

To go to bed early and get up early, avoid staying up late, improve sleep quality, maintain adequate energy, and make embryos healthy.

5. Pay attention to appropriate exercise:

Mild exercise during pregnancy is not suitable for long -term bed.Exercise can maintain better physical strength, supplement calcium at the same time, and improve immunity.

6. Avoid drugs:

Medicine, painkillers, antibiotics and other drugs may cause adverse effects on embryonic development, which will cause embryo deformities or abortion. Therefore, try to avoid taking drugs, such as consulting doctors.

7. Stay away from the harmful environment:

Stay away from the environment of chemical pollution, tobacco pollution, radiation pollution, and noise pollution to prevent fetal deformity.

In short, early pregnancy is the critical period of embryonic development. As soon as you walk well, pay attention to the above 7 aspects to ensure the health of the fetus.The new second child Bao Ma, senior childcare teacher, personalized training instructor, Qingyun plan winner, was invited by multiple platforms.Share your childcare experience with thousands of mothers, follow me, and obtain more parenting knowledge.

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