Finding cervical HPV -positive doctors during pregnancy: HPV infection will not affect fetal development

The original pregnancy was a very happy thing for Ms. Li. She finally had a successful pregnancy. Recently, she got a "clear news of the thunderbolt" during the birth checkup and was found out of the cervical HPV positive."I heard that this virus infection may transform into cervical cancer," she said.Later, she came to Changsha Maternal and Child Health Hospital for treatment. The doctor told her that even women who continued to infect HPV had to go through a fairly slow process to cause cervical lesions.

"In recent years, HPV and cervical cancer vaccines have become high -frequency words. Once many women are infected with HPVs, they are like a rival, and they are unhappy with cervical cancer, especially some women who are preparing to get pregnant."Fan Xing, director of the Women’s Health Center of the hospital, said that women infected with HPV viruses were actually far from cervical cancer. "Don’t scare yourself."

Fan Xing introduced that HPV virus is the abbreviation of human papilloma virus. The most common way of spreading is sexual communication.Some data show that there are HPV infections in more than 70%of women in sexual life.HPV is divided into low -risk subtypes and high -risk subtypes. Low -risk subtype HPV infection mainly leads to the growth of skin and mucosal warts, such as condyloma acuminata; high -risk subtype HPV infection mainly leads to the occurrence of cervical and vulvar cancer.Most women with high -risk HPV infection are cleared by the body’s immune system within 2 years.Only a small part of women will have HPV infection.Among these small parts of the women who are infected with the continuous HPV, only a small part will have the possibility of cervical cancer, vaginal cancer or vulva cancer in the future.

"Even women who continue to infected HPV have to go through a fairly slow process to cause cervical lesions. That is, there is a cervical cancer lesion first, and then develop into cervical cancer." She said, in addition, HPV infected the host and did not enter after entering the host.Human blood circulation will not affect the development of the fetus during pregnancy, nor can it cause teratogenic, and patients can rest assured that they are pregnant.It is possible to infect HPV when the baby is born. The infection of HPV is mainly due to contact with the amniotic fluid contaminated by HPV, but many babies have been removed by themselves within two years of birth.

Fan Xing also reminded that gynecological examinations are important. It is recommended that women’s medical examinations can be found and treated in a timely manner for early cervical cancer.Especially for women during pregnancy, a cervical anti -cancer examination should be performed first, such as HPV virus and liquid cytology such as TCT or LCT.

"If there is a problem with the anti -cancer examination of the cervix, then you can do another vagoscopic examination. If you find that there is an pre -cancer lesion, then you need to treat the cervical cancer before pregnancy before pregnancy."The lesion is just a state of virus, so you can get pregnant and give birth to children first.At the same time, Fan Xing also suggested that if there is no cervical anti -cancer examination before pregnancy, a cervical cancer prevention examination can also be performed at the early pregnancy examination.

Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Liu Shuang correspondent Zhang Bei

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