Flee!Is HCG rising?In fact, it may reflect these 5 diseases

Human chorionic gonad hormone is referred to as HCG, which is a kind of glucose that is secreted by the nourishing layer cells of the placenta. It is often used to determine whether women are pregnant.Non -pregnant women’s blood HCG is less than 100, and HCG levels have doubled in three months of pregnancy.Many people think that the rise of HCG must be pregnant. In fact, it is not possible to be a strange disease.

HCG is a commonly used pregnancy test hormone. Such hormones can stimulate luteal, conducive to sustainable secretion of progesterone and estrogen, promote uterine molting, and promote the growth of placenta.When the placenta is bed, nourishing cells can secrete HCG in large quantities, so generally can determine whether pregnancy can be determined by HCG value in blood or urine.But not all HCG elevations are pregnancy, or it may be caused by other factors, such as cross -pollution, interference in the blood, or tumor.

1. Tumor

A considerable number of tumor tissues can secrete a large amount of HCG. Such tumors are divided into two categories. The other is nourishing layer of cell tumors, which is common in choric membrane epithelium cancer and hydatidal tires.There is also a type of HCG secretion caused by non -nourishing layers of malignant tumors. Common breast cancer and cervical cancer, embryo cell membranes and testicular cancer.

2. Rheumatoid arthritis

The blood of patients with rheumatoid arthritis contains rheumatoid factors. If the concentration of rheumatoid factors is high, HCG will show pseudo -elevation.In addition, serum contains cholera toxins, platelet source growth factors, and conversion growth factors, etc., can also make HCG fake positive.

3. Modification

When there is an incomplete abortion, when the placenta tissue is residual in the uterus, HCG is positive; the HCG is negative when the complete abortion or the death of a dead child.There may be miscarriage, and the continuous decrease in HCG in the blood indicates that there is no effect on the fetal protection, and the continuous increase in HCG indicates that the tire protection is successful.

4. Extra pregnancy

Under normal circumstances, in the normal range, more than 70 % of pregnant women can be pregnant for a full month; if the first HCG is lower than the normal value, more than 90 % of pregnant women fail pregnancy.In addition, ectopic pregnancy refers to the fertilized eggs in bed outside the uterus. Insufficient blood supply to the bed, making nourishing layer cells in poor development, less HCG secretion, and HCG secretion level far lower than normal values.

5. Endocrine disease

When women suffer from endocrine diseases, such as hyperthyroidism and cerebral pituitary diseases, HCG values increase; if there are gynecological diseases such as uterine cancer or ovarian cysts, the HCG value also increases.In addition, women are in menopausal, one side or bilateral ovarian resection, etc., which will increase the luteal formation and increase when detecting HCG.

Kind tips

Blood HCG examination is the earliest accurate way to test pregnancy so far. Generally, 8 to 10 days after the same room can pass the blood test HCG to see if there is any pregnancy, but the rise of HCG is not necessarily pregnant. It may also be other factors.EssenceBecause HCG secretion is fast in early pregnancy, the blood HCG concentration should be monitored continuously, so that it is possible to identify whether pregnancy or ectopic pregnancy or other problems.In addition, we must not rely on the results of the HCG diagnosis to conclude just one time. It also needs to combine specific conditions, physical characteristics and other auxiliary examinations to comprehensively judge the diagnosis.

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