Folic acid tablets are widely used. In addition to pregnancy, there are two diseases that can be used.

So the question is, how much is the appropriate to eat folic acid?If you have this question, let’s take a look with me.

01 Why should folic acid be supplemented during pregnancy?Bleak

Many people know that they need to be supplemented with folic acid during pregnancy and three months before pregnancy, but they know why there are very few replenishment, so what role does folic acid play in this process?

Folic acid is a type of vitamin. It can be said that it is essential in the human body. It is also an important raw material for the body to generate new cells. Only folic acid is sufficient can it maintain the health of the human body.

In the early stages of pregnancy, the first three months of pregnancy, at this time, the placenta will be formed, and the various systems of the fetus will be initially differentiated. It can be said that the fetus grows and develops in the mother’s body.

If folic acid is lacking in this process, it is likely to hinder the differentiation and development of the fetus. Especially in the lack of mother folic acid reserves, the fetus may cause malformation and developmental defects, which will also cause natural abortion.

By the third trimester of pregnancy, not only the nutrients needed for the fetus into geometric growth, the mother also needs more nutrients and blood capacity to maintain their own health and fetal oxygen supply. At this time, folic acid is also particularly important.

If folic acid is lacking at this time, it is also possible to have symptoms such as hypertension during pregnancy, premature placenta peeling, etc., and fetal intelligence is damaged.

All in all, supplementing more folic acid during pregnancy can not only maintain the health of the fetus, but also escort the health of the mother. However, how to supplement folic acid also has the right way. Mastering the correct method can achieve the effect of less effort.

02 About folic acid, you need to be clear about these two problems

1. Is the more folic acid replenished the better?

No matter what, the right amount is the most important. The same is true for folic acid. It cannot be said that the more the better. If you add too much folic acid, it may also affect the body of the pregnant woman.

Generally speaking, a healthy person should not exceed 400 micrograms a day. If you supplement folic acid for a long time, it is likely to affect the metabolism of other trace elements, affect the immunity of pregnant women, and increase the risk of illness.

Not only that, the reduction of pregnant women’s immunity may also aggravate the pregnancy reaction, which will not only have an adverse effect on fetal development, but also may also cause irreparable harm to the body of pregnant women.

Experts said that the supplementation of folic acid can start to supplement about three months before women’s pregnancy. If the response in the early pregnancy is relatively dull, they can also stop after four or five months of pregnancy. Eat more fruits and vegetables to supplement.It should be added for about four months after giving birth.

2. Can I eat folic acid in poor metabolic ability?

Some doctors will ask women to conduct folic acid metabolic ability during pregnancy. If the data shows abnormalities, it means that folic acid in women cannot be used well and cannot transform the nutrients needed by the adult body. In other wordsInside the body does not play the greatest effect.

However, even if this result is detected, folic acid should be supplemented normally. Although this abnormality will have a certain impact on folic acid metabolism, it only reduces the utilization rate by 16%. Thereforeimportant.

03 New Clinical use of folic acid

In fact, folic acid can not only promote the development of the fetus, but also have other uses, which are widely used in clinical practice.

1. Prevent breast cancer

According to research, for women with long -term drinking habits, it can reduce the probability of 45%of the disease of breast cancer. Of course, this study is only for women who drink for a long time. Whether other women have the same effect are still in research.Essence

2. Reduce anemia

Folic acid can promote the reproduction of cells and also promote hematopoietic function. If giant red blood cell anemia occurs, folic acid can be appropriately supplemented to relieve.

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