Folk story: Girls Mountain Temple avoiding the rain, dreaming of the black snake’s back, the girl is pregnant afterwards

In the Song Dynasty, there was a hunter named Wu in the state. The little daughter in the family was named Wu Yueting. Wu Yueting lost her mother since she was a child.

It was just that Wu Yueting had her own plans. After she hoped to send her father, she thought about her affairs. As Wu’s father became bigger and bigger, Wu Yueting went to the mountains alone to hunt.

On the evening, Wu Yueting chased a hare, and the fog in the mountains became obsessed with the direction. Suddenly, he saw a town temple that had been ruined and destroyed. When he saw that the sky was late, he was ready to stay in the temple for one night.

Although the Temple of Mountain Temple is dying and leaks, the statue of the mountain god still stands in the center of the temple. Wu Yueting cleans up a little bit of the statue of the mountain god out of courtship.After three consecutive sins, after a deep stingy, he fell asleep at the foot of the idol.

With a dream, Wu Yueting dreamed of a huge black snake with a dark whole body, swimming to her side, lying on her back, but Wu Yueting was not afraid, but was close to his heart and touched the black.The raised forehead of the snake was a smile.At that time, Wu Yueting felt that it was just a dream, but who knew that his body had changed.

When Wu Yueting woke up very much the next morning, he felt sore. He wanted to come and run anxiously yesterday and didn’t care.I remembered that I did not return yesterday, the old father must have been anxious, so he hurried down the mountain.When her father was waiting at the door, she was waiting at the door. Seeing that she had not returned overnight, she asked her what happened.

Wu Yueting explained that yesterday chased the hare, the sky was late, and he was overnight at the Temple of the Shan Temple. His father would be suspicious, but he did not ask much, so he greeted his daughter to enter the house to rest.The room went to sleep.

Unexpectedly, when eating at night, his father stewed the rabbit soup to Wu Yueting for early adopters. Wu Yueting started to vomit after drinking a sip.Father Wu saw that she had been vomiting, thinking that she had eaten something in the mountains that should not be eaten, so she asked Langzhong to show her the doctor. After the clinic of Lang Zhong, she said a shocking news.

Lang Zhonglian congratulations, and said, "Congratulations to Lord, it’s joy."

When I heard a sentence, Wu’s father and Wu Yueting were stunned.Wu Yueting and Wu Father wandered in the mountains all day, and Wu Yueting himself had no plans in this regard.Why suddenly get pregnant?

Wu Father sent away Langzhong, immediately changed his face, and was about to get angry. Wu Yueting fell to his knees and fell to the ground, crying loudly that he had never done something to damage the door.Still innocent, saying that he was on the ground, and he didn’t want to get up for a long time.

His father asked for inspection without a good thing, and found that Wu Yueting was indeed innocent.This made Wu Father and Wu Yueting even more puzzled. It happened that at this time, an old Taoist priest passed the door of Wu’s house and wanted to discuss with Wu Father.Wu’s father was annoyed by his daughter’s affairs, and he was thinking of the Taoist priests, but his daughter had got up to send water to the Taoist priests.

The Taoist took the water bowl in Wu Yueting’s hands, drinking the cow, a bowl of underwater belly, and returned the bowl to Wu Yueting.EssenceThe old Taoist priest stared at Wu Yueting carefully, his brows frowned tighter. Suddenly, a black gas rose from Wu Yueting, and he faintly appeared snake -shaped, rejecting the priest’s Jin Guang in the body.

The Taoist said angrily: "It’s not good!"

Taoist priests reported that he was Zhao Yutai, a contemporary master of Tianshi Mansion, and asked if Wu Yueting had happened recently. Wu Yueting took his night to stay in the mountain temple and dreamed of the white snake’s back.bright.

After listening to Lao Dao, he groaned for a while, and the twist was answered. The black snake was a monster in the mountains. Three hundred years ago, he once confused local wealthy businessmen.The boys and women of the upper girl gave it to eat, and helped them to make gold.

A century ago, the previous Da Tian master Hongchenyou had seen it. After hearing its deeds, he hurt it angrily. Although he was escaped, the great master broke his golden body into the bottom of the lake, causing the landscape to separate the mountains and rivers., Can’t repair it.In just a hundred years, the golden body was fixed as the beginning, and he was a fortune because of the blessing. If he gave him more than a century, he would not be the opponent of the Black Snake even if he came to personally.

Wu Yueting quickly asked the Taoist priest what was going on.The Taoist priest sighed, then the golden light flashed in one hand, gently clicked in Wu Yueting’s eyebrows, and made a call to "out" in his mouth.

Wu Yueting felt that the abdomen was uncomfortable, and the colic was endless, so he lay on the ground and vomited. For a little, the three black snakes were spit out by Wu Yuemei from the mouth.Shining, the three little snakes were burned as ashes. The Taoist explained that this technique was to borrow people to raise a lot. If you let it grow, in March, the black snake will absorb all Wu Yueting’s blood and break out of his life, and take away her life.At that time, there are three more evil animals in the world.

After the words of the priests, there was a strange roar in the mountain: "Stinky cow nose, kill my child, today I will ask you for blood debt!"

The Taoist priests screamed well, and turned into a golden light flying towards the mountain forest. The fighting method of one person and one snake was shocking.The Taoist priest returned to Wu Yueting’s residence. Wu’s father and Wu Yueting kneeling and hoeing, and Taoist priests continued to hold his hands and go away.

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