Folk story: The woman dreams of a beautiful man, and she gave birth to a crocodile. What’s going on?

There is an island in Qiongzhou. Most people on the island make a living by fishing. There is a pool built in front of each door to communicate with the sea.The people on the island are diligent, and their lives are sufficient and comfortable.

There is a family named fish on the island. He is a difference in the army in the field. His wife’s surname is Shui, and he has only one son. He is very smart.

One day, Shui Shi went to the pool to wash his clothes, and suddenly saw a crocodile swimming in the water. She was frightened and she had to escape when she put down her work.To say.Shui Shi watched curiously until the crocodile swimming.

That night, Shui Shi dreamed of a man who came to bed in the middle of the night and saw the panic of Shui Shi. The man said, "Beauty, you can’t panic, we have met at the edge of the pool."The man approached Shui, and Shui Shi saw that there was nowhere to hide. I thought that this was just a dream anyway, so he said to the man, "This matter can only be one, you must not come again. My husband is a general.Come to bully mortals again. "

When the man listened, he seemed to be afraid, and he left with bed.When Shui woke up, the moonlight was like water, just to continue to sleep, suddenly the abdomen moved, and slowly bulged, like pregnancy.

Soon, Shui’s pregnancy was spread throughout the island. Some people laughed at: "Men are not at home. The children in her stomach are not wild, it must be a ghost."

Shui Shi was pregnant for fifteen months before leaving the pelvis. I invited the mother -in -law on the island to help. I did not expect that the output was a dragon -body tiger claw, hard crustal, crab’s eyes, which was actually a crocodile.Afraid, saying that this is a kind of scourge, or it is necessary.

Shui Shi couldn’t bear it, after all, he was born in fifteen months.So it was raised in the pool and called it for a bone mine.Whenever the mother calls it for a bone mine, it nods, as if it can be understood.

The mines are docile and can understand the words of people. The neighbors gradually accepted it and gave it a name called the crocodile.

Besides, Shui’s husband only receives some meager silver every month and is unable to undertake the family.So Shui Family discussed with Bimu, and suggested that he go to the Central Plains to do business, go out and see the world.Bi Mu also wanted to go outside, so he said goodbye to his mother, boarded the sea boat, and came to Central Plains to buy and sell.

Shui is still alone. Whenever she misses her husband and son, she will board the mountains on the island, looking at it, and crying silently, but fortunately, there is a crocodile son to accompany him.

After five years, her husband and son had no news. Shui was worried every day, so she said to the crocodile: "Your elder brother has been to the Central Plains for five years, and there is no news. Mom is very worried. You have a way to visit the elder brother.Is the crocodile nodded and disappeared.

At this time, Shui’s eldest son made a lot of money in the Central Plains, but he was busy every day, and he couldn’t find the person who sent a letter to his family. Therefore, there was no news.This time he passed on the coast, encountered typhoons halfway, the sea ship was overturned, and people fell into the sea. Seeing that he was about to sink. At this time, a big fish slowly supported him and put it on the land.When Bi Mu was slow, he found his younger brother crocodile son, and then said in surprise: "Brother, thanks to you today, otherwise I have no life. By the way, my mother is good?"Nodded.Bimu asked again, "Did you let you come?" The crocodile nodded again.There was no pen paper, so he took off the gold ring in his hand and asked the crocodile to take it back to show his mother.

After a few days, Shui Shi was washing clothes by the water and found that the crocodile son returned, so he asked, "Can your elder brother believe it?" The crocodile nodded and spit out a golden thing from his mouth.Shui Shi took a look at the ring of the eldest son. She was surprised: "How did you kill your elder brother?"

Water’s crying and cursing: "This ring came out of your belly, but you swallowed your elder brother’s life. Why is there no conscience?"It was more than one meter high, and his head hit the rock next to him, and his brain was cracking, and his life was whispering.This is even more sad. The neighbors came to help and buried the crocodile.

Every time Shui thought of the two sons suddenly died, her husband had not returned outside, so he was sad, and washed his face with tears every day. His eyes almost cried.

On this day, suddenly a boat sailed into the island. As soon as the shore, one person jumped out of the boat and went straight to Shui’s house.Seeing Shui Shi, he fell down to the ground, calling his mother in his mouth.When Shui Shi took a closer look, he was the eldest son Bi’er. There was a beautiful girl standing next to him, and a gift to Shui Shi was a wife.

As asked about his mother, "Brother is good?" Shui’s expression suddenly turned from joy to sorrow, and said sadly, "Your brother has been dying for a long time." Bi Muer asked his brother what he died.Shui didn’t say anything, but only crying silently.

The neighbors told him the cause of the crocodile son, and Bi’er blamed himself: "It’s not that my brother hurts me, but I hurt my brother!" Then he said the ins and outs of the matter.

After that, he would go out to worship his brother. Suddenly, the sky thunderous, he raised a golden -border cloud.

That night, Shui’s dream, dreaming of the crocodile son said to her, "Mother is not sad, I am immortal, I hope my mother will take care of her body."

After all, he turned into a man of man, worshiping his mother, elegant and handsome, and his temperament was dusty, as if the man who came to Shuishi at the beginning.

The story is over.

Editor’s sense: A woman dreamed of a man transformed by a crocodile and gave birth to a crocodile very bizarily.Because of the kindness of this crocodile, he accompanied his mother and rescued his elder brother, but was misunderstood and killed his elder brother. This was the robbery of it in the world. Eventually, he was injusted and became a fairy.Do you think this story is interesting?

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