Folk story: Wife produces a child in March during pregnancy. The wealthy businessmen sprinkle the incense ash by the bed and bring out the wife’s scandal

During the Ming Dynasty, there was a wealthy businessman named Lu Dinghan in Suzhou. This person was born in poor. At the age of sixteen, he went out to work hard. After years of unremitting efforts, he finally achieved today’s achievements.Not only did he live in a mansion, he also married six beautiful wives in one breath, envying others.

Nonetheless, Lu Dinghan still had trouble, that is, there has been no child.Don’t look at his daughter -in -law, all of which are used in vases that are not used. For many years after marriage, they have not been able to give him a half daughter.Seeing that he was getting older and older, Lu Dinghan was anxious.But he still did not change the romantic color, and he lingered the green tower all day.

Until this autumn, he met a medicine minister named Xiufang.

Xiufang Eighteen, looks like his first love lover.It is said that men cannot refuse their first love, and so is Lu Dinghan. Since seeing Xiufang, he has fallen in love with her, and immediately ascended to the door.

Xiu Fang’s parents died early and had been with his uncle.Uncle thought she was a dragging oil bottle. Now someone saw her and gave a lot of gifts. He was very happy, and he gave Xiu Fang out without thinking.In this way, Lu Dinghan successfully married Xiu Fang home.

Since then, Lu Dinghan has spoiled her alone, and Xiu Fang lived up to expectations, and soon became pregnant. This can make Lu Dinghan happy.But he didn’t have been happy yet, but strange things happened.

Xiu Fang’s arms are fast, and the stomach is high for a long time, like four or five months of pregnancy.After only three months, Xiu Fang was in the basin and successfully gave birth to a fat boy with a tiger -headed head.

Although Lu Dinghan was happy, he could be produced in March of pregnancy. No one has heard of it. He is suspicious.This is not over. What is even more incredible is that Xiu Fang’s children grow fast, but one year has grown into four or five years old, and she can run around.

The child’s appetite is also very big. He likes to eat eggs the most. Lu Dinghan once peeked out outside the room and found that his son actually swallowed raw eggs.All kinds of weird behaviors made Lu Dinghan increasingly doubt that Xiu Fang had something to hide from himself.

On the evening of this evening, Lu Dinghan, who was entertaining, was going home and encountered a cloud -traveling priest halfway.After the priest of the Yunyou swimming with him, his face changed slightly, and then he stepped forward to stop him: "The master, you have a deep demon on your body, but what changes in your family?"

Lu Dinghan was shocked after hearing, thinking of Xiu Fang and his son, he should be all about everything.After listening to the Taoist priest, he pointed out, and then said nothing and thought: "Fate is Tian Ding, who can say clearly?"

Lu Dinghan was stunned, and he was about to speak, but the Taoist turned his head to look at him, and said again: "The master, you go home, go home to take out the incense altar in the ancestral temple, and sprinkle the incense ash inside to your son’s bed.Put the eggs out of the fragrant ash, you hide outside the door, don’t say anything when you see anything! "

Speaking, Taoist priests left.Lu Dinghan was puzzled, but in order to clarify the truth, he obeyed the Taoist’s words.

In the middle of the night, Lu Dinghan secretly took the incense altar in the ancestral hall into his son’s room, and according to the Taoist priest, sprinkled the ash on the side of his son’s bed, put the egg on the other side of the fragrant ash, then silently exited the room, lay on the room, lay on the room, lay on the room, lying on the room, lying on the room, lying on the room, lying on the room, lying on the room, lying on the room, lying on the room, lying on the room, lying on the room, lying on the room, lying on the room, lying on the room, lying on the room.Peeking while the window.

The child spit his tongue twice, then sat up from the bed, and noticed the egg on the ground.He licked his lips and walked over with a smile, but when he crossed the gray, his body changed dramatically.I saw white scales grow under his skin, and his limbs slowly disappeared, and eventually turned into a white snake with a thick wrist.

Seeing this scene, Lu Dinghan was scared, but he covered his mouth and did not dare to speak. After the white snake ate the eggs, he returned to the bed silently, and his body was over the moment of fragrant gray, recovering, recoveringnormal.

Seeing this scene, Lu Dinghan can be determined that this is not his son.He was angry and scared. He immediately found his wife Xiufang, but what he didn’t expect was that there was a strange man hidden in Xiu Fang’s room.The two were intimate, and the man was very similar to Xiu Fang’s eyebrows.

Lu Dinghan took a fierce fire, and then realized that his wife had betrayed himself long ago, and the child was not his own.Lu Dinghan rushed to the two madly. As a result, the man just waved his hand gently, and Lu Dinghan lost his strength and fell directly.

It turned out that the true identity of the man was a snake demon who cultivated a century. Before marrying Lu Dinghan, he fixed it with Xiu Fang for life.Children are also snake demon and Xiu Fang.

The snake demon did not hurt Lu Dinghan, but kneeled in front of him with Xiu Fang, praying that he could become a whole two.Lu Dinghan, who knew the truth, calmed down. After thinking, he finally chose to become a whole two, and the snake demon cut his wrist to help him, and fed Lu Dinghan some blood.

Lu Ding, who drank snake blood, suddenly felt full of strength. The whole person was more than ten years younger, and he immediately rushed to the room of several other wives.After unremitting efforts, his six wives were pregnant and gave him six fat boys.

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