Folk story: Young women are pregnant for three years, dreaming of evil ghosts at night, Taoist priest: Your life soon

During the Ming Dynasty, there was a young coward in Huaiqing Prefecture called Ying Lin. He had no parents since he was a child, and he depended on his grandmother. Although his life was hard, he always had kindness and did not complain about heaven.

On this day, Ying Lin went up the mountain to cut firewood. On the way to the mountains, he heard a moaning, turned his head and found that a person was lying on the side of the road, full of wounds, as if he rolled down from the mountain, he was kind, and brought this man to bring this man.After returning home, Grandma saw that he came back with a man who was wounded.

Fortunately, this person is not in danger of life, but this will be unconscious. After the doctor handled him the wound, he also woke up. Ying Lin brought him a bowl of porridge. After some inquiries, Ying Lin learned of it.The person he rescued was a local rich man named Dong Sheng. He came out to visit the mountains and play with water, accidentally stepped on the air, and rolled down from the mountain to be rescued by Ying Lin.

Soon, a woman came over and asked about it as Dong Sheng’s daughter Dong Si. She did not see her father go home and found out after asking about the reason for the reason.

After this matter, the relationship between the two people also became better and often communicated. Ying Lin and Dong Si also lived together and came together.The head of the fortune is open -minded, kindness, and kindness, and Yinglin, who is working hard, is also very satisfied.

In this way, the two became relatives, and Dong Si quickly became pregnant.In the October period, Ying Lin invited the mother -in -law and doctor, but he did not see the movement. He thought it was a wrong day, but what was unexpected was that Dong Si was three years of pregnancy.During this period, she always felt restless. She often dreamed of lying in a dark house at night. She didn’t listen to her body. A evil ghost -shaped ghost -like monkey stood by her bed.At the beginning, the evil ghost was just standing there. Later, with the time and day, the evil spirits slowly had actions. The evil spirits began to stretch their hands to Dong Si, cut off her stomach and took out a baby to hold it.She was careful, which was a baby, her face was embarrassed, her appearance was extremely scary, and she was also a villain who was alive.

At the same time, Dong Sitian seemed to have lost his soul.Ying Lin was also anxious to see it. Ask Lang Zhong to see, he couldn’t find anything wrong. He asked his wife and knew that his wife had been doing this same dream. Ying Lin was also worried.Wrapped by the evil ghost?

Ying Lin hurriedly invited an old way to come back. He wanted to understand what was going on. After seeing Dong Si, Lao Dao meant for a long time and said, "You have a long time."

This was frightened to the couple. I was busy asking what was going on, but Lao Dao just shook his head and instructed Ying Lin Dao: "You can prepare some lime and sprinkle around your wife’s bed. Remember that there must be no omissions.Don’t make a mistake. Your wife is going to give birth today. I’m here to keep your family safe. "

Ying Lin had to press his doubts and prepare something as old as the old way.

After everything was prepared, Lao Dao sat at the door. In the evening, Dong Si felt a pain of abdominal pain, and the child was going to be born.Ying Lin’s heart was full of nervousness and paced outside the door, for fear that his wife had something wrong. At this moment, there was a scream in the room suddenly, which made him worry.There is a evil ghost described by Dong Si describing.And his wife was frightened by this thing, and he had fainted. The evil spirits hit the lime. At this time, he was smoking and painful.But because there are lime surrounded by lime, they cannot escape.Old Tao stepped forward and took it with a magic weapon.Fortunately, Dong Si did not suffer any damage, so Yinglin asked the old way.

It turned out that this thing was a mountain ghost, which was complained from various grievances, and was attached to the body of passersby to suck Qi.Now gradually take shape, want to condense the body, take the opportunity to return to the sun.

At the beginning, the head of the fortune rolled down from the mountain, which was the ghost of this thing. That day it wanted to harm Dong Caichang and borrowed his body to return the sun.When I went home, I wanted to take the opportunity to start with him. I didn’t want to be a dear with Dong Sicheng. Dong Si was pregnant again. This mountain ghost attached to the baby in Dong Si’s belly.Dong Si’s body is getting thinner because the mountain ghost is taking Dong Si’s essence.Fortunately, Dong Si was induced and had a nightmare for several days, which made the two feel wrong.And the lime forced this mountain ghost out, otherwise, for a while, Dong Si was afraid that his life would not be guaranteed.Ying Lin also worshiped and worshiped the old way, thanking his life -saving grace.

A few years later, Dong Si’s body also slowly raised. She gave birth to a cute daughter, and the family lived happily and happily since then.

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