For 50 days of pregnancy, I was abandoned by my husband?Do you want it? I can’t bear it!

Life is not easy. I am now talking about the family’s affairs of ordinary people. I hope that those who are really willing to help me can watch the shortness and garlic of these parents with patience.

My husband and I are free to fall in love. I am grateful that he has been with me while falling in love and ending for my father.We have grinded a lot after marriage, and we often quarrel, but we are also easy to reconcile.I was pregnant two months after my father left, and I was very happy. I also saw my husband’s sincere happiness, but after three days of good news, I started to bleed and biochemical pregnancy. Although I was not harmful to my body, I still I still doSitting a small confinement.When the New Year was in the New Year, that year was very difficult. My husband and I had a lot of quarrels because I complained that he didn’t care about me.

At home, I can always hear him humming. I am puzzled. At the same time, his relaxation is cutting my heart like a knife.I took a few days in my mother’s confinement. He was either game in the living room or was called by me to accompany me and continued the game.One day finally broke out of the quarrel in front of my mother: just three or four months old, there were no children, and we only had 70,000 deposits. He said that he wanted to buy a car. I agreed to support him as soon as possible. Later, I learned that there was anyThe child, I discussed with him that he could not consider in the future. He could only take out a maximum of two -thirds, because the child also needed money. I only had a basic salary at home on vacation.Understand, and say that his parents will support half, I just need to take it half.One day, he asked me while lying down and playing the game. When did he take out the money, not because of the child’s thing, he bought it for a long time, and he could drive a new car in the New Year.I was sad to hear this. I said not to take it. The child is not as good as a car in his mind. It is because the child hinders him to buy a car to charge his face and say that there will be a child. I have to prepare for a long time.It was on fire, saying that his wife was always outsiders, and only parents would not hide themselves.My mother persuaded him to say that who didn’t know that his parents had no heart to him because of tears flowing down, but why should you say that he hurts his wife?It was outsiders. At that time, I really hurt, bleeding on my body, and my heart was dripping.He said that he couldn’t make money, and he paid a lot for this family. One thousand mortgages per month also helped me pay seven hundred and five, and did not make me pay for it.

(Well, my husband only had this mortgage house when he got married, which belonged to his pre -marital property. After the marriage, he continued to pay the mortgage, but there were several times that I still paid him from the card that everyone deposited.I earn more than my husband, but I always know that maintaining his face and not telling him this truth. Because the economic foundation determines the upper building, he has never given me anything called the home since he got married. I have complained.Because my father was when he was, his father would give some of the things called home for home except for hydropower and gas and my educational expenses every month. The salary was rising, and the households were also rising. My mother was also very satisfied.Women are happy when they see money. Although they don’t make much earnings, they can make her feel at ease. If you have major events, try not to let her pay for it. This is the educational concept of my father.In addition to the monthly 3,000 mortgage, I hope to take it out for me, not for me, but to keep it together to prepare from time to time.Use, eat early, send it to the humanity, please use money everywhere, and even borrowed colleagues’ money, I have doubts but still give up something called home. Our deposit is when I get married when I get married.Gifts and parents of both parties, the money later is only available or not.)

I know that she can’t live with her mother, because she is also a died woman. She just lost her doll and saw her daughter and son -in -law quarrel.The mother -in -law really looked down on, so I said back to our own house.I told my husband that my mother had cooked my hospital hospital fee for checking fees so many times. After staying for so long, my husband heard it, so I stopped on the way home and went to the bank to pick up the money for my mother. My mother said she did not take care of it.I do n’t give money, leave my daughter to raise the body. I do n’t know if this sentence has stabbed her husband ’s self -esteem. He immediately said that the son -in -law gave the mother -in -law money. You do n’t want it. I can see you as a son -in -law.Fortunately, he did not look at his face. I was really angry at the time.I said at the time that my mother took care of it for so many days and still eats and drink. I have a few abdominal pain and bleeding diagnosis. How many we have posted us, she doesn’t want it now. You can still say this.Ask me, why do you say that my mother!As a result, he returned, what use of so many use, they are still my parents.My mother said not to quarrel, boring, alas.

Back to his little home, my husband said that he had no time to cook, and he still had to call his mother to cook. He couldn’t wait for me.So his mother came, and when my husband came, he gave the mother -in -law 600 yuan in person, saying that he usually used his home, and asked him to buy some eggs and lean meat to make up for me.Alas, I thought of the days when I was hospitalized, my mother -in -law hadn’t made a meal for me. I came to chat with the patient’s family next to the bed. He also said that his son was also looking for a only child.Big, even if she is a nurse, her parents still have stores in the Hongcheng Da market. The conditions are good. Her parents also like her son, but they still do not find her, because her son can not be angry at the family, and the nurse often work at night shifts.Can’t care about home and so on.So delivery is my mother’s business, including my mother -in -law’s meals.The doctor said that I asked me to observe the amount of bleeding and stay in bed as much as possible, but every time I went to the toilet, my mother -in -law did not help me.I remember my father -in -law came to see me once. I complained to him that my husband was always a mobile game, and I didn’t come to see me early after get off work. My original intention was to let my father -in -law call the husband to receive snacks, but the father -in -law said that your affairs handled it yourself. You can raise your body.I didn’t say anymore at the time, it was useless!As a result, my father -in -law asked my mother -in -law to go shopping together. I did n’t have a person around me. When I saw that others were in my situation, someone was accompanied by people, and my heart was really cold.They walked for two hours. I called my mother -in -law, but no one had been answering. After returning, my mother -in -law said that I couldn’t hear it in the mall!Alas, where is this accompanying bed …

Every morning after returning to my little house, my mother -in -law will make meat cake egg flower soup or meat slices of egg flower soup for me. My mother -in -law is actually a honest duty. Some people who are dumb but quite kind. I am very grateful.Someone takes care.I found some small confinement diet to show my husband and said that I couldn’t eat spicy. My mother -in -law also read that as long as I like what I like.But unknowingly, their living habits went back again. Eat dry noodles in the morning, eat vegetarian dishes at noon, mildew tofu.Sometimes I lay a whole bowl of rice, because the other bowl was a radish diced, and I put a lot of peppers. I ca n’t eat it. My mother -in -law watched me eat “happily” and said that I made this dish for me every day.I can’t hold it anymore. I eat it to not be hungry, but this kind of food is really bad.Strangely, when my husband comes back at night, you usually make vegetables and amaranth, and soup, either braised fish, or braised pork, or braised pork, etc., mainly amaranth, etc.It’s right.In this case, I only have to tell my husband to tell my mother at noon. I ca n’t eat it. It ’s either too spicy or too vegetarian. My husband said why I do n’t tell my mother -in -law. I really say that my mother’ s habit is difficult to change. After allI need nutrition now, at least the peppers can be less stimulating.My husband said he would tell his mother, but I don’t know. I shouldn’t be embarrassed. After all, he would think that I had opinions on his mother.Next I can occasionally eat fungus fried meat, lettuce fried meat, but peppers are still full.One day at noon, my husband suddenly said that he was working near home and went home to eat. When he saw the leftovers and a vegetarian dishes the night before, he also faced his mother at least three dishes and one soup at noon.Two amaranths, don’t save that money.By the way, I watched TV on the same day. My mother -in -law asked me to chat. I strongly cater every time. She said that when I always lived with my brother, although the two of them worked for others, they would also give each person a month.Five hundred living expenses, New Year’s Day, will also give money, and my daughter -in -law likes to eat pickles. Sometimes, you can eat a large bowl as long as you stir -fry a plate of pickles.Last month’s birthday brother also bought her a pair of large earrings, or Zhou Dafu, it took more than a thousand yuan, and asked me if this earrings were very beautiful. Alas, I quickly nodded and said good -looking.After buying the cake, we bought the bigger next time, and the old people were of course happy to listen to it.After that, my mother -in -law asked me if you live with us, would he give living expenses?I immediately said that I would give it, and I asked too directly!Later, I thought about it, my three meals, and my husband had a meal. After all, there were two people, and it might be less than six hundred, so I told my husband that night.Give her mother -in -law five hundred, and my mother -in -law took it.After that, I had fruit to eat. Although strawberries were buried, kiwi was softened and eaten immediately, but my mother -in -law remembers that I like to eat strawberries. I am still very worried.

The mother -in -law took care of me for about two weeks. The younger brother and father -in -law were urged back there. Because no one cooks, the brother -in -law is stupid and can’t do it. The father -in -law is not good.I said that my childhood leave was 25 days, and I endured it for a while.Because my husband said that he did not eat leftover amaranth, the father -in -law would go directly to my house to pick up the leftovers one day several times, saying that it was for my brother, and my brother would send it.After I got up, I couldn’t touch my father -in -law at all.One day when I got up in the morning, I could n’t eat the food, so I said that I made some food. My mother -in -law kept watching what I was doing next to me. I thought that there were two packs of instant noodles who bought it by myself, but I could n’t find it. Ask my mother -in -law.She said that she never eats that kind of noodles. Only the father -in -law ate at home and asked for a call. As a result, the father -in -law thought that we did n’t eat, so I took it away and fainted. I did n’t eat what I bought!My mother -in -law said that it was not good to eat that, so I had to eat the scrambled eggs and fried rice. When I did n’t like to eat onions, when I was about to make meals, my mother -in -law put the onion section into the hot pot.Afterwards, I finished eating my head.One morning I got up, and I saw my father -in -law and mother -in -law sitting on the sofa. My mother -in -law watched TV. My father -in -law wore old flowers to watch newspapers.The glasses took off the newspaper and got up, got up and passed in front of me, and did not take care of me. My mother -in -law immediately hit the field. Your dad didn’t hear you called him, huh, I was speechless.The father -in -law was completely moved to live. He couldn’t make meals himself.Then you have to eat for a long time after eating, because I eat, and my father -in -law has to talk about it. Starting from more than six years, he will start to say that his mother -in -law will add meals.I was, because I had a father -in -law who ignored my shadow when I came, I had to accompany it. Not only did he listen to it, but he also had to be amazed when he talked about traveling all over the country and knowing every road.He got his old man.Finally they talked about newspapers, and I could intervene together.

My husband and I were going to use my small maternity leave to go to Hong Kong to relax, so my in -laws left at home for 25 days.From March to the end of June I found that I was pregnant for the second time. I basically went to my husband to eat with my husband every week in the middle. My in -laws have not been asked about my physical recovery. I am a little sad.The status quo of the husband’s house is that the parents are almost seventy, and they have not been a grandparents. My brother and his brother and his siblings have been married for four years.I really want to take my grandchildren and grandchildren to take a walk like other adults, hoping that I will pass the incense for their family.So every time I go to my in -laws’ house, whether I am alone or with my husband, my in -laws will avoid my brother and brother. When I talk about my younger and sisters, I ca n’t see many hospitals. I ca n’t give birth.Because my younger brother and sister have a good relationship, it is difficult for the younger brother to find a daughter -in -law at all. They have to persuade each other. Now not only they, but even a few uncles, they can’t stand it anymore.not good.I always persuade my father -in -law, and my brother -in -law’s illness is not cured. Many such miracles. The father -in -law said that where there is any miracle, she does not ovulate. What is the use of a woman without ovulation.My husband doesn’t like to listen to these, don’t say that the father -in -law said, the father -in -law said that I would not tell you who told you, and now I hope I have given birth.Alas, I don’t want to, I am 28 years old.Since I hope I have never asked me what my body is, my father has just gone for two months, and I have a miscarriage. Why can’t I care more about me?When I was in a depressed mood, I came out of my in -laws’ house. In those days, I was diarrhea. I told my husband that since my parents hope that I will be born so, I will condition well, but I see people’s mother -in -law.Stew this to make the daughter -in -law to make up for the daughter -in -law. Why did you even have a dish I like to eat?This is not reasonable!Maybe it’s effective for my husband to blow off, but my husband’s deal with these family relationships is too rough and simple. The next day I accidentally received a phone call from my mother -in -law and said that I had dinner with her after work. I said that I was only staying yesterday.If you want to go to work, how can you eat suddenly, so you say you go to work with your husband. My mother -in -law said that I do n’t have to come together. I ’m going to eat it specifically. I’ m hard to listen to it.Must, this is too fast … I have passed from work in the evening, saying that I have diarrhea these days, and my in -laws said that they would go to see a doctor to take medicine.Say not to take medicine, in fact, I have to prepare for pregnancy while regulating my body, and I dare not take medicine!The result is to eat ordinary dishes. The spicy one can only eat their family. I can only drink the kelp soup left at noon. My mother -in -law said that when I bought a pigeon, I was afraid that I was greasy.happy.At least I really felt the concern of adults. Although these were coming by myself, I was comforting.

After that, no one was asked, and I went to my in -laws to eat without the dishes I like and the dishes I could eat. I could only eat vegetarian dishes without pepper.Around June 10th, the division of the husband’s units was finally implemented. The first 250,000 was paid, and the payment was very urgent. On the 16th, it was necessary to pay the mortgage.For this money, there was a contradiction. At that time, there was only less than 30,000 deposits at home. I was particularly sleepy in those days, and I had the same room during ovulation. I was worried that I was pregnant. I had no money at home.And my husband said that the second 250,000 was about one -time delivery in August. I immediately felt a lot of pressure and told my husband that my husband told me that I was not pregnant.In the case, the whole family also tried to borrow money to get the house, but you don’t want to look like it. It is the biggest benefit in the unit to divide a house. I don’t know what I think.Alas, what I think is not the joy in front of me, but the difficulties in the future. I don’t want to carry such heavy debts.

After that, we rolled up the old account again. Before the marriage, my husband took the initiative to propose to add my name to the mortgage house I lived in. I am very happy, but I know that the down payment was made by himself.The renovation 80,000 was from his parents, so I said that your parents also had money. You have to ask your parents. He said that he had asked his parents.House of.Before we got married, when my father was still alive, he told us in front of my parents that this was really a matter of man.I am about to be his bride. He also is willing to divide my only property in half. It feels like our flesh and blood are about to be fused, making me feel very happy. Other people get married.The woman’s name, and I don’t have this idea at all. My husband took the initiative to propose that it was too handsome. He said that it would also make my parents rest assured that he would treat me well and cherish me.However, after my father died from illness to my first miscarriage after marriage, I asked two or three times. He did not say that the hukou had not yet moved over. How could there be time to return to my hometown?The house is troublesome, delayed or left the topic.Slowly, I never had this willingness. I didn’t expect it. When I paid attention to this matter, I slowly felt that he didn’t want to fulfill his promise. In fact, it was a big deal. In fact, it was not so important to marry in his heart.Because now we have to borrow a lot of money in the division of houses, I suddenly become unbalanced. When it comes to the house that lives now and adds my name, he did not resign.I am very angry. I asked you to ask your parents what it meant. You said that your house can decide yourself. Parents have no objection. Now I say not to add it. I am very uncomfortable for my parents.Maybe men think that I have done a small topic, and I want this half -house, but for me, even if I did n’t mention the name and my husband, I would marry happily.The promise proved that the man had me in my heart and cared about me. I was important in his mind.So I pray for him, is it really not important in your heart?Maybe he was annoyed by me, so he said that after two years, I added my name. I asked why, he said that the child had two years later, and the marriage was relatively stable.What does this mean? I don’t understand?He didn’t trust me. I felt that I would divorce his house in minutes after adding my name. Two years later, they gave him a child and were unwilling to bounce.After adding the name, he doesn’t suffer, but he is so embarrassing that people think so. How meaningful my child is that he only has him to ask his father for half a house.The continuation of love that is looking forward to.So quarrel is inevitable.

The most wrong thing I did was to call his father. At that time, he felt that he was unreasonable. He had to find a reasonable place. I cried and asked, dad, isn’t my child worth even half a house?Why do you treat me like this?As a result, my husband broke my mobile phone.I ran out of my house that day, but I couldn’t go back to my mother’s house or go to his in -laws’ house. I could only wait for my husband to go back to coax me in the back stairs. As a result, more than 20 minutes later, my husband went out neatly. I followed.When he went up, he ignored me, and I turned my head and left.I can only go home and keep calling him. He will not answer it or press it. I will send him a message and tell him to go home. He can’t say it. Let me rest!I turned off again when I called again. I had no sleep all night. Even if the call was reminded, I dial again every few minutes.The next morning, I turned on his phone. I said why you didn’t go home. He said he didn’t want to stay at home. I asked him where you spent the night, and he said the unit.Then he was on duty. I also duty in the evening. I didn’t see it for two or three days. He had no phone call. I called him to say that he was busy, so I no longer called.

Later, when I went home to meet, he said that I asked me to follow him back to the in -laws’ house. It turned out that he had borrowed 50,000 from his parents, and his brother borrowed 50,000 to get money together.However, on the morning of the 14th, he suddenly said that he knew that he had loaned 150,000 in his personal name, only 100,000, and 50,000 gaps. Can I borrow it?He spoke to me. My fastest way was to borrow it with my mother, but worried that he had given money to my mother before it would affect him, so he carefully told him to find my mother borrowed because the two mothers and daughters and daughtersThere is no gap, and my mother does not mean to pay back, my mother will send it on the 15th.My husband said that he didn’t need to run, and would go to my mother’s house. The mother was very happy and said to come to eat by the way.On the 15th is Father’s Day. I went to my in -laws’ house early after work and said that Father’s Day came to see my father, because I called him before and did not make him a call., So I went to see my father -in -law. It was purely listening to his criticism and education. I listened to what the truth was. Even if he said that his son had worked hard to work abroad, I hope I would not be so wayward, and I heard it.In the end, his father said that he saw that I had Chinese medicine in my family and said that I was sick. I said that I was not sick. For the first biochemical pregnancy, I went to see Chinese medicine and prescribed a little tonic conditioning, but I said, even if I had to sayThe child’s doctor suggested that the man must also have a comprehensive examination, but the husband always agreed to delay one week after a week. He has not yet gone. There are many reasons for the last time.Husbands work together to solve the problem.My mother -in -law said that I had to go to see the doctor as soon as possible. Do n’t see so many doctors like my brother -in -law. I feel wronged. I do n’t talk about my son’s examination. I still think it ’s my problem.I said, if I have infertile disease, I will see it as soon as possible, and I won’t drag.

When I came out of my in -laws, I went to my father again. I went to see the old people that day, but almost all my daughters. I cried for a long time. I was sad to leave me early and suffered so much.When I came back from the puppet, my head was light, and I felt weak and couldn’t drive to my mother’s house for dinner, so I returned to my little house and could not move on the sofa.My husband came back for a long time and was wearing a jersey. He said that he went to play in the afternoon. I saw that the time was 6.50. I said uncomfortably that I couldn’t go to my mother. I thought he had gone long ago.It’s not black yet.I said it was important to play football or went to my mother’s house for dinner. Moreover, my mother prepared four vegetables and one soup. I didn’t wait for meals, but I had to get money. Can’t you be more active?He said where he was too late, he didn’t want to go. At that time, I felt that I was about to erupt, but I still didn’t let my mother feel sad, or let him go, but he went upstairsThe colleague sent things to eat, and when I came back, I said that I drove me. I told him that he was uncomfortable, and he didn’t ask.He went to my mother’s house at more than 7:30, and left after eating.I fell asleep uncomfortably at home. When he came back, his mother asked him to bring me meals, and I had no appetite.I had a fever that night. He fell asleep after watching the ball at two o’clock. The alarm rang at 5.50. The World Cup was about to start. He didn’t wake up.

, Six:30 alarms rang again, I got up and pressed it, and the alarm sounded again at 6.50.OK, let me sleep complete?I got up softly and got up, and he got up and started watching the game. I didn’t ask me, so I only went out early to go to work.

The World Cup is my curse. I may be extremely easy to sleep in the early stages of pregnancy. Sleeping is important for me. I had to go back to my mother’s house. After a few days, he called me to talk about it. I said yes.It is said that the house will be added to my name next year, and let me go home. I disappointed him. He thinks that I do n’t go home to ask for a house. I told him that you do n’t need to add it. I ’m not for this half -set house, and then go home.He slept with me at 10:30, then watched the ball at 12 o’clock, slept after watching the ball, and continued several times in the morning to make me trouble.I can’t remember how long he hasn’t held my hand and hug me. We are not like a husband and wife who has not been in less than a year.On the 24th, I finally couldn’t help but tested the early pregnancy test strip. After seeing the shallow two bars, I put it in front of him who was watching the ball. He glanced at it, I continued to wash, but when I was ready to go out, he continued to continueLooking at the ball, I took the test strip back, and even saw that I had become two deep bars.It’s just that my husband is not as important as a baby to watch the ball. I haven’t said this anymore. After all, I can’t completely determine that I am pregnant.

The child can take it?Then I really started my sad fate.

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