For the baby’s body strong, the mother must do this inspection when preparing for pregnancy

The role of women’s breasts is generally divided into two functions. One manifests as women’s characteristics, showing the beauty of women’s bodies, and the other is feeding babies.

During the whole pregnancy, breasts will change a lot. During this period, it is necessary to pay attention to checking if it will cause breast hyperplasia due to fertility.

However, the scientific preparation requires the breast to check the breasts 3 months before pregnancy, and prepare a better nurturing body for the mother and baby.

First, in the first three months of pregnancy, you must go to the hospital for a comprehensive breast examination. It must be emphasized that do not do molybdenum target examination.Because the molybdenum target is a camera for X -ray, do not get pregnant within three months after the molybdenum target inspection, so as not to cause fetal malformations.The purpose of comprehensive breast examination is to exclude whether there are breast masses, breast hyperplasia and other breast diseases.

The reason is that if there is a breast disease and get pregnant, the impact of the gonadic experience of the pregnancy level of the pregnancy hormone level will grow faster. At this timeBad consequences, such as bleeding, contractions, great psychological pressure …

If the breast hyperplasia is found, or the original hyperplasia is not improved, don’t worry, if the situation is not serious, you do not need to be anxious; if serious, try to take traditional Chinese medicine for treatment without hormonal treatment.

Second, do a color ultrasound examination of the double breast. This examination is more effective than the commonly used -infrared light -based translucent examination.Because infrared light transliteration is easier to ignore the deep lumps, and the size of the mass cannot be measured.

As long as you find that there is no problem with the breast, you can rest assured that you can get pregnant. In order to eat breast milk in the future, you must remember to be responsible for your breasts to the end.

First, it is the choice of bra.Pay attention that the bra should be replaced at any time with the increase of the breast, and the size must be able to hold the breasts in a completely small; do not wear a bra with a steel bracket, because the glandular growth during pregnancy is particularly fast, the steel brake bra will squeeze the gland, resulting in the gonad, causing itThe milk is not through, and the breasts are swollen.

Second, pay attention to diet.Specific mothers should appropriately increase the intake of protein. Do not eat too much high -fat, high -protein, high -sugar food, and diverse diet as much as possible.Third, if you usually find secretions or yellow scabs in the nipples, don’t worry too much. Use disinfectant gauze dipped in physiological saline and wash it. Wash warm water. Do not wipe it with alcohol.

In the end, it is necessary to attract attention. If you find that the breasts have acute redness and swelling and pain, bloody nipple secretions, nipple cracks and skin ulcers, you must not be ignored, you should seek medical treatment immediately.Although acute mastitis or breast cancer during pregnancy is relatively rare, it will also happen and not be able to take it lightly.

Breast hyperplasia is increasing and hyperplasia of local glands.If it is a mild breast hyperplasia, don’t worry about it. After breastfeeding, the baby can help you cure it completely!After pregnancy, the level of hormone in the human body will change, and all gonads will proliferate and grow, and start to lay the basis for breastfeeding. Therefore, it can be said that the breastfeeding period is not as "breast hyperplasia".

Therefore, the increase and hyperplasia of the gland make the gonads that had proliferated gonads were not special at all, which was equivalent to that all the gonads were basically the same after pregnancy, and there was no saying that it was not hyperplasia.At this time, all the gonads are normal, and there is no distinction between high and low. After breastfeeding, the probability of breast hyperplasia in 1 to 2 years is very low.

However, if it is too severe breast hyperplasia and not treated, it may be a little obstacle when produced milk after delivery, so severe breast hyperplasia needs to be treated before pregnancy.

Preparing for pregnancy, fertility, and childbearing in preparing for new lives is excited and challenging for parents, but as an important carrier of the fetus, mother needs to be very concerned about their health, and the changes in breasts also pay attention.After all, a strong mother can give children a strong body.

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