For the first birth checkup in the early pregnancy, the three indicators have different significance. Three aspects meet the standards. Pregnant mothers relax

Now it is a peak of pregnancy, and many friends have joined the ranks of pregnant mothers.After pregnancy, pregnant mothers are a little excited and nervous.From the time of the early gestational strip, when the redness indicates the moment of pregnancy, it is concerned about whether the baby in the stomach is healthy.

Some say that as long as there are early pregnancy reactions, it means that it is healthy, but some say that there is no early pregnancy reaction. Is the fetus unhealthy?Others seem to be different from other people’s reactions. For example, with brown secretions, is it a problem with the fetus?Pregnant mothers have different constitutions and different reactions during pregnancy.Therefore, fetal health cannot be judged by reaction during pregnancy.

How to judge fetal health?The most accurate and most intuitive way is to do inspections. Generally, the first production inspection is usually performed in 7-8 weeks. If the three indicators are qualified, congratulations, the fetus is healthy.

It is the most important thing to do B -ultrasound for the first birth check. This examination can see the development of the fetus. Pregnant mothers can choose Yin Chao or choose the abdomen B -ultrasound.

Yin Chao is more suitable for any more examinations, or check in the uterine fibroids.For Yin Chao, many mothers have concerns and are afraid of abortion, so they choose very few.But it is actually safe. If you want to determine the more complicated situation, you can choose Yin Chao.

Most of the pregnant mothers will choose the abdomen B -ultrasound. The biggest problem with the B -ultrasound in the abdomen is to hold urine.Because at this time the embryo is small, it is unclear to be covered by the bladder.After drinking water and urinating, fill the bladder and drive away the gas, so that the uterus can appear normally.

This examination mainly depends on the pregnancy sac, fetal heart and fetal buds.

1. Pregnancy sac

The pregnancy sac is the primitive placenta tissue, the first form of pregnancy.If the pregnancy sac is in the palace, it can be determined that it is an intrauterine pregnancy, which is a normal pregnancy.The size of the gestational sac is generally 1.33 cm-1.66 cm, with oval and round.

If it is a scar uterus, it is also necessary to determine whether the gestational sac is on the scar. The risk on this is relatively large, and there is the risk of uterine rupture.After evaluation, if the subsequent pregnancy is affected, this child is recommended.

If the pregnancy sac is not in the palace, it is ectopic pregnancy, and ectopic pregnancy can easily cause major bleeding. It is necessary to deal with it in time to avoid threats to physical health.

2. Fetal heart

"Zheng Yu Qiao Parenting Scripture" said that the heart of the heart for 34 days of pregnancy form a hollow tube. At the beginning of 42 days of pregnancy, the heart shape of the heart can be seen in the B -ultrasound. This is the most primitive heartbeat.Unstable and do not measure fetal heart rate.

3, fetal buds

Many friends think that the fetal buds are buds on the fetus. In fact, it does not. It refers to the "fetal itself" 6 weeks of pregnancy.Fetal buds.The body curled up into a big "C", and it looks like a bud.

The B -ultrasound can measure the length of the fetal buds. The standards of these weeks are as follows:

Through the B -ultrasound, if the gestational sac is found in the palace, the size is appropriate, the original fetal heart is beating, and the size of the fetal buds is normal. These three indicators are qualified, indicating that the fetus is healthy.

Welon has a hypnotic effect, but stabilizes pregnancy and relaxes muscles and ligaments to adapt to the growth of the uterus, which has an important protective effect.This indicator is generally not checked, unless you tell the doctor that there is an abnormal response in the body, the doctor will make a judgment based on the indicator.

For example, if there is a brown secretion or bleeding, the doctor will check the progesterone to see if there is insufficient secretion.Many pregnant mothers appear due to insufficient progesterone, which is usually considered a signs of abortion. However, by supplementing luteal, they can keep their pregnancy and continue their pregnancy.

The standard of progesterone is generally 24.5ng/ml. If it is lower than this value, the doctor will make you rest for a period of time.

About a week after fertilization, HCG began to generate HCG, and HCG passed the luteal to the luteum to continue to generate progesterone and continue pregnancy.

Educational HCG concentration is an important symbol of pregnancy, because the concentration of HCG will grow very fast in the early stages of pregnancy. Generally, it doubles within 48 hours and reaches its peak in 8 weeks of pregnancy.If the concentration of HCG is high enough, it also means that the pregnancy is relatively stable.

Some pregnant mothers also have bleeding because of the low HCG concentration, which requires HCG.

At this time, the HCG concentration is generally 15000-200000miu/ml, and you must pay attention to this range.

In short, in the early pregnancy, the B -ultrasound must be done during the first pregnancy test of the pregnant mother. As for the latter two tests, it is necessary to determine according to the physical condition.If these indicators are qualified, it means that the fetus is very healthy. Waiting for congratulations!

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