For these 5 points, patients with adenomyosis can also succeed in pregnancy

Can pregnancy cure uterine adenomia?

Can pregnancy cure uterine adenomia?The dispute is getting bigger and bigger, the truth is actually–

Can pregnancy cure uterine adenomia?Some children’s condition after life is still worse

Please keep in mind that pregnancy cannot cure glandular muscle disease!In addition, you should pay attention to these 5 o’clock in pregnancy and tires!

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Some people say that "there is an uterine adenomy muscles to have a child to have a child." So can pregnancy really treat uterine adenomia?

Understand utensils

Uterine adenomia is an endometrium gland and interstitial invasion of the uterine muscle layer to form a pervassed or limited lesions. Like endometriosis, it belongs to common and difficult diseases in gynecology.Membrane cells can also bleed with the menstrual cycle and fall off but cannot be discharged, and then deposited in women’s uterine muscles to form diffuse adenomy lesions.Maternal mothers in the age of 30 to 50 years of adenoisotomy, but also seen in young women who have no birth, the disease will cause patients to increase and harden the uterus. Patients may show dysmenorrhea, many menstrual flow, menstrual periods, menstrual periods, menstrual periods, menstrual periods, and menstrual periods.Symptoms such as extension, anemia, infertility.

Can pregnancy cure uterine adenomia?

After pregnancy in patients with adenomyomas, due to the decline in estrogen levels during pregnancy, menstruation stops, patients will not have dysmenorrhea, and the endometrium in the abnormal level will not grow and have a certain atrophy.Relution and control.The relief of pregnancy adenomia is similar to the principle of drug therapy, and because the patient’s pregnancy is as long as ten months after pregnancy, pregnancy is more effective than drugs.

Some children’s condition worsen after life

After pregnancy, it is not absolute to cure uterine adenomy muscle disease. After the patient’s recovery of estrogen levels may cause adenomy disease condition or even worsen due to the recovery of estrogen levels after giving birth during pregnancy.Therefore, experts suggest that patients with friends continue to observe their condition after the end of pregnancy. If the condition is found, it should be checked and treated in time.

After pregnancy, uterine adenomia does not stimulate endometrium growth due to the decline in estrogen levels. Therefore, the endometrium of the patient’s uterine will atrophy, which will have a certain relief and control effect on the disease of adenomia.However, because uterine adenomyosis can cause poor changes in the uterine cavity in patients and then easily cause abortion of patients. Therefore, it is recommended that patients with patients pay attention to preservation after pregnancy.

Pay attention to the following 5 o’clock in pregnancy and fetal pregnancy.

1. Proper rest

The frequency of shrinkage of the uterus is directly proportional to the amount of activity of people. The greater the amount of activity, the more you walk, the more powerful the uterine shrinkage.If the uterine contraction is great, children are prone to abortion. It is inevitable to reduce the amount of activity.

2. Do you want to resign

Whether you can still work, this mainly depends on your nature of work. If you are sitting in the office, you usually have a large amount of activity. This depends on your own mood.However, if the work activity is relatively large, you often have to move back and forth. At this time, you may ask for leave or resign.

3. Relax in your mood

The relationship between mood and threatened abortion is very, very close.It is useless to be nervous. After pregnancy, it will not be stronger because you are nervous, but the opposite will be the opposite.So don’t be too worried, nervous, relaxed, and maintain good mood.

4. Use fetal protection

The specific fetal protection medicine is not to mention, because the fetal medicine protection medicine for patients with uterine adenoselion is the same as that of the fetal medicine that normal people take, so you only need to go to the hospital to go to the obstetrics and gynecology department for the doctorIt’s okay.

5, 3 months, pay attention

After 3 months, it will be dangerous.Still pay special attention, don’t feel that there is no problem after 3 months.

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