Foreign support for pregnant mothers, but domestic taboos are taboos. Can I exercise during pregnancy?

Some people say that the stars are celebrities because they are always glorious and moving, with a smile, with a halo with idols, even if they are pregnant, they still show another beautiful posture …

Therefore, many people worship idols like God. However, in fact, the stars are also human. There are no exclusive stunts. The stars and supermodels are still as immortal when they are pregnant.Beauty, after unloading, the body immediately restores charming thinness ~ It is just because they have a little more "self -discipline" than ordinary people, they will pay special attention to the diet and exercise during pregnancy, and these two things will directly affect the recovery of the figure during pregnancy and postpartum!

Regarding the problem of "how to eat only fetal fetuses during pregnancy", yesterday’s small circle has been popularized. The fans click on the title- "Japanese pregnant women only grow 20 pounds throughout the pregnancy," only long fetuses, no meat "It’s not difficult at all!"You can review it ~~

Today, the small circle will take you to understand the pregnancy exercise during pregnancy. I hope you can act quickly!IntersectionBecause fitness during pregnancy is not an irreplaceable mysterious event, exercise during pregnancy is not even the "pregnancy taboos" said by the older generation in China. Exercise is more good for maternal and infant health!

ACSM (American Sports Medicine Association), ACOG (American Society of American Maternity Medicine), CSEP (Canada Sports Physiology), etc. are all in sports medical guidelines, and it is recommended that pregnant women’s fitness.Fitness during pregnancy is not only to maintain the figure, but also the healthier mother and baby!

1. Make the fetus smarter: When pregnant women exercise, they can provide sufficient oxygen and nutrients to the brain, prompting the brain to release beneficial substances such as cerebral endin. Enter the fetus through the placenta.Essence

2. Relieve reactions during pregnancy: Studies have found that fitness during pregnancy can significantly reduce the risk of pregnancy complications, reduce risks such as gestational diabetes, preliminary eclampsia, and pregnancy hypertension.Exercise can also promote human blood circulation and metabolism, slowing the symptoms of gestational symptoms such as waist and leg soreness, fatigue, body edema, insomnia, tension, and even constipation.

3. It is conducive to future delivery: while exercise enhances physical fitness and control weight, it also better exercise the muscle tissue and pelvic joints of pregnant women, alleviate the pressure and fatigue during pregnancy, make the expectant mothers confident, and give birth to success in the future.Create conditions, and you can restore your body faster after childbirth.

1. Aerobic exercise: In fact, as long as the habit of exercise before pregnancy, expectant mothers can continue to do low -intensity training in the entire pregnancy process.At this time, the discomfort and risk of pregnancy are the least.

(1) The safest and most convenient -walking, but the walking exercise must reach a certain strength to be effective: Generally it is recommended that moderate intensity walking speed is 2.25km/h, and the heart rate increases 9 times per minute.But how can you be considered medium -intensity?You can try the "Sports Together Test Method", and other sports are also applicable ~~

If you can speak continuously and even singing easily during exercise, it means that you also have sufficient lung function reserves, then this activity is considered a low -intensity exercise.

If you can speak continuously but not sing in exercise, you can’t sing, and you breathe slightly, it means that you are in a medium -intensity activity.

If you are asthmatic during exercise, you can only jump a few vocabulary short words and not speak continuously, indicating that it has reached high -intensity exercise.

(2) Safe and impact -without impact -swimming, mountain climbing, climbing steps, going to the gym to do ellipse machine, mountaineering machine and other major muscle groups are mainly aerobic exercise methods during pregnancy.

2. Power training: Pregnant women can conduct strength training, especially upper limb exercise.Studies believe that during pregnancy, large muscle groups (chest, back, legs), medium -high strength, and multiple numbers can be used to train to a medium fatigue state.

(1) Mechanical training: Because equipment fitness is safer to pregnant women, expectant mothers training in the gym, it is recommended to train the instrumental training of large muscle groups, such as high -level pull -down, sitting with legs, sitting and flexion and extension.

(2) Do not do the maximum force training or training in the abdomen: gear -speed running, single leg squats, frog jumps, flat flat support, sit -ups, push -up, rolling abdominal training, waist stretching, etc.In addition, after 16 weeks of pregnancy, supine positions should be avoided (sit -up, sit -ups and legs, supine bridge exercises, supine dual bridge exercises, etc.) to ensure that venous return is blocked, resulting in uncomfortable lower limb edema.

Pregnant mothers must know how to understand their bodies. Do not exercise blindly. Before exercise, you can also ask obstetricians’ suggestions; if you do n’t usually have exercise habits, for your own health, you can start 15 a day from 15 per day.In minutes, walking 3 times a week starts. After the intensity adapts, it gradually increases to 30 minutes per day, comprehensive training 3-5 times a week, or exercise in an appropriate amount of instructions.You can also take a look at the planned pregnancy exercise during the small circle below.

1. Sports suitable for early pregnancy?

In the first three months of pregnancy, the fetus is still in the embryo stage. The amount of mothers should be small or large, so as not to cause abortion. At this time, the best choice is to walk.If you can do aerobic exercises such as stepping on elliptical machines and treadmills in the gym.As for strength training, you can go to the gym 1-2 times a week to do anaerobic training for small weight, back or arms.

2. Suitable exercise in the middle of pregnancy?

For 3 months in the middle of pregnancy, the fetus is stable in bed. The expectant mothers can increase the amount of exercise appropriately compared to the early pregnancy according to their physical fitness and past exercise.Half of the weight, the load must be halved.

Aerobic exercise such as swimming, dynamic bicycles, gymnastics, gymnastics during pregnancy, yoga during pregnancy, climbing, climbing, fast walking, jogging, walking, and other aerobic exercise, the strength training of chest, back, arms, and hips can be done.Reduce and avoid excessive force.

Remind again that after 16 weeks of pregnancy, this stage is no longer suitable for supine movement, avoiding venous return, no maximum strength training and static exercise, and avoiding breath during exercise.In addition, although the amount of exercise can be increased appropriately at this time, it should still be remembered that the strenuous exercise that cannot be balanced and jump can easily lose balance.

3. Sports suitable for late pregnancy?

In the last 3 months, expectant mothers should reduce the amount of exercise again.It can restore the early pregnancy exercise mode, such as walking, fast walking, or properly doing some housework replacement exercise. Power training can be changed to small dumbbells and arms training and arm training.

However, it is necessary to avoid excessive force, particularly unable to lift, and lift heavy objects (regarding heavy objects, different constitutions and different definitions, generally 15-25kg), because when pregnant women carry heavy objects, they may cause too much lower abdomen.As a result, the uterine contraction, increase the pressure in the abdomen, and cause adverse consequences.

1. Warm up for 5-10 minutes before exercise. Generally speaking, during exercise, the pulse should not exceed 140 times/minute, and the body temperature should not exceed 38 ° C. Remove the warm-up time.Persist in 3-5 days.

2. Try not to do the back, abdomen, and waist exercise in the early pregnancy. This will be under excessive pressure on the blood vessels that will give the baby’s blood blood vessels, which will affect the blood supply to the fetus.

3. Do not ride a bicycle for a long time, because the legs of the legs are too large, which can cause abortion or lower abdomen discomfort.

4. Do not do less when practicing yoga or fitness, because the movement of stretching up the waist, the stomach should use a lot of force, and it may cause abdominal discomfort or even abortion for a long time.

5. Avoid various spheres, horse riding, rolling skating, skiing, diving, etc., which may cause physical imbalances, and avoid contact with the damage to pregnant women and fetuses.

6. In addition, because each person is different, it is best to arrange appropriate exercise after consulting the obstetrician.During the exercise, if you are dizzy, nausea or fatigue, you should stop exercise immediately. If abdominal pain or vaginal bleeding, abnormal fetal movement occurs after exercise, you should go to the hospital for examination in time.

Exercise during pregnancy is suitable for all pregnant women without obstetric complications and other exercise taboos.The scruples during pregnancy are mainly due to it that may induce abortion, premature birth, fetal growth restricted or pregnant maternal skeletal muscle injury.Generally speaking, as long as the birth checkup is normal, the obstetrician supports it to perform appropriate exercise according to his own needs.

Absolute taboo: Do not exercise

Relatively taboos: It is recommended to carry out if the doctor agrees with his family

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