Fortunately, she was pregnant and escaped in 4 years.

Jiang Yanping can be said to be an outstanding representative of women’s corruption in Chinese history, and it is the best among them.Not only did she have accompanied more than 40 leaders, but the key was that after entering prison, the seduce of prison police escaped.Do you feel "this woman is unusual"?In this case, let’s understand this article through this article.

In 1959, Jiang Yanping was born in Chaling County, Hunan.Her home lives next to a factory, and the chimneys there are always black smoke, and the workers are busy and busy.Although parents are also poor workers, they do not hesitate to hell and sweat, just to let their children go to school for education.When she was in junior high school, Jiang Yanping had already come out and raised, beautiful and moving, attracting countless eyes. She is a famous beauty in Shili and Eight Village.After graduating from junior high school, because the conditions at home were really difficult, Jiang Yanping, 17, did not choose to continue studying, but followed the students to enter the countryside.What made Jiang Yanping did not expect to be her move, and changed the fate of Jiang Yanping’s life.

Jiang Yanping, who had just arrived in Chaling County, looked at the dilapidated house, and her heart suddenly felt very lost. Her life in the countryside was very difficult, so she used the leadership of the sympathy, so that she found all kinds of excuses to escape when she was working.Therefore, Jiang Yanping is much easier to go to the countryside than others.Over time, she began to envy those cadres who came to inspect. They were dressed brightly and said that they would never be contaminated with a trace of dust.So Jiang Yanping moved his mind.It happened that at this time, there was an opportunity to go to the Xiangtan factory, but the quota for the factory was limited. Jiang Yanping, who was eager to leave here, wanted to pass the "color seductive", so that he could get the quota to the factory.

From a young age, Jiang Yanping, who was perfect, was compared with her 31 -year -old decision -making commune leader. The commune leaders were both soft and hard, and finally the leaders couldn’t help it anymore. The two of them had a light solution, which happened unbelievable.After the one -night stand of the two, Jiang Yanping successfully entered the Xiangtan plant. After Jiang Yanping, who "tasted the forbidden fruit", he got the sweetness and thought that as long as he rely on the flesh, he could bring so many benefits to herself. "Why not do it?"So it was out of control.

After working in the factory for two years, she once again ushered in the opportunity to study in college again.So she climbed the bed of the person in charge of the Xiangtan factory, and the two had conducted improper transactions. Similarly, she successfully entered the university by this transaction.Jiang Yanping, who entered the university, did not work hard, but worked hard to enrich her body at school. So she was looking for various goals at school. The first was a high student in the Department of Finance and Economics. When Jiang Yanping wanted to approach him,However, he found that he had already had a girlfriend, so Jiang Yanping put her eyes on a doctor again. With sweet words, she successfully seduced the doctor to hand, and also made the doctor compare with him.Jin Jian, dying.Soon the two entered the palace of marriage.

After thinking that after entering the marriage smoothly, Jiang Yanping would stay at herself and live a happy life with the doctor. What I didn’t expect was that the greedy Jiang Yanping was not at the status quo. After she graduated from college after half a year, she began her rights.The road to color trading.She used the flesh to seduce the leadership of the Gonggong Group. After two months of hard work, she successfully entered the position of the Bobo Shopping Center under the Gonggong Group as the general manager.And under the introduction of the leaders, Jiang Yanping met many seniors and continued to support Jiang Yanping’s career. Therefore, under the support and care of the senior management, Jiang Yanping, who had certain power, not only focused on power, but also began to be promoted.At the same time, we have gained money.

Since Jiang Yanping’s manager of this position, he has officially stepped into the officialdom. At this time, he is already the deputy level and can also contact some power, so she has embarked on the road of corruption.While collecting money crazy, he kept looking for relationships for his relatives at home.He arranged his sister’s sister under his own.It is even through his sister’s hand. In today’s society, millions of millions are not a small number, but millions of millions of decades ago are equivalent to tens of millions.

Jiang Yanping quickly arranged her uncle to the mall, and his brother became a manager of the mall, which was just the tip of the iceberg.Her behaviors were seen by employees in the mall. Many people were not convinced of her and felt that she had played rights.So she wanted to sue her, but Jiang Yanping was not worried, and in order to deter those workers, she said publicly at the conference that no one could sue her.She knows that if she wants to get more, only the standing is higher.So she tried her best to contact the higher -level characters.

In the past ten years, Jiang Yanping has been promoted to cadres at the main department level from the warehouse keeper, and has established a special relationship with more than 40 senior officials.Under the advantages of her own resources, many greedy corruption officials are loyal to her.Jiang Yanping once said very much: "As long as I call, I can call a certain leader to my office within half an hour."She understands that now she has lost the capital that seduces leadership, so she starts, and she spends money to invite the young and beautiful "lady" to implement a "meat bomb attack" on the leader.The peers were helpless. Even as long as Jiang Yanping went to the auction, all companies participating in the auction could only choose to abstain.Everyone dares to be angry or not.Therefore, through this series of operations, Jiang Yanping made a lot of money.As her corruption and bribery are getting bigger and bigger, there are more and more people who want to overthrow her. Therefore, her road of corruption is about to draw.

As the saying goes, "If you don’t know, you don’t know if you don’t do it."Jiang Yanping’s bribery problem was quickly exposed. After hearing the supervisory authority, he was sentenced to prison for bribery.But she did not repent, but instead stepped forward.After hearing the supervisory organs, Jiang Yanping’s various deeds were also public. According to the investigation, Jiang Yanping was as small as thousands to millions during this period.During the period, he even used his beauty to get hundreds of millions of engineering projects.In 2001, Jiang Yanping was sentenced to death for bribery, corruption, and huge source of property.

Just when everyone thought that the case was over, Jiang Yanping was unwilling to be sentenced to death, so she wanted to escape the death penalty through her pregnancy, so she put her attention on the deputy director of the detention center Wanjiang.She cleaned herself and showed to Wanjiang that she was just a body and wanted to have a relationship with him.Therefore, Wan Jiang, who can’t help Jiang Yanping’s temptation, often goes to Jiang Yanping’s single room to use his position to lingering with her day and night, but what everyone doesn’t expect is that Jiang Yanping was really pregnant two months later, so Jiang Yanping, who was in prison for 4 years, immediately immediately immediately imprisoned.A appeal, the appeal that was originally rejected, but the death sentence was changed to a suspension of execution after her belly got up every day.Wanjiang was dismissed.In order to prevent similar situations, Jiang Yanping was sent to a women’s prison to serve in prison.

Jiang Yanping’s ending tells us that greed and degeneration will eventually bring destruction.Everyone must cherish their dignity and conscience, and stay away from the wind of corruption and unhealthy.Otherwise, regret it.

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