Four high -efficiency and universal headache recipes

1. Introduction

Two, attractive

Third, Evodiawood Soup ("Typhoid Division")

Fourth, scattered soup ("Syndrome Record")

5. Chuanxiong tea dispersal ("Taiping Huimin and Dishina")

6. Excellence Reflutes ("Zhiyuan Medical Talk")


Headache is one of the common symptoms of clinical.The headache mentioned in this section refers to those who have an external sensation or internal injury and miscellaneous disease.The author believes that the headache of several parties in the following parties is both efficient and strong.The following editors will introduce it to you.


(1) Evodia soup is hot and hot, mainly suitable for non -heat syndrome headache.If it is accompanied by obvious heat permit, it should be avoided.

(2) Milive headache square composition, strong universality.Those with headache can choose, or use the original prescription, or add or subtract with the certificate.

(3) Chuanxiong tea scattered gathered drugs, which is more universal.

(4) Excussion and heat dissipation recipes have a strong effect, which is mainly suitable for those who have the heat of the heat.

1. Evodia soup ("Typhoid Division")

[Zhao Wen’s medical treatment] Cheng, female, 42 years old.First diagnosis: December 31, 1979.The patient’s head was painful, accompanied by vomiting, it has been 15 days.During the attack, the whole body was chilling, the hands and feet were cold, the chest was full, the sorrow, the retching, the saliva or the water, and the water could not be eaten, and the pulse was fine.

Diagnosis: Jueyin Tattoo (Neurological Headache).

Prescription: Evodia 9g, ginseng 9g, 6g of dried ginger, 4 jujube, Angelica 9g, Chuanxiong 9g, cinnamon 3g, Pinellia 9g, 藁 3g, 2 doses.Decoction 3 clothes.Two doses in the top, headache disappeared, followed up half a year, and did not relapse.

Experience: The author adds meat cinnamon to warm the dogwood to warm the kidneys and warm the liver; help the ginger jujube to supplement the camping guard; Banxia drops to remove turbidity;Wind stopped spasm.[Zhao Wenju. Evoda Tsui Tattoo Treatment of Jueyin. Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medicine Magazine, 1982 (6): 33]

Yu Guojun: I used Evodia Tongyuan to treat stubborn headaches. It has been more than 30 years. There are a lot of tests. They all use the original prescription. The 4 -flavored medicines are not reduced: 15g each of the dogwood, ginger, and 30g each of Codonopsis and jujube.In the past 10 years, the dosage has been adjusted slightly. Evodia has been added to 20g, ginger is added to 30g, and Codonopsis and jujube have been reduced to 20g.

Question: What headaches can Evoga soup treat?

Professor Wu Qi answered: migraine, such as neurological headache, vascular headache.

Yu Guojun replied: As long as it is not really hot, all headaches are available and can be cured, except for brain tumors.[Yu Guojun. Yu Guojun Chinese Medicine Conferm. Beijing: China Traditional Chinese Medicine Press, 2019]

[Author’s interpretation] Yu Shi said: "As long as it is not really hot, all headaches are available and can be cured." To verify that the author encounters a few cases of headaches, there is no "retching, saliva", nor is it a big deal, and it is not a big deal.Headache, there is no false cold and turbid yin upper phenomenon. There is no obvious heat certificate performance. It is just that the headache is more dramatic, and the hair cannot be touched.It is not only dialectical and does not comply with the "correspondence correspondence", but uses Evodia dives to use Evoda 15-18g, Ginger 30g, Codonopsis 20g, jujube 20g.As a result, one or two doses are effective, and two or three doses are healed.Yu’s theory is indeed clinically obtained.The author has taken the dogwood many times, the smell is strong, and the taste is poor and difficult to drink.

Second, loose soup ("Syndrome Record")

[Traditional Chinese Medicine Medicine Cases of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Jiangsu New Medical College] Sanjin soup composition: 30g of Chuanxiong, 2g of Baiji, 15g of white peony, 9g of white mustard seeds, 6g of fragrant fragrant, and 3g each of Chaihu, Yu Li Ren, and licorice.1 dose a day, decoction 2 times, warm.

For example, a young female worker, the left side of the left side of the headache is nearly half a year, and the onset is frequent. For more than 10 days, the various therapies have no effect. When they come to the clinic, they have a pain and their emotions are very poor, but only 2 doses of "soup".That is, if the headache is lost.Two months later, due to emotional excitement, migraine headache was done, and then he took "scattered soup".

Discussion and experience: A female patient, who has suffered from migraine on the left side for 4 months, and served 15g of Chuanxiong for "San Shi Decoction".It shows that the composition of the "Dispatin Soup" is through clinical practice. It has its own uniqueness. It is appropriate to use the amount contained in the original party.[Traditional Chinese Medicine Department of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Jiangsu New Medical College.

He Shaoqi: Zhang, male, more than 20 years old, worker.With a headache for several years, every two or three months, the pain is unbearable. It must touch the wall frequently with the head, which can be slightly slowed.In the past few years, it is impossible to taste Chinese and Western medicine.At the time of the attack, the patient kept boxing with his head, sitting uneasy, moaning, sweating, sinking pulse, normal tongue, thin white moss, and no abnormality.It uses the scattered partial soup of "Syndrome Record".Chuanxiong 15g, 10g of Bupleurum, 12g of red peony, 6g with incense, white mustard 6g, Yu Li Ren 10g, Nepeta, windproof 10g each, white pendllar 6g, licorice 3g.3 posts, 1 post a day.The original Fang Chuanxiong used one or two (30g), and it was too heavy, so it was reduced.A few days later, he was pleased to say: "After being fried on the same day, the pain was even more painful.If the pain is lost, there is no discomfort at present. "

Chuanxiong is used to 45g, and it is so effective that it has not been read.I used a large dose to measure the headache, which started from the case.[He Shaoqi. Reading and analyzing doubts and gains and losses. Beijing: People’s Health Publishing House, 2017]

[Author’s interpretation] Although the migraine party is complicated, as long as the Chuanxiong (30-50g) is reused, even if the original prescription is used, it is more efficient.The author’s use of this side is not added or subtracted. Except for Chuanxiong, other medicinal constants are every effort.Matsyllic headache can also add taste appropriately. For example, Dr. Wang Xingfu said: "Whether clinical clinical treatment of vascular headache or neurological headache, pay attention to flexible addition and subtraction.Do not heal, add insecticide medicine to search the wind to relieve spasm, such as 蜈, all scorpion, etc. "[Wang Xingfu. Xinglin salary biography: a secret of a Chinese medicine practitioner. Beijing: Chinese Science and Technology Publishing House, 2018] can be availableDiscipline.

3. Chuanxiong Tea Disclosure ("Taiping Huimin and Dabbords")

[Jockey Club Puyi Case] Patient, female, 40 years old.Diagnosis on May 12, 1998.Head pain for half a year, especially the right temporal part, the pain is beating pain, the symptoms of the mood are not good, and the symptoms of chest tightness, irritability, and annoying are accompanied by symptoms.Examination: Nurgee system (-), the tongue is red, the tongue coating is thin and white, and the pulse strings are fine.

The syndrome belongs to the liver meridian and wind heat, and it is disturbed.Govern the breeze, flat liver, and heat dissipation.Give Chuanxiong Tea Sanfang Plus Xuan Ginseng 12g, Hango 20g (back), and take 5 doses in a row.The second consultation on May 16: headache was significantly reduced, and the remaining symptoms were reduced; after taking 5 doses, the symptoms disappeared.In order to consolidate the efficacy, Nepeta, windproof, and ascetic; add 6g of rigid silkworms, 6g of angelica.Taking 5 doses and healing, the condition has not recurred so far.[Morning Park. Chuanxiong tea dispersed with 55 cases of headache. Modern Chinese and Western medicine combined magazines, 2001, 10 (13): 1234]

[Zhao Jieping] Basic recipes for Chuanxiong tea: 20g of Chuanxiong, 12g each of Baiji and Qiaohuo, asarum 3g, mint 15g, Jinelon, windproof, licorice 6g each, 9g of clear tea, 2 crickets.Decoction, 1 dose day, divide in the morning and evening.

Sputum turbidity, add Banxia, Chenpi, Atractylodes, Gastrodia, Poria; stasis to block the brain, add peach kernel, safflower, angelica, red peony;; Liver and kidney yin deficiency, adding yellow, dogwood, eucommia, wolfberry, yellow cypress.10 days for one course of treatment, taking 2 courses in a row, stopping the drug for 2 months.Treatment results: Chuanxiong tea dispersed and flavored internal injury headache can achieve better results.Empirical (sputum turbidity type and stasis barrier -blocking cerebral linked type) is compared with deficiency syndrome (qi and blood deficiency type and liver and kidney yin deficiency type).Statistical treatment (P> 0.05), the difference is significant.

Discussion: The patients in this group have a long course of disease, and they have been ill for a long time.After all, the prescription is warm and dry.[Zhao Jieping. Chuanxiong tea diversion adds flavor of 86 cases of internal injury headache. Henan Traditional Chinese Medicine Journal, 2000, 15 (5): 52]

[Author’s interpretation] Chuanxiong tea dispersal (divide licorice) is composed of wind medicine, which is an external headache.The author has chrysanthemums and rigid silkworms, without the need to clear tea, and then add the taste to cure the headache.As long as it is not a very stubborn headache, most of the two or three doses have obvious effects, and the number of renewal can be healed.It is also often used to treat headaches internal injuries, and the effect is also good.Zeng Guang visited the same way. They all said that they had used Chuanxiong Tea Dedication to treat internal injury headaches, and the effect was good. It shows that Chuanxiong tea, dispersing and subtraction can also be used for internal injury headaches. The second report is also an example.

In short, internal injury of headache, regardless of the truth, there is a wind and evil, and the light and qi and blood are not unprecedented.Chuanxiong tea dispersed can be cured by eliminating the evil and clearing the shallow qi and blood.

Fourth, expelvant radiator ("Zhiyuan Medical Talk")

[Yue Mei Traditional Chinese Medicine Case] Pei Fen, a little girl, every cold, has a severe headache and red face. Although he takes some pain or divergent Chinese and Western drugs, it will not be temporarily relieved.I read Luo Zhiyuan’s "Zhiyuan Medical Word", which shows its own side.Forsythia 9g, chrysanthemum 9g, frost mulberry leaves 9g, scutellaria baicalensis 9g, 3g of Su Mint, Kudingcha 6g, 12g of macro, 3g of salamander, half -piece of lotus leaf edge, 12g of fresh cotton roots.Yun: "Treatment of migraine headache is extremely spiritual, and trials are repeatedly tested."

I was recording the original Fangzhi. The fruit of the fruit was reduced by half and the 3 dose was cured.Because it is widely spread, according to the inquiry, the migraine has been used to treat the headache, and it has also achieved the effect.If the headache of the cold or phlegm, it cannot be involved.[Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

[Gong Zhenxiang] This method consists of 12g each of the forsythia, Hangju, Kwarwood, Xianmao root, 10g of frost mulberry leaves, scutellaria baicalensis, 3g each of Su Mint, Benben, and Bai Ji, Half of the Lotus Leaf, and Half of the Loch Leaf, Decoction warm, 1 dose daily.A total of 96 headaches were treated.The symptoms meet red eyes and red eyes, pain on both sides of the head or on one side, dry mouth and annoying, red tongue, thin yellow moss, and pulse floating.93 cases of treatment were cured, and 3 cases were significantly effective.There are 2 doses of the shortest medicine, up to 15 doses, and the average of 9 doses.

The whole compatibility is rigorous, and the medicine is fine, but the headache caused by blood stasis, phlegm, and coldness is not suitable for this party.[Gong Zhenxiang. Excellence and heat -clearing method to treat headaches. Zhejiang Traditional Chinese Medicine Magazine, 1988 (10): 459]

[Author’s interpretation] Due to wind and heat or heat -related headache, it is not available to Xinwen. The author uses 15g of Hengjagangxiong above, which seems to have an efficiency effect.Gong’s words: "The headaches caused by blood stasis, phlegm, and cold jue are not suitable for their own prescriptions."

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