Fruits that cats can eat, cheap, are you feeding?

Many people think that cats are carnivores and do not have to eat fruits and vegetables, but they actually want cats to be nutritious. These are indispensable.Today, let’s talk about 10 kinds of fruits that cats can eat. The price is cheap. Have you fed it?

Many pet owners like to eat strawberries. The sweet taste is not very good.Cats can also be eaten. After all, strawberries are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, which are beneficial to the cat’s body.

But before eating for cats, be sure to clean it to avoid bacterial infections, causing cat diarrhea.

Papaya is also very suitable for cats, because papaya contains a variety of vitamins and multi -enzymes, which can supplement the nutrients needed by cats daily. Whether it is juice or mud.

But be careful not to let cats eat on an empty stomach, it is best to 1-2 hours after meals so that it can help the cat digestion.

There are many benefits to cats eating bananas, because bananas contain a lot of dietary fiber, which can promote the cat’s gastrointestinal motility and help digestion. Bananas are low -calorie foods, and cats are not afraid of fat when they eat it.

But you ca n’t eat too much for the cat, it is best to crush it into mud or cut into small pieces so that the cat eats safer.

Watermelon that eats the most in summer is a very summer fruits, and cats can also eat some properly, but not too much can cause cat diarrhea.

When feeding the cat with watermelon, you should pick off the watermelon seeds and do not eat the cat.

Cats can also eat oranges. After all, oranges are rich in vitamin C, which can supplement the cat’s physical strength, and the orange has a sour taste and can help digestion.

But many cats may not like to eat, and the pet owner should not force the cat to eat at this time.

When choosing cat food, try to choose some cat food with high meat content, so as to ensure that the cat’s nutrition needs, the body is great to accompany the owner for a longer time.

In the past, I have given you how to choose cat food for everyone. In fact, it is not difficult to learn to choose.You can refer to the link below: 3 minutes, you can learn how to choose good cat food!

Xiaobian has something to say:

If you want cats to be more balanced, in addition to cat food, fruits are also indispensable.But before eating fruits for cats, be sure to determine whether the cat will be allergic to this fruit, otherwise it will easily cause cats to vomit and dilute.If a cat does not like to eat, you can mix it in cat food, but the amount does not require much.

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