General Office of the State Council: You must not conduct a test of hepatitis B pregnancy test and other tests. Do you agree?

This news reminds me of a past.

This incident has been shared elsewhere, and as a result, everyone forms a clear opposite of attitude.The two sides of this incident are companies and staff.As an employee, I should have stood on the staff side, but this time, my conscience could not be over. Even under tremendous pressure, I would choose to stand to the company.

The context of things is like this:

On September 1st last year, the department entered a new female employee.In order to celebrate her joining, I specially organized everyone to eat together and welcomed her.At the dinner table, we learned that she was 30 years old and unmarried and unborn.Speaking of future life planning, she said that she had no boyfriend, and she never thought about having a child.The doctor said that her constitution is not suitable for having children, and she will be in danger of life.After we listened, we still sympathized with her.

One week after she entered the company, HR asked me to talk and wanted to know her work performance.During the chat, HR also said another thing: During the interview, the new colleague repeatedly emphasized that he had no boyfriend and could not have children. The company should not worry about her delaying her work because of her child.In fact, our company is still more formal. Some five insurances and one gold are as many.Therefore, if she really has a plan to have a child, there is nothing to do. I am 30 years old. I want to have a child. It is understandable. Normal people can understand.

However, the next operation of the new colleague made us shock.She joined September 1st and asked me to take a leave on September 30, saying that after the National Day holiday, she had to take a marriage leave.I froze for a moment, thinking, is it so fast?I found my boyfriend in only a month and got married. Is this a flash marriage?Although I had a lot of questions in my heart, I still approved a holiday and wished her a happy wedding, and on the day of her marriage, she also sent her red envelope.Anyway, marriage is a happy event. Although it is rare to take a long vacation after a month after joining, it is rare, but we can’t break the mood of others.

When she finished the National Day leave plus half a month of marriage, when she returned to work, there was only the last week in October.It was so bland until the end of November, and she spent 3 months of trial period.Within a few days after the trial period, she told me that she had to take leave. I thought I would take a leave as a time. It was normal for a long time to ask for leave.I said yes, one day for leave, how long should you please, you can write a list, just sign it.

At the point, she submitted a sick leave application. The application time is now 14 days.The company has stipulated that if the sick leave is required, the hospital needs to issue a sick leave list.I looked at her sick leave list, because of her fetal protection. You read it right. The person who said he could not have childbirth had to keep the fetus.

I said, this matter should be reported to the leader.I took the sick leave list issued by the hospital, and asked for leave applications and the hospital’s B -ultrasound report to find HR. HR’s face was quite ugly.B -ultrasound shows that she has been pregnant for more than 3 months.Let’s talk about it, she was pregnant when she was not joined.

At this point, there is no better way. The company can only ask her for leave.The hospital obstetrics have regulations that each leave form is 14 days long.In this way, every 14 days apart, she will apply for a new leave to send me WeChat.In this way, just three months old colleagues, before we were familiar with, she went to protect the fetus.This has become a discussion after a meal of our company.

In other words, the fighting star moves, the white horse passes through the gap, and in a blink of an eye, the colleague has a child, followed by several months of maternity leave.In this way, in our longing for her, she finally finished maternity leave and came to work.It is no exaggeration to say that on the first day of her coming to work, our department was more grand than the New Year.This person who has always occupied our department’s quota, but cannot help us, but requires us to share the job. She finally came.The colleagues who need to hand over work are very happy, organize the information in advance, and wait for her to open the computer, hurry up, and serve the information.

The amazing thing happened again.When the old colleague wanted to transfer the information, she refused to hand over.She said that the work task that the company gave her was too stressful. She asked to adjust the job and demanded that the task of work was reduced by half.There was no way for an old colleague, and he could only ask me to talk to her.When I talked to her, I found that she was very bad, refused to negotiate, and insisted on halving the workload, otherwise she would not hand over.This is difficult to do. It was a carrot and one pit. When she asked for leave, we helped her share it, which did not mean that she could help her for a lifetime.I think she meant: Anyway, my thoughts have been expressed. If I can be satisfied, I will continue to do it. I can’t satisfy it. I resign.

Finally, this difficult bone is handed over to HR to get it.I wo n’t say much about the process. I said the results directly: This female colleague resigned, and the company really worked for two and a half months.From the beginning of asking for sick leave, she has been paying the salary of the sick fake.After giving birth to a child, I also received a lot of fertility allowances.Five insurances and one gold, a lot of money, all the time to her.How many people can encounter such a good thing?

Before, I shared this incident on other websites, and the result was to form two major factions:

Some people support employees because you care when you are pregnant. When I get pregnant, you will be responsible for me to the end. If even a pregnant woman does not care, such a company is too humane.

Some people support the company because many companies are small and micro enterprises, private enterprises, and are not state -owned enterprises, central enterprises and institutions.If everyone is like him, the company will continue.The owner of the business is also a person, and they also have to make money to support their families.

This time, I did not hesitate to choose to support the company.First of all, I have been in this company for 11 years, and my colleagues have been married and have children. The company will give the greatest benefit within the scope of policy permission.However, what I want to say is that integrity is important.During the interview, this female colleague said that she had no boyfriend, but she went to work for one month and got married.It is extremely firm to say that you cannot have birth, but it turns out that you are pregnant when you are not in your job. Isn’t this contradiction?

In other words, before September 1st, she was pregnant without her boyfriend, so please tell me, this is what happened?

Now in the society, many people scold the company to recruit unmarried and unmarried women, and the recruitment is relatively narrow, and the demands are too harsh.But think about it in turn, is the company scared?If it wasn’t for the loopholes of someone drilling the policy and the image of an unmarried unmarried girl, then why should the bosses recruit people who have been married and have been recruited?

In short, I think this is a question of integrity.I hope not to do such a thing anymore, it will only make it difficult for future women to find a job.Sometimes, you don’t represent yourself, but a group.

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