Gestational knowledge

Being a baby is a happy and happy thing, but there is a problem, but many pregnant mothers are particularly distressed, that is, they often don’t want to eat after pregnancy.

However, from preparing for pregnancy, eating nutritious food is very important for women.Once pregnant, pregnant women must consume all the nutrients needed by himself and the fetus. On the one hand, there is no appetite self, and on the other hand, what should I do?

The reason why pregnant women do not want to eat

Many expectant mothers start to vomit and decrease appetite shortly after pregnancy.Many experts and experimental results believe that this is related to some hormone. This hormone is called choric membrane promoter gonadotropin, which is secreted by the placenta after pregnancy.

Under the action of this hormone, some changes in the gastrointestinal tract of expectant mothers: the tension of the stomach decreases, the activity is weakened, so that the food is asked for a long time when the gastrointestinal tract stays., Vomiting, anorexia and other phenomena.

There are also some expectant mothers due to their mental stress or because of the impression of others, which makes the symptoms of vomiting and anorexia more serious.

These phenomena generally appear in 6 weeks of pregnancy.It relieves and disappear by itself around 12 weeks of pregnancy.Most pregnant women can tolerate, have little impact on life and work, and do not need special treatment.Of course, some pregnant mothers will be a little serious. What to eat and vomit, metabolism becomes disordered. The process of pregnancy may be out of this state, so go to an obstetrics and gynecology hospital to consult a doctor.

Pay attention to these during anorexia

Strive to maintain the necessary eating

Many people think that pregnant women can prevent nausea and vomiting without eating or eating less, and some pregnant women are unwilling to eat because they are afraid of vomiting.

In fact, not eating can not reduce vomiting, but also makes pregnant women lack nutritional supply, which is not good for maternal and infants.

Pay attention to taking vitamin B6

Many pregnant women have a serious pregnancy response in the early days, and nausea and vomiting cannot be eaten. Doctors often allow a small amount of vitamin B6 to stop vomiting.

And some pregnant women think that vitamin B6 is vitamin and the material required by the human body. Without disadvantages, it takes a long time to take it.

In fact, too much taking is harmful to the fetus. Due to the long -term too much vitamin B6, the fetus is dependent on it. Medically, it is called vitamin B6 dependence. Pregnant mothers must follow the doctor’s advice when taking it.

How to mobilize the appetite of pregnant women

For expectant mothers who are pregnant during pregnancy, the nutrition of the baby in the abdomen will inevitably be affected. For the health of the baby in the future, the expectant mothers can refer to the following points to increase their appetite.

Zinc supplement

If you don’t want to eat, you may be related to zinc deficiency. It is recommended to supplement proper zinc.

Avoid heavy taste and odor

To be light, not too heavy.Pay attention not to have odor during diet or the particularly sensitive taste of pregnant women.

Change food practices

It should be changed to diet to mobilize the discerning appetite of pregnant women. The same food can be made in different forms.For example, cowpea, stir -fried beans, cowpea fried lean meat, minced bean beans, cowpea chicken eggs, etc., in different forms to stimulate appetite.

Adjust the diet

You can prepare some snacks such as biscuits, sugar, and eat a little at any time.At the same time, pay attention to adjusting diet, do not eat difficult foods, eat more starch foods such as biscuits, rice, etc.

Consume potato

Potato has the effects of stomach, strengthening the spleen, qi, and strengthening the kidneys. Potatoes are rich in vitamin B6, which has an antivirus effect. If you eat more potatoes, you can help pregnant women alleviate the symptoms of greasy and vomiting. At the same time,Potatoes are also healthy foods for preventing and treating pregnancy hypertension.

exercise more

Exercise appropriately every day, increase intestinal peristalsis and relax, can increase appetite

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