Girls are unmarried and pregnant. Dad asked to kill the child. Houma: No, she must give birth!

Xuewei is eighteen years old and looks very beautiful. She is the most beautiful girl in the village.However, her destiny was also very bitter. When she was less than five years old, her parents divorced, and her mother left home and never returned. In her memory, her mother’s appearance was very vague.

She only remembered that when she was a child, her parents always quarreled, and sometimes they were so fierce that they would fall into things, and sometimes they were angry at Xuewei and hit her.Grandma doesn’t like her mother. Until the mother leaves home, her grandma will still scold her mother. Grandma always says that Xuewei is a loss of money and looks like her mother.Essence

Xue Wei didn’t know what kind of person mother was. When she grew up, she heard some people in the village chatting and said that her mother liked to play mahjong, and often ambiguous with some men.Xue Wei was unwilling to believe that her mother was such a person. She ran to ask her dad. Dad was annoying and told her not to ask.Dad’s attitude made her start to believe in the words of others, and she began to have no expectations to her mother.

When he was eight years old, his father remarried, and his stepmother entered the door.The stepmother is pretty good to Xuewei. To take care of Xue Wei’s life and study, she will also buy clothes for Xuewei and make Xuewei dress beautifully.The neighbors said that the stepmother is a good woman.Xue Wei has no feelings about this stepmother.

Later, the stepmother gave birth to her brother.The whole family is very happy, especially grandma, and he will hold his brother to tease him as soon as he goes home.The family’s attention was concentrated on her brother, and Xuewei felt abandoned.She became unwilling to go home, and often ran outside after school, and returned home until it was dark.

Xue Wei did not go to high school, and graduated from junior high school to a technical secondary school.After graduating from technical secondary school, Xuewei was assigned to work in an electronic factory in Guangdong.Before going out, the stepmother gave Xuewei a thousand dollars, telling her to take good care of herself and often call home.Xue Wei didn’t speak, and left with money.

One year later, Xue Wei returned, and her belly became larger.She told her family that she was pregnant and was going back to get married.After listening to Xue Wei, Dad was so angry that she was so angry that she scolded her shame.Grandma also pointed at Xue Wei and scolded, and the stepmother sat there without saying.

Soon, people in the village knew that Xuewei was pregnant.Dad was so angry that Xuewei went to the hospital to kill the child.Xue Wei refused to go, and Dad took her to the hospital forcibly, and the stepmother didn’t worry about it.

After the doctor’s examination, she said that Xuewei had been pregnant for six months. If there was a great harm to the body, it was likely to affect the future pregnancy.No matter so much, Dad felt that what her daughter did was too shameful, and insisted on going out of the child.

After listening to the doctor, the stepmother pulled Xuewei’s father to the side and said, "Can’t let the child have a miscarriage, and it is not good for the child. The doctor said that if it flows out, it will affect Xuewei.Take into account the rumors of others, children’s health is the most important! "

Xue Wei’s father was still unwilling to leave the child. The stepmother threatened Xue Wei: "The child must stay, you can’t let your daughter hate you for a lifetime! If you don’t agree, I will take my son to divorce you!"

In the end, Xuewei’s child stayed. The stepmother found the child’s father and held the engagement ceremony for them.

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