Give your parents for collection!What kind of disease is no longer confused!

Seeing a doctor for several hours, it collapsed. As a result, when the department was wrong, he had to go to other subjects and had to line up.One delay is half a day.

Today we summarized, which department should we hang, don’t confused again:

1. Headache

1. Trockey, headache for trauma —- Neurosurgery

2. Talentnials after movement, such as going upstairs, headaches after running, rest for a few minutes to relieve this to doubt angina pectoris —- Cardiology

3. High headache and blood pressure, hypertension can cause headaches, hypertension requires —- Cardiology

4. Tinnitus with headaches, the ears are buzzing when headaches —- otolaryngology

5. Repeated headaches, whether it is headache on both sides, or migraine, — Neurology

Two, toothache

1. I encounter hot and cold sore toothache, or gum swelling and pain —- Stomatology

2. After running upstairs and running upstairs and other toothache, doubt angina pectoris —- Cardiology

Three, dizziness

1. Tianglei, untenable, or unclear consciousness —- Neurology

2. It is not possible to move your head with your head, it may be otolith disease — otolaryngomya

3. The face is pale, the lips have no blood, and the fatigue and dizziness may be anemia — blood department

4, neck pain with dizziness, may be cervical spondylosis — orthopedic

5. Disted all day — Neurology

Four, chest pain

1. Chest pain or pain in the first zone of the heart, or accompanied by chest tightness, especially the chest pain that occurs after the activity, suspicion of angina pectoris-cardiology.

2. After deep breathing, chest pain, or chest pain after pressing — thoracic surgery

3. chest pain, cough, fever —- Respiratory department

4. Ship pain lasts for more than 15 minutes. It is not eased. Do not register this acute chest pain. You have to dial 120.

Five, stomach pain

1. Potal pain accompanied by frequent urination and frequent hematuria, etc., —- Urology

2. Beltic pain is accompanied by acid reflux, linked heart, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea-digestive

3. Acute abdominal pain may be an acute abdomen or a gynecological problem. This is more complicated, and it is directly hung-emergency department.

Six, painful pain

1. Knee pain, a certain joint pain — orthopedic

2. Placed leg pain on both sides, or stiff pain in the morning when you get up in the morning — Rheumatology

3. The legs are accompanied by leg pain, and the blood vessels of the legs may be blocked —- vascular surgery

Seven, others

1. Insomnia — Neurology

2. Allergies — Dermatology

3. Snoring — Respiratory or otolaryngology

4, fishbone stuck — otolaryngology department

5. High blood pressure high blood pressure — Cardiology

6. High blood sugar, thyroid abnormalities —- Endocrinology Department

7, panic, palpitations —- Internal Medicine

8. Cervical artery plaques — Neurology

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