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The inspection was not easy to get pregnant, and then suddenly gave birth to a full moon baby boy, and the son descended from the sky.Unhappy?Surprisingly.

Recently, Ms. Zhao, Jiangsu, suddenly had a pain in her abdomen when she went to work, and became stronger after a few hours.After investigation, Ms. Zhao was pregnant at full moon and gave birth to more than seven pounds of boys.Ms. Zhao’s menstruation was unconventional and her body was fat. She was diagnosed with a uterine cavity when she was aborted two years ago, which was not easy to get pregnant, so it was very unexpected.The doctor said that mild uterine adhesion can also be pregnant naturally and give birth to the moon.

The world is big, it is really strange. I do n’t feel the menstruation for more than 9 months?No pregnancy reaction is there in the early pregnancy?Is there no fetal movement in the middle and late pregnancy?It’s so strange.

Thinking of my cousin I do n’t know for 5 months, and one day she chatted with another cousin. Another cousin said that she was pregnant recently. She said she was not getting fat recently, and then reminded her that it was best to be.Check it, and then she went to check. The doctor said that she was 5 months pregnant.

I remembered her 40 -year -old son in my village.When I was young, I couldn’t have a child to divorce, and married a man with three daughters.It was okay for five or six years of marriage. I did not expect that one day I suddenly asked me to go to my mother, and let my mother take her to the hospital, because my aunt was the deputy dean.She told my mother that she had a bad illness, and her belly motion may be a tumor. Ask my mother to find her a powerful doctor.As a result, I was pregnant and 7 months.She was happy, and she kept crying and laughing on the way back.She had said behind her life because she could not leave a child, and she was pregnant now.As a result, her husband asked her to kill her children, because the big girl of his family gave birth to a boy, fearing that the grandson was more joke than her son.Of course, this sister -in -law refused to give birth to the child.

This should be regarded as a surprise given to her by heaven. She gave birth to a lovely baby in full moon. The mother was completely unaware of it in advance. It proved that she had not suffered during pregnancy.

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