good news!"Freedom of eating shrimp" and "Durian Freedom" is going to be realized?


"Large crayfish listed in large quantities

The minimum price drops below 10 yuan/jin "

"Domestic durian will harvest in June"

These two messages come out

Causes attention

"Freedom Eating Shrimp" and "Durian Freedom"

Is it really going to be achieved?

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This year’s crayfish

Have you got a meal yet?

Recently, crayfish have been listed in large quantities, and the minimum price has fallen below 10 yuan/jin.As early as May, the sales of crayfish prefabricated dishes with a variety of tastes and higher cost -effectiveness have occupied the top of major retail APPs.

As a large crayfish province, in addition to transporting fresh shrimp in Hubei, the sales of many crayfish processing companies have also increased year by year.However, from a geographical point of view, crayfish prefabricated dishes are sold higher in Harbin, Urumqi and other places, and Hubei is still a large province of fresh shrimp consumption.

CCTV reported on May 31. Recently, in Lianyungang, Jiangsu, as the number of crayfish listed has risen sharply, the price of crayfish fell again and again, the minimum or even fell below 10 yuan/jin.Different crayfish have different prices. The price is generally ranging from 8 to 20 yuan per catty, and the best quality per catty does not exceed 40 yuan.

On June 1st, Wuhan Institute of Technology purchased 1 ton of crayfish, please teachers and students to taste for free ↑

As the temperature rose early this year, the shrimp seedlings were shortened, and the peak season for crayfish arrived early.In addition, in recent years, the scale of crayfish breeding has become increasingly larger, resulting in the market supply greater than demand, and the price has dropped again.It is expected that the price of crayfish will remain in a relatively low range in the next half month.

Implement "Durian Freedom"

Is it far away?

Recently, the news of "domestic durian will be harvested in June" has attracted attention.According to previous experience, once the imported fruit is domesticized, the price is not far from the price.Can I buy domestic durians in June?Have to wait!

Feng Xuejie, director of the Hainan Academy of Agricultural Sciences and director of Hainan Academy of Agricultural Sciences, said that the domestic durian in Hainan will be listed one after another until the end of June, until August, but this does not mean that ordinary consumers can buy it.Hainan durian.

The durian consumed by the Chinese a year has 1 million tons. Some durian trees currently blooming in Hainan are still young trees and cannot leave too many fruits. This year, Hainan’s domestic durian production is estimated to be only about 50 tons.On the one hand, these harvested durians will allow growers to give potential customers to develop the market; on the other hand, tourists need to go to the orchard to taste.Can’t achieve mass production, nor can they "hit" durian prices in a short time.

Will we achieve "durian freedom"?Experts believe that "Durian Freedom" covers multiple dimensions, not just a reduction in price. Although "durian freedom" is not out of reach, there is also a long way to go.

The realization of "Durian Freedom" must be reduced by large -scale production.The "freedom of durian" that the people care about, one is the low price, and the other is that the supply is enough.It is expected that Hainan durian will develop to 100,000 acres within three or five years. When it is planted to "300,000 acres", the price may be between 10 and 20 yuan per catty. At that time, the price of domestic durian may bedecline.

Although the price will decrease with the large -scale production of Hainan, the price is always determined by value.Factors such as the difficulty of planting and high nutritional value determine the durian "not too cheap."

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