Gourd!Exposure of Da S will be on the basin for 9 months, and the bald family is still drumming, but Wang Xiaofei is stupid again.

Taiwan Entertainment has recently exposed the news of the tear -type explosion. It shattered the three views.

Waves of melon bombarded continuously, and the "aftershocks" continued.

Recently, the sizes S were all stirred up by the Huang Zijiao incident. Although the agent responded that there was no drug suction drugs, the Big S was in the vortex of 9 months of pregnancy, which attracted the attention of netizens.

Since Da S and Wang Xiaofei have divorced, after turning around and Ge Junye’s wedding photos, Da S has never exposed in public places. This abnormal performance is really doubtful.

And because of the high electricity bills, expensive mattresses, and children’s custody rights because of high electricity bills, expensive mattresses, and children’s custody rights, they never stood up to respond publicly.

On June 20, a well -known reporter from Korean media broke the news that it was confirmed that the Da S was 9 months pregnant.

In addition, Jun Junxuan broke the news on Xiao S’s program before. Usually, Big S had to feed himself, and walking down the ground also had to hold away. The current state is like protecting the giant panda.

Bald head family is still drumming

The bald head has never responded to the news that the big S is not pregnant. If there is no pregnancy, Big S and Ge Junye can stand up to prove that they are innocent, but they always have a state where they are closed.

When Da S and Gu Junjun were just together, the many performances of Big S were doubtful. The big S, who had already loved beauty, began to wear some loose clothes, and the lower abdomen looked slightly raised.

Big S and Ge Junye have been together for a long time, and even the bald family members are still in the drums. They don’t know anything. They meet together. Big S is hiding behind others.Even the Korean media confirmed that the bald family did not know the news of Big S’s pregnancy, and Ge Junzhang had not mentioned it.

Wang Xiaofei is stupid again

Big S was entangled in various negative reports. Wang Xiaofei and Zhang Lan interacted happily in the live broadcast. It looked particularly ironic. It gave people a feeling of watching melon quietly and gloating.

Wang Xiaofei was in the war -torn war with his ex -wife, mainly because the man was still supporting the children, and the family overhead fee of Big S was paid by Wang Xiaofei. In addition, Big S remarried.Same.

Wang Xiaofei, who was able to get sympathy and support, was stupid again, but turned around at this critical juncture and walked into the live broadcast room of the scandal Zhang Yingying.

Netizens, this is after the mood has become better, it is a lot pleasing to see the ex -girlfriend, right?

Originally, everyone had slowly forgotten the things of Wang Xiaofei and the scandal primary three, but now they ran to Zhang Yingying, which led to the reversal of the situation that was originally beneficial to him. Netizens said that it was really a good hand.

Regardless of whether the big S is pregnant, there is always a water falling stone. At this time, Wang Xiaofei still takes good care of the child, and the child cannot be a victim of his parents at any time.

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