Author: Jia Hongyan, Zhang Aoxue, the First Hospital of Shanxi Medical University

Mother love, love mother, is the nature of human beings, and the starting point of love.We praise our mother’s greatness. For the new mother, the body is also quietly changing -the weight gain, the larger stomach, and the emotional fluctuations. In addition, the breasts also slowly change to adapt to pregnancy and prepare for breastfeeding.

In fact, starting from the fertilized eggs, the breasts will have corresponding changes, but the exact period and changes vary from person to person.Let’s take a look at what the specific changes are.

01 breast bloating pain becomes bigger

After pregnancy, it is affected by the pituitary catalysis, placental prolactin, estrogen, progesterone, growth hormone and insulin, hyperplasia of gland glandular ducts and adenocytes, fat deposition, increased breasts, and obvious congestion.The first feeling of pregnant mothers about breast changes is that the chest swelling is similar to the pain before menstruation.About 10 days after fertilization, the increased gonadotropin in human choric membrane will promote estrogen and progesterone to increase and make the breast hyperplasia.At the same time, under the action of a large number of pregnancy estrogen, from 8 weeks of pregnancy, breasts increase and congestion, and the fat tissue and breast glands in the breast will be proliferated, making the breast significantly larger.Usually in the early pregnancy, the breast will increase a cup, and a cup continues to increase in the middle and late stages.At this time, the right underwear should be replaced to avoid discomfort caused by oppression.However, after the breastfeeding, the continuous stimulation of the hormone is lost, and the breasts usually shrink back to the size of the pregnancy.

02 Breast appearance changes

In addition to the most common stretch marks caused by skin tension, the increase in estrogen increases the capillaries to expand the capillaries. There are usually obvious thickening blood vessels on the breast skin, and the color of the nipples will change.Due to the increase in pituitary hormones, the estrogen and progesterone increased a lot, deepening the skin pigment, the nipples will become sensitive, the volume increases, the color becomes black, the area of areola becomes larger, and the color will become black.The areola is bulging due to the hypertrophy of the sebaceous glands, forming some small circular knot -like protrusions. We have become a "Montessoric Nodule", which is normal. It can also secrete some fats to prevent nipple dryness.The changes in breast appearance during pregnancy are usually recovered in some time after childbirth or after breastfeeding.

03 Breast sensitive

Because of the increase in estrogen, many people will become very sensitive after pregnancy. If you rub the clothes slightly, you will feel itching of the skin. He especially wants to scratch it to stop itching.When the environment is inconvenient, itching is uncomfortable and restless, and it may become more and more itchy.You can simply wipe or take a warm bath to relieve the breast sensitivity and tenderness.If itching is uncomfortable, you may wish to find a mild and non -irritating anti -itching method from the dermatologist.We should also pay attention that some itching may indicate pathological changes such as increased bile acid or pathogenic bacteria infection (these pathogenic areas are usually not limited to breast skin during these lesions), and should be reasonably identified and visited in time.

04 A small amount of leakage milk

A few days or weeks before the due date, some pregnant mothers will have a small amount of milk. This is because the body has completed the preparation stage of breastfeeding, which is normal.The milk at this stage is usually slightly yellow, and we call it "first milk".The colostrum is thick, the number is more or less, and it is normal. Don’t worry, just clean it.At this time, avoid excessive squeezing or touching the nipples, so as not to cause premature uterine contraction.In addition to secreting colostrum, the breast glandular ducts secrete some sticky liquids. If it is not cleaned in time, it may form a layer of scabs on the surface of the nipple to block the nipple’s external secretion.You can use a clean cotton swab to clean and clean in time to ensure the smoothness of the milk pipe and prepare for the future breastfeeding.

Various graceful changes in breasts during pregnancy are preparing for breastfeeding.Milk is not only an important source of nutrition and love for babies. The current academic research also proves that breastfeeding has a protective effect on mothers’ breasts and can reduce the risk of breast cancer.Therefore, pregnant mothers should also take care of the breast carefully, and wish every pregnant mother who can spend a stable pregnancy and have healthy breasts and healthy babies!

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