Grandma from the landlord’s house: divorce, separate, and daughter -in -law who gave five or six months of pregnancy to fight on the ground

The new daughter -in -law is afraid to meet a evil mother -in -law.The seventh grandma who came from the landlord’s house was known in the town in the name of "spicy".The composition of the first husband’s house is not good, and the remarriage; remarried to the second husband’s house, separated; after the separation is completed, the mother -in -law will not see her grandson; after she becomes her mother -in -law, her daughter -in -law is pregnant.Going to the daughter -in -law’s daughter -in -law … Have you ever seen such a "grandma"?

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In the wet autumn morning, the gray, the 91 -year -old seven grandma holding a bowl of leftovers and a cool bun has begun to knock on the door of the second son’s grandson with a crutch. No one responded.She lived in the second son’s house this month, and the second daughter -in -law lived in the house of Sun’s daughter -in -law.

People have not awakened at this moment.She took the meal she brought to her with the second daughter -in -law last night, scolding, "Which people are planted!"

In fact, Grandma Qi does not eat much at night, and usually eats the snacks given by her daughter for dinner.But although she didn’t eat it, you had to give her a meal, or she scolded her on the street.

You ask her what she wants to eat, and she will say "What do you eat and what", and try to buy some buns, fritters, and chewing. Most of the time she will return to the next dayThe children and grandchildren are annoying.

Grandma Qi is a powerful person in the village for a lifetime. She fights for a lifetime with her fate.When she was young, she fought with her mother -in -law, and then she could "fight" with her daughter -in -law and even now with her daughter -in -law.Now that her mother -in -law is gone, she is nearly ninety -year -old. Although she "works", the future generations cannot leave anyway.

Grandma Qi was remarried from the landlord’s house of ten hectares of ten miles.Her mother’s family was poor.Later, the people became the master, and she suffered a daughter -in -law daughter -in -law who rounded the house.Because the ingredients are not good, they are bullied by people in the villagers.Despite her personality splashing, she still made her hair at the batch meeting. Following her in -laws with a high hat, the children spit on her hair.

She heard that divorce and married a poor farmer can take off the landlord’s ingredients and look up, so she worked hard to fight for divorce more than 70 years ago.

Grandma Qi was a cadre in Nanjing before. She heard that she had a matter of time.It wasn’t until she gave birth to her eldest son and waited until her son was one year old that they returned their family.Who knows, as soon as she returned from Nanjing, she took her child to the county from the township to divorce the county.The man kneeling for her, she kneeling to the cadres, crying with the legs of the female cadre, and crying. The cadres saw that she was unwilling to live, so she was separated.

When Grandma Qi got married, her eldest daughter was four or five years old, and her eldest son was more than one year old.Maybe it was too aggrieved because of the ingredient problem, or it may be a snobbish person. After she came to the mother -in -law’s house, all relatives with landlord components, she sighed the relationship and did not come and go.

Grandma Qi passed the door for three days and fought her mother -in -law, forcing her grandmother to let go of her grandson regardless of her grandson and the children she brought her.

Grandpa Qi also had a younger brother. Because of his poor family, his brother Gu, Brother Gu, first asked Grandpa to marry.

Grandma Qi was in front of the door, the family’s meals were taken care of, and Grandpa’s cloth shirt clothes were also washed by grandma.After Grandma Qi came, she asked to separate, and the eight grandma’s family would be separated.

In this matter, the customs are now that parents can consider the full moon for Changsun. If there is no opinion in the back, you can wait until the child is larger, mainly because the elderly can easily take care of the grandson.But even if they are divided into home, grandson can always be eaten by grandparents.

At that time, the second marriage and brought the children over. Such identities were more embarrassing. Most people did not fight for their mother -in -law, but she did not.First ask to divide the 娌 去, and then order grandma not allowed to take the grandson, and to beware of the grain objects at home, I was afraid that Grandpa and grandmother would send my grandson.

Not only that, but also for fear of being wronged and biased in front of the neighborhood neighbor.No matter who it is, no one else is allowed to say that her child is "belly", otherwise it is a scolding battle.

As soon as the eight grandma passed the door, one son was born a year, and she gave birth to four sons in a row before waiting for Grandma Seventh to marry.Grandpa Eighth is an old party member. He meets all the year -round meeting to do things for public. Several grandmother’s sons are still young, and the small on the ground is to be in a helper.

Grandma Tao cried after the grandmother eight was divided out. She couldn’t see her grandson unable to help. It was not a taste. Think about the children of the four years old and cry.Grandma Tao really wanted to panic and secretly hug the grandson who couldn’t walk. Grandma Qi couldn’t do it when she saw it.she.

Not to mention that Grandma Tai gave food to her grandson, and the fierce and evil spirits came up to take things and fell to the curse. They scared the nephew to find the mother, causing a quarrel.

At that time, it was not like now that the mother -in -law could be the age of the house. The average mother -in -law could make her daughter -in -law call, but this seven grandma was the first thing in Shili and Eight Village.

Grandma Qi gave birth to three daughters after coming, and then gave birth to two sons.With a son in the new home, he was tied up, and Grandma Qi was even harder in the future.At that time, although she did not dare to start with her mother -in -law, sprinkled her temper on her shoulders, and she was not a word.

Grandma Eighth was thin and couldn’t beat Grandma.Grandpa Eighth is a party member and cadre. He is often not at home.Although there are many grandma’s sons, they did not grow up. Later, even if they grew up sensible, because they were boys, they could not help her mother scolding.Essence

Seventh grandma’s daughters were "spicy" like her mother.When her mother quarreled with her sister -in -law, her daughters were all on her grandma, and Grandma Eighth fans with shoes.Until Grandma’s younger son was sensible, no matter who he bullied his mother, no matter who he was fighting.

A girlfriend of Grandma was scolding Grandma Eighth in the ground, and Grandpa Eighth couldn’t see it. He followed the younger son to fight the girlfriend’s girl.At that time, Grandpa Qi said nothing at home.However, there are too many contradictions that have accumulated after all. The brothers who loved each other gradually became "enemies" because of their daughter -in -law.

Until the death of Grandpa Qi, he told Grandma Qi to bring his younger sons to his brother to report the mourning of the Eighth Grandpa.

Grandma Qi was really amazing, and in his later years, he could still cure his daughter -in -law.Her second daughter -in -law has been sixty, and so far she has seen her "nagging".

Grandma Qi, who seized the daughter -in -law was either going up or fighting.She did not fight hatred by herself, and often brought her daughters to fight together. Regardless of whether her daughter -in -law was holding a doll or pregnant, she was not wrong.When the big daughter -in -law was pregnant with her grandson, she gathered her daughter to fight because of the trivial matter.

At that time, her son heard the wind, and quickly went to the room to tell the daughter -in -law who was pregnant for five or six months.Before going out, the old lady kicked the door with the girlfriend, and pressed it.With pregnancy, when his son’s distress, he cried on the ground and didn’t dare to stop. Fortunately, the labor woman was more splashed, and the son born was fine.

After being beaten, they all knew that the mother -in -law here was powerful, and the maid’s family did not dare to find it.Besides, it was not a mistake. The mother’s family said that they were beaten.They all said that the girls who went out to the mother -in -law’s family had to be angry, but there were still fewer brothers who smashed their breath when they came to their own girls.

As the saying goes, "relatives who are kept on a knife", "son -in -law can not reach the mother -in -law’s house, and the mother -in -law will not not look at the daughter."Seventh grandma’s daughter -in -law’s house was the same, so until her grandmother was in her 80s, she needed to eat and drink, and she could also pick her nose with her daughter -in -law, scolding a set one by one.

Her own daughter was very "the master". When she saw the snacks, she sent it to her daughter -in -law. She did not say that her daughter -in -law gave birth to a child.Her daughter -in -law was born in a row, and she did n’t wait to see her. After the granddaughter grew up and got married, she did n’t look at her during the holidays.

Because her daughter -in -law bullied her daughter -in -law partnership, there were more contradictions. Both of her daughter -in -law did not work with their sisters. Of course, no one cared about the girls.

Grandma Qi also found her daughter -in -law’s family and her family theory when she was young.The family who wants to face and understand the truth is generally not arguing and shameful.Give her some face, let her daughter a mistake, give her face in front of the neighborhood, and give herself down.But there is also a time that makes her unable to stand up.

She found her daughter -in -law’s mother’s house, and her mother’s family picked a broken shoes.

"Where’s the broken shoes, let people take a look at the street and see what this broken shoes look like!"

Grandma Qi asked the daughter -in -law’s mother’s family to return back, which was considered to kill her prestige.The so -called "one thing drops and one thing", she dared not dare to play in front of her daughter -in -law.

This daughter -in -law also seized the weakness of Grandma.Grandma’s younger son had married a daughter -in -law. The two had a daughter, because the relationship was a bit discordant. This sister -in -law went to the street to say that there was a problem in the life of her uncle and wife and wanted to divorce.Grandma Qi was poisonous after hearing about it. She scolded this daughter -in -law like a rotten cloth.

This kind of ugly mother -in -law heard that she generally stood up and persuaded and did not persuade. When there were children and women, the neighborhoods would just talk about jokes.But this seven grandma can’t tolerate this kind of daughter -in -law, and a mouthful is to drive people away.What "cheap goods", "waves", "mash you" are endless.

Soon, under the strong flame of Grandma Qi, the uncle and the little sister -in -law divorced.

Originally, a privacy was stirred by Grandma seven, so that her uncle could not lift his head.After the divorce, the little uncle said that he would not get married in his life, so he stayed with his daughter.Unexpectedly, a big girl in the village in the village in a few years is now this little sister -in -law. She sees that the uncle is handsome, people are good, can do, good skills, and take the initiative to pursue the uncle.

After marrying his uncle, he gave birth to a child and a daughter.

Maybe Grandma Qi felt that she was ashamed of her son. She was better for this children. It may also be that her mother -in -law’s family could protect her girl in the village. She may also be scolded because her mother’s family dared to pick her shoes. She was afraid.Today, she still dares to scold the daughter -in -law’s daughter -in -law’s second daughter -in -law on the street, but she is a peace of mind.

The so -called "leaves fall under the tree after all", when people are old.When the seven grandmother arrived in the old age, she had to take turns with a few sons and rotate a month.But no matter which one is, the daughter -in -law did not wait to see it in her heart. The son remembered that the past was also annoyed by his mother.

Now that their sons and daughters -in -law have come to be a father -in -law.The daughter -in -law wiped the tears and said, do nothing, so she raised her husband.In the turn of her turn, the daughter -in -law made a good meal for her.

She is old, her ears are back, and they want to talk when they see someone, but no one wants to ignore her.Countless times, she was sitting face to face not far away, and she was silent.

She wears gold earrings, silver bracelets, clean clothes, and her white skin looks younger. Although her eyes collapsed, she was still very big.However, even her own son had nothing to say with her.Today, when she heard other daughter -in -law and grandson calling "mom" and "grandma", she didn’t know how to think.

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