Guidance of nanny grade during pregnancy, must be seen by pregnancy must

Guidance of nanny grade medication during pregnancy

During the pregnancy, when mentioning the problem of medication, for mothers, the effect of discussing tiger color changes is mainly to worry about whether the medication will affect the baby., Even more than losing.In fact, it is not impossible to use medicine during pregnancy, but to weigh the advantages and disadvantages under the guidance of a doctor. In the principle of answering questions, we will sort out the choice of medication during pregnancy today.Here, we will divide the medicine during pregnancy into several parts-

1. Medication of emergency situations

1. Upper respiratory tract infection: commonly known as a cold, if the symptoms are severe, such as obvious cough, yellow sputum, fever, and even chest pain, you need to go to the hospital in time, clearly a bacterial infection, and then targeted medication.

2. If bacterial infections, in severe cases such as pneumonia or purulent tonsillitis, then cephalosporin, such as cephalosporin, penicillin such as amoxicillin or erythromycin, such as Azithromycin, can be selected during pregnancy.

3. If the investigation is investigated, for the invasion of the virus, then ordinary antiviral drugs such as Agelovovir, Genxirovovovir will be disabled during pregnancy;Or Olyswa Weire treats.

4. In addition, there will be some auxiliary medications to improve symptoms. For example, the heating body temperature exceeds 38.5 degrees, you can use the acetaminophen most -release tablets (Tynolin) for antipyretic treatment;Cash and cough and phlegm treatment; for some Chinese medicines, such as Banlangen, Pu Dilan, cold and heat -clearing particles, it can also be selected to relieve symptoms.However, it is generally not recommended to vaccinate influenza vaccines during pregnancy.

5. Accidental damage: Cat caught or dog bite. After the doctor’s assessment, it reaches the accidental damage of the second level. Be sure to take the rabies vaccine in time. The rabies vaccine can be vaccinated normally during pregnancy.

2. Medication for merging internal medicine diseases

1. Thyroid disease: If the thyroid dysfunction is reduced, you can choose L -shaped thyroxine (excellent norelete); hyperthyroidism can choose propymioline to treat and closely monitor nail skills during pregnancy.

2. Pregnancy with hypertension: You can choose to take antihypertensive treatment for Rabelol or Nifine. If you use ACEI or ARB antihypertensive drugs before pregnancy, the medication should be replaced in time during pregnancy.

3. Pregnancy diabetes: Disable oral hypoglycemic drugs to control blood glucose during pregnancy. If diet control and exercise guidance, blood sugar is still dissatisfied, you can use insulin hypoglycemic treatment. Of course, even insulin can cooperate with diet and exercise.Treatment and strictly monitor blood glucose during pregnancy.

3. Medication of nutrient supplement during pregnancy

1. Early pregnancy: folic acid or composite vitamins; DHA (recommended algae oil extract); if the early pregnancy reaction is severe, you can take the proper alleviating symptoms orally orally. Of course, the role is very limited.

2. During pregnancy: calcium supplement, there will be various dosage type calcium, such as granules, chew tablets, tablets, oral fluids, etc. On the market, in fact, the absorption and utilization rate of calciumYou can.If the diagnosis is iron deficiency anemia, oral iron is needed to correct the anemia, such as gangsters, raising blood, etc. can be selected.

3. Late pregnancy: If there are obvious constipation, you can choose probiotic orchards to enhance gastrointestinal power and alleviate constipation; if constipation is severe, you can apply a small amount of openness;Ning milk cream relieves symptoms.In addition, if in the third trimester, due to the problem of nutritional conditions, the size of the fetus is lower than the menopause weeks, which can increase the intake of protein powder and promote the growth and development of the fetus.

The above is the sorting out of the medication during pregnancy. You may not be able to get all. If you have questions about expectant mothers, please ask the small window for details and wish you all the best during pregnancy!

I am Dr. Wang Lei -love life, love the sun!

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