Gynecological inflammation causes the fallopian tube to block. Can I still conceive naturally?

Ms. Jing, who was infertile, was diagnosed with the cause in our hospital recently: bilateral fallopian tubes caused by gynecological inflammation.After learning the results, she was emotional for a while, "Do you still conceive naturally?"

I believe that Ms. Jing’s confusion is like her, and the common doubts of infertile women are due to her influence.

Clinically found: Among the three factors affecting husband and wife infertility, the men’s sperm, women’s ovulation and fallopian tube channels each accounted for 1/3.The fallopian tube channel problem is mainly that the fallopian tube is not blocked.

And everyone knows that the fallopian tube plays an important role in the "Logistics Minister" in the process of conception: transport sperm and eggs. When the two meet and combine the belly of the fallopian tube pot, form the fertilized eggs, then send the fertilized eggs back to the uterus to bed in bedEssenceTherefore, once the fallopian tube is blocked, it will cause infertility due to hindering fertilization.

There are many causes of fallopian tube blocking, such as abortion, mycoplasma, and chlamydia infection, chain reactions of endometriosis, tuberculosis infection, chocolate cysts, early ovarian cysts and other compression fallopian tubes.However, most fallopian tubes are caused by inflammation, and the most of them are pelvic inflammatory disease.Generally speaking, good physical resistance and timely treatment will not cause blockage, but people with weak resistance need to pay special attention.

How to diagnose whether the fallopian tube is blocked?

At present, the most accurate inspection method of the tubal blockage site and the most accurate degree is still the fallopian tubal angiography. Generally, it is checked on the 3rd to 7th day after menstruation.

Our hospital currently adopts the "Fourth TCM diagnosis" and combined with fallopian tube film to confirm whether the patient is blocked by the fallopian tube, and its location and degree.This causes patients with no pain and accuracy.

How to treat fallopian tubes can make patients a higher natural pregnancy rate?

At present, there are two types of treatment methods for fallopian tube blocking:

管 For patients with mild fallopian tube blocking, take Chinese medicine preparations developed by our hospital for conservative treatment. It has good curative effect and can generally achieve the purpose of natural conception.

治 For patients with severe or long -term treatment of tubal tubes, our hospital adopts patented technology "Wang’s Composite Relaxing" to clear the blockage of the fallopian tube.The course of treatment is short, the curative effect is good, the patient has no pain, and it can quickly achieve the purpose of natural conception.

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