Gynecologist: Vaginal secretions of these 6 colors, 5 abnormal

The vaginal secretion is a liquid secreted from the tiny glands in the vagina and cervix. It flows out of the vagina every day to remove the old cells and fragments, and keep the vaginal and reproductive tract clean and healthy.

For every woman, what is normal vaginal secretion is not good.Because the amount of vaginal secretions varies from person to person.Their color, texture and weight may also change every day, depending on the time period of a person in the menstrual cycle:

Day 1-5: You are in menstrual period, and vaginal secretions are usually red with different shades, because endometrium endometrial falls off;

Day 6-14: After menstruation, your vaginal discharge will be less than usual.As the eggs begin to develop and mature, cervical mucus will become turbid, white or yellow, and may feel very sticky;

Day 14-25: A few days before ovulation, mucus will be thin and slippery, similar to the consistency of egg whites.After ovulation, the mucus will be restored to turbid texture, showing white or yellow, and may be sticky;

Day 25-28: Before the next menstrual period, cervical mucus will become brighter and less mucus.

Then, after every menstrual cycle, after every menstrual cycle, after the vaginal secretions should change, we can take a look at those vaginal secretions of different colors and send us what information was it:

1. Red

This red can be from the red red until dark brown, which is often the result of menstrual bleeding.However, if not, such as bleeding between the two menstrual periods, you have to go to a doctor, because sometimes the reason may be quite bad.Especially women who have passed menopause and at least one year have been bleeding in vagina again, and they should go to a doctor. This may be the signs of endometrial cancer.

2. White

This white can be from cream to light yellow. Without other symptoms, white secretions are likely to be a sign of healthy lubrication.However, if the white secretion has a consistency like cheese or is accompanied by a strong smell, it indicates that there is infection.The vaginal discharge of white, thick, and strong smell is usually related to yeast infection, and this infection often cause itching.

3. Yellow -green

If the vaginal secretion is very slightly yellow, there may be no problems.But if it is real yellow, yellow -green or green, it is not good, usually it means bacterial or sexually transmitted infection.If the vaginal secretion is thick or even clustered, or there is a bad smell, please seek medical treatment immediately.

4. Pink

Either deep or light pink secretions often indicate a little blood in it.It most often appears before menstruation, but it may also be a sign of implanted bleeding in early pregnancy.Some people have some bleeding after ovulation, which may also cause pink secretions.If sexual behavior causes a slight tear in the vagina or cervix, pink secretions may occur after sex.

5. Clear

Most ordinary vaginal secretions are clear or white, which may be smooth or with egg white consistency.Women may have clearer and slippery secretions before ovulation, sexual arouste and during pregnancy.If it has no unpleasant smell, don’t worry, this color is normal.

6. Gray

Gray -white vaginal secretions are unhealthy and may be the symptoms of bacterial vaginal infections.This infection usually causes other vaginal symptoms, including itching, irritation, strong odor, and redness around the vulva or vaginal port.Any woman who appears gray secretions should go to a doctor in time.

In addition to changes in color, if the vaginal secretion has abnormal odors or traits, or vaginal symptoms such as itching, pain or discomfort, burning sensation during urination, you should also seek medical treatment in time.

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