Habits during pregnancy have changed a lot. If you love fish to not eat fish, there is a strange hobby

When I was pregnant, my living habits changed a lot.

I like to eat fish, especially sea bass before pregnancy, but after pregnancy, I see the fishy smell in my nose. The longer I see, the longer it is.When I was three months pregnant, I basically didn’t want to eat anything. When I smelled the taste of the meat, I felt that I couldn’t accept the taste of the meat.When I was four months pregnant, I started to improve again.

When I was five months pregnant, I liked eating meat again. I don’t know why, maybe pregnant women are strange.In the meat, I like to eat white cut chickens. After my mother bought it, I can eat a whole white -cut chicken, haha, eat very hard. At that time, I only felt that the white cut chicken was the best food in the world.

There are other habits that have changed a lot. They rarely eat in the evening before pregnancy. After pregnancy, they must eat at night. They are really hungry.There are several times I want to eat in the middle of the night. If you want to eat, you must eat it, otherwise it will feel very uncomfortable.People say what they want to eat during pregnancy. As long as they do not affect the baby and pregnant mothers, they must eat it, otherwise the pregnant mother will eat the food for a lifetime.I don’t know if it is true or not, but if I want to eat a certain food, I will scare my husband with this sentence. At this time, my husband will buy this food, hahaha!

Another habit has changed a lot, but I don’t like it, that is, I snoring when I sleep, and I am still loud.At first my husband said, I don’t believe it until he took the recording to me, I still didn’t admit it, I said it was his own snoring. In fact, I could hear it as my voice, but I would not snore before beforeNympho

After pregnancy, I still have a strange hobby. Looking at the pregnancy table, I want to see it anyway. I want to know what extent the baby is developing now. Whether my current state is in the data range of the table.I can’t see it ten times a day. Now I think of it. Looking at the pregnancy table is the most regular and most regular thing I do during pregnancy.The hobbies during pregnancy are really strange. Fortunately, I have not had extraordinary hobbies.

Do Moms still remember some habits during pregnancy?Welcome to leave a message below, everyone will talk about it, some are quite interesting.

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