Hair dyeing bladder cancer and breast cancer?Dr.: Pay attention to 5 things with peace of mind

The hair and nails that can grow but have no consciousness are thought to be between life and no life, but the two are closely related to health.Among all makeup supplies, the toxicity of the dye and perm is second only to nail polish, and it is even suspected to be carcinogens, especially simply triggering bladder cancer, breast cancer and testicular cancer.

Poison, hair dye

Do not give the right to the hair dye to the hairstyle designer!

Dyeing hair in beauty salons, there are two phenomena worth worrying about: everyone only cares about "what color dye", but does not care about "what dyeing".You will read instructions or caregin components.Some people have a small amount and less than half a bottle of potions. At this time, the designer may leave the remaining potions to the next guest, so it is derived from the problem of preservation.To overcome these two kinds of doubts, I advocate that everyone is looking for a trusted designer, and do a good job of exchanges beforehand!

Poison, hair dye

careful!The PPD in hair dye is carcinogen!

Hair is a structure dominated by protein. It is necessary to blackened the hair to make the protein chemically change. Almost all of the hair dye contains phenyleneramine (PPD).There are more heavy metal pollution.According to animal experiments, phenyline is carcinogenic substances, and it will also hinder metabolism. Some European countries have legislated to prevent the use of hair dye.Some people’s scalp contacts phenyline, which will show allergic reactions such as redness, itching, and eczema.

Some shampooing lists on the market can make the hair getting darker and darker. I do not encourage the use, because it is to participate in the shampoo in low -dose hair dye, and the opportunity to absorb the toxic meridian scalp is even more increasing.

Poison, hair dye

pay attention to!Once you are preparing to get pregnant, you should not dye your hair!

Most of the environmental protection people who attach importance to health and naturally hate chemical hair dyes. They firmly believe that harmful substances will enter the human body from dryness, scalp, and even face skin, and during the hair dyeing process, it will also invade through breathing.If non -hair dye is not good, plant dyeing is their first choice.Most of the organic stores have launched plant dyeing hair powder, which uses nail flower as the main material. With plant powder, if you want to be dark, you can cook a pot of thick coffee to

I want to particularly call for pregnant mothers and breastfeeding women not to dye their hair, and they should also abandon hair dye 3 to 6 months before pregnancy, so as not to infiltrate the blood in chemical toxins, pollute the placenta and breast, and cause harm to the fetus and newborn.

In addition, when you are tired, ill or first, scalp injuries, menstrual tide, etc., as well as people with allergies, it is best not to dye hair; between 2 times of hair dyeing, at least 3 months, one year, do not have to do not one year.Hair dyeing more than 2 times.

Dr. Lin’s anti -virus knowledge

"Special shampoo for hair dye" is super low!

Hair dyeing is to lock the color in the hair scales. Most designers will ask customers to wash their hair for 2 days after dyeing their hair to make the color more strong.Some designers will ask customers to use "special shampoo after hair dyeing". This shampoo is acidic, with a pH value of about 4.5 to 5. In this state, the hair scales are not very open, and they are not tangled naturally; in addition, cleaning, cleaning, cleaning;For great discounts, hair dye is naturally simple and solid.

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