Han Geng and Lu Jingshan Xuan Xuan’s pregnancy, holding a pregnant belly with Lu Jingshan, and good creativity and unique creativity

May 8th was Mother’s Day on this day, Lu Jingshan announced on the social platform that she was pregnant. She said that we were promoted and had a few photos. On this special day, the news that she was pregnant was also attentive.Great, the birth of each life represents the pain of childbirth.

Later, Han Geng also posted that we were pregnant. What an interesting official announcement that Han Geng and Lu Jingshan had been married for less than three years. After the unremitting efforts of the two, they finally ushered in the arrival of a new life.

In the photo of Han Geng’s sun -exposed photos, Lu Jingshan was wearing a white shirt and showing a pregnant belly, with a smile on his face, and Han Geng looked at his wife affectionately, with a happy smile on his face.What about it?The unique behavior is surprising. We are pregnant and expressed their pregnancy together to experience everything during pregnancy.The two officials announced that the creativity of pregnancy is very novel. When we are pregnant, let’s experience the pain of childbirth together!

In another photo, both of them were sitting face -to -face with their pregnant belly. Both of them were very conspicuous. They seemed to be more than five months. The picture was beautiful. I can stay with you for you. Maybe this is loveIntersection

Both Han Geng and Lu Jingshan kissed their stomachs, and the picture was so beautiful.

Many netizens have congratulated my sister, upgraded, Happy Mother’s Day, I like you from the wolf wolf, watching all the way from falling in love to getting married to pregnancy, and I wish all the mothers in the world a happy holiday.

On December 31, 2019, Han Geng and Lu Jingshan held a romantic wedding in New Zealand. After the marriage, the two were very low -key unlike some stars showing affection for three days and two. It is said that the fate of the two was from a beautiful encounter.Wu Jing’s movie "War Wolf" 2 is famous. In the play, she plays a kind, beautiful, calm, free and easy female doctor.The fire of "War Wolf" 2 made Lu Jingshan’s popularity rise, and was invited to participate in the Movie Golden Rooster Awards Ceremony. He encountered Han Geng, a gentleman at the scene. The fate of the two came like this and opened a love trip.

Han Geng and Lu Jingshan announced their pregnancy. The pregnancy belly obviously believed that it would soon be born to the birth of the baby. I look forward to the arrival of that day!”庚””Han Geng pregnancy”””

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