Han Geng Lu Jingshan was pregnant, Han Geng posted a big belly to simulate pregnant women too funny. Lu Jingshan had a trace to follow last year.

May 8th is Mother’s Day. The couple of Han Geng and Lu Jingshan also announced the good news of pregnancy that day.Feeling, and the little couple sang a harmony, tacit understanding.

From the photos we can see that the couple took photos during pregnancy.During the shooting, the two wore the same clothes. As a husband, Han Geng cooperated with his wife to do various actions.

Not only that, we can also find that Han Geng’s lower abdomen is also raised. Its size is similar to his wife Lu Jingshan’s belly. It seems that he is imitating his wife’s pregnant belly, and the two also do the same action when taking pictures.It seems like a mirror, and it is very artistic.

The two also leaned against each other, kissed generously, and looked sweet.I have to say that Han Geng is really a good husband.It can be seen that Lu Jingshan’s pregnant belly is not small, but her limbs are still slender, her body is still so good, and it is really enviable.

In fact, Lu Jingshan had already been clueled before.In November last year, when the couple joined together to participate in a certain event, Han Geng was still so handsome. Lu Jingshan was also carefully dressed, but she wore a relatively loose skirt and caused heated discussions. It can be seen that her lower abdomen was slightly convex.And the figure is a lot of plump, and some people speculate whether they are pregnant.

Last month, Lu Jingshan took the daily photos of home at home. It can be seen that she was very casual and took care of flowers and plants at home;Is it?It seems that Lu Jingshan has been pregnant long ago, but it has not been announced.

Speaking of the love between the two is an accidental encounter.At a ceremony, Lu Jingshan was inconvenient to go down the stairs in high heels, and Han Geng reached out to help her. This support supported the relationship between the two.

In February 2018, the two announced their relationship. On the last day of the same year, they announced their marriage. The love of the two had gone through three years, which was really very stable.

The couple are very sweet whether they are in the event and in private.Participating in the event, holding hands, only the opponent in his eyes; in private, he also exercised together and went out to play together. It was very happy.

Now the two already have babies, and they are upgraded to a family of three, and they must be happier!

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