Happy dragon and phoenix tire?Behind it is a big scam

Go home with my boyfriend to celebrate the New Year, but you have no money and nowhere to borrow. What should I do?One thing that happened a few months ago gave her an idea … After Zhou and her husband got married, Zhou had run away from home due to emotional discord. Without the divorce formalities, he had two men and two men.The second boyfriend, Yang Mou, conspired to deceive the money of his former boyfriend.On April 17, 2023, a public prosecution was filed by the Procuratorate of Huai’an District, Huai’an City, Jiangsu Province.The probation was six months and fined 5,000 yuan.

Dragon and phoenix tires who suddenly come

On January 29, 2022, it was a happy day for the Shaanxi man Wang.On the same day, he received a call from his wife Zhou, who returned to Jiangsu’s family a few months ago, and learned that Zhou had a pair of dragon and phoenix tires in the local hospital for a pair of dragon and phoenixes at the local hospital.He asked Zhou to send him a photo of his child, and looked at the two children in the photos and the video carefully. Wang felt that he looked very similar to himself and was so happy.Subsequently, Zhou sent a message saying that there was a lot of money for the birth of a child to be hospitalized, so that Wang made money immediately.Wang felt that the mother and son were alone and really needed money, so they transferred to Zhou for 11,000 yuan by Alipay.

However, for a few days, Wang found abnormalities.At noon one day, Wang and Zhou found that Zhou had made makeup, and his mental state was not like a mother who had just given birth to a child. He suddenly had doubts in his heart.Zhou explained that she had to make makeup because she wanted to go out to worship the New Year, but Zhou’s words did not dispel Wang’s doubts.Since the relationship with Zhou, the abnormal moves of her scene suddenly appeared in front of Wang.

Suspicious "wife"

In October 2020, Wang met Zhou on the Dating APP, and the two quickly established a love relationship.Soon, Wang proposed to get married. Zhou nodded and told Wang’s past -he had been married, but because the husband and wife had a bad relationship, he divorced shortly after marriage.Although Wang was a bit unhappy, he still expressed his willingness to accept Zhou.

On March 18, 2021, Wang held a wedding in his hometown and Zhou in Shaanxi, but none of Zhou’s mother’s family attended.In this regard, Zhou explained that she had divorced her parents since she was a child. Since then, she has no exchanges with her mother. Her father recently found cancer, so no one came to the wedding.After listening to Zhou’s explanation, Wang didn’t think much about it.

After the marriage, Wang and Zhou often mixed up for trivial matters. The relationship between the two was average.In October 2021, Zhou said that his father had died and had to go home to mourn.Wang proposed together and was rejected by Zhou.After a while, Zhou contacted Wang, saying that she would not return to Shaanxi for the time being because of the epidemic.Thinking of this, Wang felt more and more doubts about Zhou, so he questioned whether Zhou had had children.Zhou Mou made a bite of herself, and said that if Wang did not believe that he could call the doctor who had done surgery, and sent Wang a mobile phone number.

Wang immediately dialed this number. It was a man answered by a man. The other party confirmed that Zhou had indeed had a child and said that the child had been in the heating box after being born. Zhou had owed a lot of money in the hospital.After listening to the doctor’s words, Wang’s doubts disappeared a bit.Subsequently, Zhou asked Wang to transfer her 20,000 yuan.This time Wang did not turn money, but decided to go to the hospital to see.

On February 7, 2022, Wang came to Huai’an, Jiangsu from Shaanxi, and went straight to Zhou Mou’s hospital. After inquiring, he learned that this hospital had no mother who had had dragon and phoenix tires recently.No one.Wang knew that he was deceived, so he reported to the public security organs.Police found that Zhou and Yang were suspected of fraud, and they wanted to turn on the two online.On March 8, 2022, Zhou and Yang, who worked in Wuxi, were captured by the police.

Two boyfriends successively

Zhou, who is 20 years old this year, was born in Yancheng, Jiangsu.In November 2017, Zhou got married with Liang and gave birth to a child.After the marriage, the two have always been in distress. Zhou had the idea of divorce, but Liang disagreed.At the end of 2018, Zhou went to work in Nanjing alone, and never met Liang.

In October 2020, Zhou met Wang who worked in Nanjing through a dating software, and the two quickly established a relationship of love.In early 2021, in the face of Wang’s proposal, he was worried that he could not hide his marriage. Zhou had to tell Wang that he had married, but he lied that he had divorced.

I was afraid that the fact that there was no divorce was exposed. Zhou did not tell his family about the marriage of Wang Mou. When Wang proposed a marriage certificate, he trusted for various reasons.After marriage, Zhou had a grumpy temper and spent money. For this reason, Wang often blamed Zhou, and Zhou had the idea of leaving Wang.

In September 2021, Zhou met Yang on social software.When I was chatting, I learned that Zhou was single and had real estate in Jiangsu and Shaanxi. Yang thought he had encountered a rich woman, so he often sent red envelopes to please Zhou.Seeing Yang’s generous generosity, Zhou felt that he was a rich man and wanted to be with Yang.After talking about it for more than a month, Yang invited Zhou to meet offline.One day in October 2021, Zhou left Shaanxi on the grounds of his father’s death and went home to mourn, and came to Yang, Jiangsu Wuxi, Jiangsu.

After a period of time, Yang found that Zhou often contacted a man, and asked who the person was.When Zhou couldn’t hide it, he told Yang that this person was called Wang. He had a wedding with him, but he had no certificate or a child. Now he doesn’t want to live with him. He hopes to live with Yang.After listening to Zhou’s words, Yang expressed his willingness to continue to associate with Zhou.

No money for the New Year, partnership cheating

In early January 2022, Yang took Zhou to return to his hometown of Huai’an to prepare for the Chinese New Year, but neither of them saved, and no income did not work.I didn’t find a suitable borrowing object.

One day, Zhou suddenly remembered one thing: In June 2021, Zhou thought he was pregnant, and told Wang Mou, and soon found that he was not pregnant, but she did not tell Wang.Thinking of this, Zhou had an idea.

On the evening of January 28, 2022, Zhou sent a message to Wang and said, "I have never told you that I have been pregnant for several months. Today I feel like I am going to the hospital." The next day, Zhou, MoumouTell Wang to have a pair of dragon and phoenix tires.But she didn’t expect Wang to propose to look at the child. In the panic, Zhou decided to find Yang to help, and to tell her thoughts truthfully, and promised the money that she cheated with Yang.Because of the lack of money, Yang agreed.

Later, Yang forwarded the photos and videos of a baby boy and a baby girl found in his WeChat circle of friends to Zhou.Seeing that the child looks very similar to himself, Wang believes it is true, so when Zhou asked for money, he did not hesitate to immediately turn the money.Unexpectedly, a few days later, Zhou caused Wang’s doubt because of makeup.Seeing that Wang asked in unwillingly, Zhou Mou gave up his heart, and proposed that Yang Mou pretended to be a doctor and Wang Mou, and discussed with Yang Mou.

On March 6, 2023, the Huai’an District Procuratorate was prosecuted with the two of them as a crime of fraud and great marriage.

Correspondent Zheng Yi Xing Ting Yangzi Evening News/Zi Niu Journalist Liu Bao

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